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15-Lakshman Parashuraam Dialog

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15-Lakshman Parashuraam Dialog

The then people heard some noise outside. So friends of Seetaa Jee took Her to Her seat and other people got up to see as what was the noise about. Raajaa Janak and his wife Sunayanaa thought "what is now another hurdle in Jaanakee's marriage?" Raam went back to His Guru. Everybody saw Bhrigu Vanshee Parashuraam Jee entering the Rangshaalaa. Seeing him all kings got scared and hid their faces, because everybody knew that his anger was very severe and nobody wanted that he should be recognized. Although his outfit was of Muni but his actions were of a fighter.

Everybody greeted him and told him his name along with his father's name. Then Janak Jee came, and asked Seeta to greet him. Parashuraam Jee blessed Her. Then came Vishwaamitra Jee with both the brothers Raam and Lakshman), and both of them greeted him. He introduced them to Parashuraam Jee that they were Shree Raam and Lakshman - sons of Raajaa Dasharath. Parashuraam Jee blessed them too. Then he asked Janak Jee "Why there is so much crowd at this time?" Janak Jee told everything as why all the kings were gathered there.

Hearing this he looked around and saw the broken bow lying on the ground. He got extremely angry and asked Janak Jee - "O fool Janak, Who has broken this bow. Show him to me otherwise I will turn the world upside down." Janak Jee got frightened hearing this, he couldn't speak a word. Seeing this evil kings got very happy that now this Raam will enjoy the fruits of breaking the bow. Seeing everybody scared Shree Raam said - "Hey Swaamee,  Whosoever has broken Shambhoo's bow, must be one of your servants. What order do you give to me?"

Muni said angrily - "Servant is he who serves somebody, but this action is to invite fighting. Hear this, whosoever has broken this bow he is my enemy like Sahastrabaahu. Therefore tell me who is it, otherwise all people will be killed." Hearing this Lakshman smiled and said - "Hey Muni, We have broken many bows in our childhood, at that time you didn't say anything. Why are you so much attached with this bow?"

"O Prince, You don't know what you are saying, this is not your small bow, this is Shambhoo's bow, the whole world knows it." Lakshman said smilingly - "We know only that for us every bow is equal. What can we do if it was broken by touching only by Raam. Why are you so angry without any reason."

Parashuraam Jee looked at his Parashu (Pharasaa) and said - "You don't know me. I am not saying anything to you treating you as a child, but other Muni know me. I am Brahmchaaree since my childhood and the enemy of Kshatriya families. I have killed all Kshatriya with my own hands and gave this Prithvi to Braahman several times. See my Parashu, I have cut all arms of Sahastrabaahu with this Parashu. Do not try to make your parents sad."

Lakshman Jee said smilingly - "Why do you show me your Parashu repeatedly? Do you want to blow mountain with your mouth's blow? We are not so coward that we will be scared easily. When I saw your Parashu, I said something with pride (because I thought you were a Kshatriya), but looking at your Yagyopaveet, and considering you Bhrigu's son whatever I said, I said very politely. Your words are more harsh than your look, and you keep this Parashu uselessly. If you think that I have said something inappropriate then please pardon me."

Parashuraam Jee said angrily - "Hear Vishwaamitra, This boy is a fool. Under the spell of Kaal he is going to destroy his family line. If you want him to live then you tell him my glory, might, and anger." Lakshman said - "Hey Muni,  Who doesn't know your glory. You have described it so many times yourself. If you are not satisfied yet then tell it again. And don't be sad by controlling your anger. You don't look good while abusing, you are a very stabilized Muni. Only cowards describe their bravery, brave people only fight, they don't say it."

Hearing this Parashuraam Jee said - "Now don't blame me later. This boy is to be killed now. I have heard him a lot considering him as a prince, now it is his turn to get killed." Vishwaamitra Jee said - "Please pardon him, he is a child. Saints don't mind children's faults." "I have already ignored him enough because of you, Vishwaamitra." Lakshman said - "Who doesn't know your nature? You have already indebted to your parents, now only Guru's debt remains and that you want to pay off through me? Because much time has passed, so lot of interest must have also added on it. Tell me how much it is? I will give you just now."

Parashuraam Jee got very very angry now. He took out His Paras. Seeing this everybody got scared. Lakshman further said - "You show me your Paras repeatedly, and I ignore you considering Braahman. It seems that you have not yet faced any brave person in the war." Everybody said, "This is not good, this is not good. Please hold yourself." Raam also saw Lakshman with slanting eyes. Then Raam said - "Hey Swaamee, Pardon this child, because Gyaanee (knowledgeable and learned) people do not be angry with children. Had he known your powers he would not have dared this type of equal conversation." Raam's words cooled down him a bit, and Lakshman Jee smiled at this.

Seeing smiling Lakshman, Parashuraam said to Raam - "Your brother is very naughty, Raam. He is of fair complexion but his heart is full of mischief. He doesn't drink milk, but he has poison in his mouth." Lakshman said - "Hey Muni, Anger is the root of sins. Who becomes angry he does not know that his actions are appropriate or inappropriate." Raam Jee said - "I am your servant, Muni. Now be happy with us. Tell me what should I do to make you happy. Let him go considering him a child. He has not done any harm to you. I am your culprit. Pardon me considering your servant. And in whatever way your anger goes away, tell me the way."

Parashuraam Jee said to Raam - "First you broke Shambhoo's bow and now you say that I should not be angry. Your brother says harsh words and you say kind words. If you want to satisfy me, then fight with me, otherwise drop your name "Raam". O Shiv's enemy, and don't cheat in the fight, otherwise I will kill you along with your brother." Saying thus Parashuraam Jee picked his Kuthaar (Parashu). 

Then Raam bowed His head smilingly and said - "You are angry with me for Lakhan's fault? It is all right, because whosoever is cunning he is worshipped by all, only simple plain people have to suffer. When the Moon is in Retrograde then Raahu also does not eat it. My head is before you, now do so in whatever way you are happy. When he saw you coming with Kuthaar and arrows, he talked to you according to his family. If you had come like a Muni, then he would have touched your feet. My name is only "Raam", and your name is greater than that - "Parashu+Raam". We have only one quality - that is only bow, but you have many qualities (nine qualities: Sham, Dam, Tap, Shauch, Kshamaa, Saralataa, Gyaan, Vigyaan, and Aastikataa). We are already defeated, now you be happy."

Muni said - "You are also like your brother. Don't treat me as a Braahman only. I have fought with Kshatriya with this Parashu only and did many Yagya with their heads. You don't know my powers." Raam said - "Hey Muni, Speak with some understanding and considerations. You are too much angry on our small mistake. It was an old bow, just a touch broke it. How can I be proud of that?"  

Parashuraam Jee said - "My doubt will only be clear when you will aim at from my bow ." Saying this he wanted to give his own bow to Raam, but surprisingly it went itself in Raam's hands. Then he understood Raam's powers and he said joining his hands - "Victory be yours Raam. I said many things in my A-Gyaan (ignorance), so please pardon me you both brothers." And He went to Mahendra Parvat to do Tap.



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