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14-Seetaa's Marriage

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14-Seetaa's Marriage

Next day was Seetaa Jee's Swayamvar. Raajaa Janak announced about his vow in the Yagyashaalaa that whosoever would aim with that bow, Seetaa will marry the same person. Now there were many mighty kings present in that Rangshaalaa. Many of them, who were proud of themselves, smiled hearing this, and others who were religious, they also smiled seeing them smiling. Janak called Seetaa for Her Swayamvar. Many of Her friends brought Her there. She had Jayamaalaa in Her hands. 

She looked so beautiful that even Saraswatee cannot describe Her beauty. There is none like Her, not only in the world but also among Dev women. Saraswatee Jee is talkative, Paarvatee Jee is half woman and half man (Shiv Jee), Kaamdev's wife Rati is very sad in the absence of the body of her husband, and who (Lakshmee Jee) has poison and Amrit like brothers, she also cannot be compared with Seetaa Jee.

As She entered the Rangshaalaa (Yagyashaalaa), She looked for those two brothers whom She saw in the garden. She got satisfied seeing them sitting with Muni.

Many kings tried to lift that bow but nobody could even move it. Seeing this Raajaa Janak got very worried and said - "It seems that this Prithvi is empty of brave and mighty kings now, that is why I leave the hope to marry Jaanakee and you may all go home. Had I known this before that Prithvi has become empty from brave people, I would have not taken such a vow."

All kings got sad hearing this that now none of them will be able to marry Jaanakee. But Lakshman Jee got very angry hearing this statement. He got up and bowing at Raam's feet said - "Wherever a Raghuvanshee is sitting, nobody should say such words." Then he said to Raam - "If I get your permission then I can lift this whole Universe and break it like an unburnt pitcher." Raghupati asked him to sit down hearing such words.

Considering this an appropriate and auspicious opportunity Vishwaamitra Jee asked Raam to get up and break the bow. Raam got up, bowed His head at Guru's feet, and remembering Shiv Jee picked his bow like a flower bow. As He pulled its string to aim, it broke. It made a great noise while breaking. Shataanand Jee (Raajaa Janak's Purohit and Rishi Gautam and Ahalyaa's son) asked Seetaa to put Her Jayamaalaa in Raam's neck. Her friends took Her to Raam. Seetaa was looking so beautiful that at that time Her immortal beauty could not be described. She put Her Jayamaalaa in Raam's neck. Her friends asked Her to touch Raam's feet, but She is scared to touch His feet remembering Ahalyaa's Gati. Raam knew Her feelings and smiled at Her. Hesitantly She put the Jayamaalaa in the neck of Shree Raam.



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