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13-Seetaa Swayamvar-1

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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13-Seetaa Swayamvar-1

Mithilaa king Raajaa Janak got the news of coming of Vishwaamitra, so he came to welcome him with his ministers, Kul Guru Shataanand and other Braahman. He welcome them and bowed to Muni. Muni asked them to sit. The then both brothers, Shree Raam and Lakshman, came there. They had gone around to see the garden.

When Raajaa saw those Shyaam (a little dark complexioned) and Gaur (fair complexioned) brothers, he forgot to blink his eyes. He asked Muni - "Hey Muni,  who are these boys? Are they Muni Kumaar (sons) or princes? Or are they that Brahm for whom Ved have sung as "Neti, Neti"? (not this one, not this one). When I see them my heart fills with joy, pleasure and love." Muni said - "You recognized them rightly, Raajan. They are lovable to all. They are the sons of Raajaa Dasharath. He sent them with me for my good. Their names are Raam and Lakshman."

Raajaa said - "Today I am blessed by seeing them. They look like Brahm and Jeev." He looked at them repeatedly, still was unable to move his eyes from them. Then he took them to the city and provided them with a beautiful resting place which was comfortable in all seasons.

Lakshman wanted to see the city, but was hesitant to ask Muni. Raam knew what His younger brother was thinking, so He asked the permission from Muni - "Lakshman wants to see the city, if you permit us then I will show him the city." He gave the permission and Raam went to see the city. Many people gathered around to see them. 

Women were talking among themselves - "These are Dasharath's sons. They were guarding the Yagya of Vishwaamitra Jee and they killed several Raakshas. He who is of Shyaam body is Kaushalyaa's son, and the fair complexioned body boy is His younger brother. His name is Lakshman. He is Sumitraa's son. Here they have come to see this Dhanush Yagya after doing the work of Vishwaamitra and uplifting Muni Gautam's wife Ahalyaa."

Some were talking - "Raam is so handsome that only He should be the husband of Jaanakee. Raajaa should drop his vow and marry Seetaa Jee to Him." Some were talking - "Raajaa has known them well that is why he has invited them in his Dhanush (bow) Yagya." Somebody said - "Hey friend, They are very delicate and tender, how will they break the Dhanush? I doubt it." Then her friend said - "Nowadays there is nobody like Him. He looks like this but He is very strong. I am sure that he will be able to break Dhanush and marry Seetaa Jee."  Then Shree Raam and Lakshman went towards the place where Dhanush Yagya was to take place. There also everybody was looking at them. then they came back to their place.

At night Raam and Lakshman massaged the feet of Guru Jee. Only after telling them several times to go to bed, they bowed to him and came to sleep. Then Lakshman started massaging Raam's feet. When Raam said to him to go to bed repeatedly then Lakshman Jee went to sleep. In the morning, first of all Lakshman got up, then Shree Raam and then Guru Jee got up. Raam and Lakshman took bath and went to garden to pluck some flowers for Guru's Poojaa.

There came Seetaa Jee to worship Gauree before her marriage and asked for the appropriate husband for herself. A friend of hers, who had gone around, came back and told them that she saw two adolescent boys in the garden and she had come to tell them about those boys. Everybody went to see them. There they saw both princes plucking flowers. Seetaa Jee looked at Raam. When Raam heard the sound of Seetaa's Paayal (an ornament with tiny bells worn in feet and makes sweet sound while the wearer walks), He also looked at Her and said to Lakshman - "Look Lakshman, She is Janak's daughter for whom this Dhanush Yagya is being held."  Then again He started looking at Seetaa.

Then Seetaa went to the temple again and prayed her that He should be Her husband. Gauree gave Her blessings that she would get the same as Her husband. Shree Raam also came back to His place. He told everything to Vishwaamitra Jee. 



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