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12-Taadakaa Vadh

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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12-Taadakaa Vadh

There lived Muni Vishwaamitra Jee with other Muni and used to do Jap and Yagya. Maareech and Subaahu Raakshas were very frightened of these Jap and Yagya, so they used to disturb their Yagya. Gaadhi's son was very much worried with this. He thought that they cannot be killed without Shree Hari. He also knew that Shree Hari has taken Avataar with His Ansh in Dashrath's house in Ayodhyaa.

Thinking thus he went to Raajaa Dasharath. Raajaa welcomed him and asked him politely the purpose of his coming. Vishwaamitra Jee told his purpose that he wanted to take Raam and Lakshman to protect their Yagya. Hearing this Raajaa Dasharath got very sad and said - "Hey Muni,  You have not said this thinking properly. You know very well that I have got these sons in the last days of my life and you want to take them away. Although I love all my sons, but I love Raam most. Besides, they are very young, how can they kill Raakshas? If you permit me then I myself will go with you to kill them, but please do not ask me to part with my children."

Then Vashishth Jee told him everything about Raam and asked him to send his sons with Vishwaamitra Jee, so Raajaa called his sons, Raam and Lakshman, and handed over them to Muni Jee. Muni got very happy and went away with them. When they arrived near his Aashram, then Taadakaa attacked on them. Prabhu killed her with only one arrow and gave her His own Lok. The Muni taught the knowledge about not feeling the hunger and thirst to Shree Raam who was the knower of all the knowledge. He handed over all his weapons to Raam and arrived in his Aashram.

From next day, Raam and Lakshman started guarding their Yagya. When Maareech came to disturb their Yagya, Raam aimed a blunt arrow at him. He fell at a distance of 100 Yojan across the sea. After that He aimed a Fire arrow at Maareech's younger brother Subaahu and killed him. Thus they protected Muni's Yagya from Raakshas. They stayed there for some time.

In the meantime Muni Vishwaamitra Jee received the invitation of Dhanush Yagya from Raajaa Janak Jee of Janak Puree. Then Muni asked Raam to see a wonderful Dhanush Yagya, so they both went to see that Yagya with Muni. On the way they saw a big Aashram in which there were no birds, deer or any living beings but only a large rock lying there alone. On asking "why that Aashram was so empty and what was the secret of that large rock", Muni told the whole story about it, that that Aashram was of Gautam Rishi's Aashram, the rock was Rishi Gautam's wife who became rock by the Shaap of her husband, and now He should give her Mukti. Raam touched the rock with His foot and the rock converted into a beautiful woman - Ahalyaa. She prayed Him and went to her Dhaam.

Then they arrived at Gangaa River. Vishwaamitra Jee told them the whole story of coming of Gangaa Jee. Prabhu took bath in Gangaa Jee and headed again towards Janak Puree. Soon they arrived near the city. When Raam saw the beautiful city He and His brother got very happy to see it. Outside the city were several ponds and rivers where various kings were resting. There they found a beautiful place where mango trees shade was there, so Muni decided to take rest there only.



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