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Dasharath, Raajaa-4

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Dasharath, Raajaa-4

1. Why Only Dasharath and Kaushalyaa Got Raam as Their Son?
2. How dashrath Got His Sons?
3. Why Dasharath Had to Exile His Loving Son Raam?
4. Why Dasharath Had to Die After Raam Had Left for Van?

Why Dasharath Had to Die After Raam Had Left For Van
Raam immediately went to His mother's palace and told her that His father had given Him the kingdom of Van. Kaushalyaa fainted hearing this news and abused and lamented for this action of Kaikeyee in various ways. Then Raam went to His own palace and informed Seetaa about this new development. Seetaa also got ready to go along with Him saying that "A woman's place is always in her husband's feet; and all comforts are useless for her in separation of her husband".

Lakshman was always beside Him so as soon as Raam got ready to go to Van, and Seetaa also got ready to go along with Raam, he also got ready to go to Van along with them, saying that he would protect Seetaa while Raam would perform His duties in Van. He would guide them on paths and serve them all the time. Raam, Seetaa and Lakshman donated their all valuable things. Raam asked Lakshman to collect their weapons from Vashishth's house to take them along. And then the three got ready to go to Van.

They came to Dasharath to bid farewell. Kaikeyee was ready to send them to Van, so she gave them Tapaswee's clothes to wear. She gave them to Seetaa also, but Dasharath Jee stopped Her to wear them as Her exile was not in her Var. Both Raam and Lakshman put on ascetic's clothes and the three greeted Dasharath Jee and went away to Van. Dasharath Jee asked Sumantra to drop them at the border of the kingdom in the Rath. So they went in the Rath.

Now Raajaa was crying very much in separation of Raam. He was continually calling Raam's name. He got fainted seeing His Rath going away so fast. Kaikeyee tried to lift him up, but he scolded her "do not touch me". His servants wanted to take him in his palace but he preferred to go to Kaushalyaa's palace. So he was brought there and put on a bed. Kaushalyaa also kept weeping bitterly for her son. Then Dasharath told her that maybe this was Muni's Shaap that he was suffering so much. Then he told that incident to Kaushalyaa.

Muni's Shaap to Dasharath
"Before marriage, I used to go to banks of Sarayoo River to practice archery. In those days I was practicing for Shabd-Vedhee Vaan there. There used to come many animals to drink water at the bank. Once I heard some sound which I thought was of some animal drinking water in the river, so I aimed at that sound and released the arrow.

After releasing the arrow I went at the place from where that sound came. I was stunned to see that my arrow had hit a man who came there to fill water in a pitcher. In fact that sound was of filling water in the pitcher. He was in great pain. He said, "I came here to take water for my old blind parents who are waiting for me nearby. If you don't mind, please take this water to them. And take out this arrow from my body, it is hurting me a lot." I was hesitant to take out the arrow from his body, then that man said, "Don't hesitate, I am not a Braahman, so you will not bear Brahm-Hatyaa Paap."

Hearing this I took out the arrow from his body and he died. I filled the pitcher with water and took it to his parents who were waiting for their son. Hearing the sound of my footsteps, they said, "Where did you spend so much time, we are very thirsty. Give us water soon." I didn't speak anything otherwise they had known that I was not their son, so I just handed over the pitcher to them.

When I didn't speak anything, they doubted and said, "Who are you? Why don't you speak anything? What do you know about our son? Where is he?" I had to describe everything to them. They said - "Our son was our only help. Now how we will live? We are old, we are blind, who will take care of us? We will die. I give you Shaap that "as we are dying in separation of our son, you will also die in separation of your son." and they also died soon. It seems the same Shaap is working now."

After telling this incident Dasharath got silent. His last rites were performed by Bharat when he came back from his Maamaa's house.

My Note
But he had a boon also of his previous life. This story comes in Maanas, 1/9. He asked a boon from Bhagavaan that "his life should depend on Him only." (see "Why Only Dasharath and Kaushalyaa Got Raam as Their Son?") That is why he died as Raam left for forest.

Dasharath appeared in sky along with other Devtaa when Raam had killed Raavan, to bless Him. At that time Raam asked his forgiveness for Maa Kaikeyee, which he did.



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