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From Vishnu Puraan, Ch 35-49;    Naarad Puraan, 2/7
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Well-known Daitya Hiranyakashyap's son was Prahlaad and Prahlaad's son was Virochan. Prahlaad had four sons - Aayushmaan, Shibi, Baashkal and Virochan. Atharv Ved, 8.10.22, also says that he was the son of Prahlaad.

Virochan's son was world-famed Bali for whom Vishnu incarnated as Vaaman Bhagavaan.
Bali was the greatest donor of the world, he donated Tri-Lok to Vishnu when He came in Vaaman form to ask for three feet land.
Virochan had two granddaughters (Bali's daughters) - Vajrajwaala who was married to Kumbhkarn, and Ratnmaalaa who was incarnated as Pootanaa, who breastfed Krishn, attained the status of Vishnu's mother and went to His Lok.

Virochan's Son Kaalnemi
It is said that Kaalnemi was also the son of Virochan. Kaalnemi incarnated as Kans in Dwaapar Yug and was killed by Vishnu's Avataar Krishn. Surprisingly enough Kans was breastfed by his niece (brother Bali's daughter) Ratnmaalaa, incarnated as Pootanaa. Kaalnemi was killed in Devaasur Sangraam by Vishnu; and when he was incarnated as Kans, he was also killed by the incarnation of Vishnu (Krishn).

Virochan and Sudhanvaa
Vishnu Puraan, Chapters 35-49 describes the story of Hiranyakashyap, Prahlaad, Virochan and Bali. Prahlaad was married to Dhriti. They had a child named Virochan. After Virochan had finished his education, Prahlaad announced him as the heir of his kingdom. To celebrate this occasion Virochan goes for hunting. Dhriti and Kayaadhu object it but still he goes. In the forest Virochan is trapped because of a storm and rains.

There he meets Sudhanvaa, the son of Maharshi Angiraa, who is buried under an uprooted tree. Both are hurt to save each other and look for a shelter. Then they meet the daughter of Rishi Vats, Deepaavalee. She helps them to recover. Both of them fall in love with her and leave that place with a heavy heart. When Prahlaad does not see Virochan for some time, he looks for him in the forest. 

Both Virochan and Sudhanvaa now wish to marry Deepaavalee, so both Virochan's Guru Shukraachaarya and Sudhanvaa's father Angiraa send the proposal to Deepaavalee. She is unable to choose one and asks her father to decide. Virochan refuses to wait and takes her away to his Guru's Aashram.

Prahlaad feels bad hearing that his son has abducted Deepaavalee. He brings Deepaavalee to his palace. Since her father is also unable to choose one of them as her husband, it is up to Prahlaad to make this decision. Sudhanvaa trusts Prahlaad's decision. Now Prahlaad is in a flux, he has to choose between his love for his son and the justice being the king.

Virochan and Indra
According to Chhaandogya Upanishad (read the Story of Virachan and Indra here), he and Indra went to Brahmaa Jee to learn about Aatmaa. There they both practiced Brahmcharya for 32 years and when Brahmaa Jee told them about Aatmaa, he was convinced with that explanation and came back; while Indra pondered over and stayed there for very long time until he was convinced with his explanations. Virochan took Aatmaa as Shareer (body).

Virochan Marries Vishaalaakshee
Virochan was attracted to Vishaalaakshee, the daughter of his minister Vishaalaaksh (the minister of Daanav Raaj Taaraasur), and got married by the blessing of his grandmother Kayaadhu (Hiranyakashyap's wife and Prahlaad's mother). Prahlaad coronated Virochan as the king and took Sanyaas. Bhrigu Jee predicted danger to Virochan's life and suggested Virochan to do Tap. As Virochan left for doing Tap, Vishaalaakshee gave birth to a son (Bali). Anyway, Virochan left for Tap for 10 years, because the stars under which his son (Bali) was born were unfavorable for him. Pleased with Virochan's Tap, Soorya Dev gave him a crown which should protect him from his bad stars.

Indra Kills Virochan
After coming from Tap, Virochan announced that only Vishnu should be worshipped in Asur Lok. This made Indra very angry and he decided to kill Virochan. Indra called Malayaketu and asked him to ask Soorya to break Virochan's journey to home. Indra stole Virochan's crown (given by Soorya Dev to him). Later on he had a duel with Virochan and killed him.

Virochan and Vishnu
From Naarad Puraan, 2/7

Virochan's wife Vishaalaakshee was always ready to worship Braahman. She daily invited a Rishi, worshipped him and took his Charanodak (water after washing the feet). After Hiranyakashyap was killed, all Devtaa were scared of Prahlaad's son Virochan because he was also a great devotee of Vishnu. One day Indra consulted Brihaspati about the power of Daitya and what they should do next about it. Brihaspati suggested that they should go to Vishnu. They went to Vishnu and prayed Him. Vishnu got pleased by their prayer and appeared before them. Devtaa prayed Him to kill Virochan as soon as possible. Vishnu consoled them and sent them back.

Now Vishnu went to Virochan's house in disguise of a Braahman. Vishaalaakshee got very happy to see an unknown Braahman who had never come before to her house. She immediately welcomed Him and offered Him an Aasan to sit up on. Braahman said - "I will not sit on this Aasan. I accept the Aasan only from the same person who promises me to fulfill my wish." Vishaalaakshee was good in talking, she got very happy. Vishnu's Maayaa had deluded her. She could not think otherwise also because of her women-like nature. She said - "Whatever you will ask, I will surely give it to you. Please accept this Aasan and give me your Charanodak."

Braahman said - "I don't trust women, if your husband says this then I can believe it." So she called her husband and again offered Him Aasan but still Braahman did not accept that Aasan until He had heard her husband, so she told everything to her husband. Virochan also agreed His condition. Braahman happily said - "Give me your age." Both husband and wife got stunned but then after a little pause they said - "Take our lives but give us your Charanodak. We will prove your request true." Then Braahman accepted His Aasan Vishaalaakshee washed His feet and kept His Charanodak on their head. Immediately they both left their physical body, took Divine body and went to Vaikunth Dhaam sitting on a Divine Vimaan (airplane). Thus Bhagavaan got very happy to make Devtaa happy.

At this Bali gets furious and swears to destroy Indra.
Bali's son was Baanaasur whose daughter Ushaa was married to Krishn's grandson Aniruddh.



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