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2-Uttar Bhaag

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6-Naarad Puraan, 2-Uttar Bhaag, p 624-630

Uttar Bhaag of Naarad Puraan (p 577-750, about 175 pages) contains many stories - Rukmaangad, Indradyumn, Raam, Parashuraam, Krishn, glory of Gayaa and Gangaa, importance of Teerth

Rukmaangad Sticks to His Vrat

The King said - "Dear Son, Whether I am a liar, or I am defamed, but how can I eat food on Ekaadashee day? If she wants to go back to Brahmaa Jee, she can go. She is continuously saying that she wants nothing except that I should eat food on Ekaadashee. We ourselves have been teaching this for years, how can it be a lie today? Whatever happens, whether I die in her separation, but I will not eat food on this day. I have emptied Narak, but it will fill again as soon as I will eat food. My conscious does not allow me to eat food on this day."

Hearing this Dharmaangad called his mother Sandhyaavalee. She came there immediately. Dharmaangad told her everything and requested her to do something about it so that both live together happily. Sandhyaavalee said to Mohinee - "Dear, As Ekaadashee comes, the grain becomes sinful, therefore the King cannot eat it. You should follow him. He is our Guru, who obeys her husband, she attains immortal Lok like Saavitree. On Mandaraachal Parvat he was love stricken, that is why he made promise to you and and he didn't think about this, but whatever is to be given to you, he is giving you. And whatever is not worth asking, you should not ask for it.

Who has not eaten food on Ekaadashee since childhood, how he can eat food on this day in this old age? You may ask any other rare boon. He will surely give it to you, but please, don't force him to eat food on this day. I am the mother of Dharmaangad, and if you consider me trustworthy, then ask the whole kingdom, even my life, he can give everything to you. Although I am elder, still for my husband I touch your feet. Be pleased now. Whoever woman makes her husband to fulfill her wish through vows, she is a sinner and falls in Narak for several lives. That is why I stop you to do this with a friendly feeling. Who follow Dharm, they offer good advice even to their enemy. You are like my friend, then why shouldn't you be given good advice?"

Hearing all this, Mohinee said - "You are my elder, I will obey you. Naarad etc respectable Rishi have said thus. If the king does not eat food on Ekaadashee, then let him do something else which is more than death for you. Although it is sorrowful for me too but I will say it and it will take your life. In fact it will take not only your life but also your husband's, your people's and your daughters'-in-law lives also. It will destroy my Dharm and put a black spot on my forehead. It is far from doing, it is impossible to think even. If you will obey my that saying your glory will spread everywhere, you will attain Swarg and everybody will praise your son."

Vashishth Jee said - "Hearing this Sandhyaavalee somehow kept patience and said to Mohinee - "Speak what you want to say. I can never feel any trouble to keep my husband's promise. I don't care if my kingdom goes away, or my life is lost, or my son dies. Whoever wife's husband is sad of his wife's behavior, in spite of being rich, she is a sinner. She stays in Pooya Narak for 70 Yug, then becomes Chhachhoondar (a rat like animal which a snake puts in its mouth considering it a rat, but neither it can eat it, nor it can spit it out) for seven lives, then becomes crow, then jackal, then becomes clean after being a cow. That is why you ask for what you want to ask, I will surely give you that. There is no other Devtaa for a woman in this world except her husband."

Mohinee Asks for Her Son's Head

Hearing this Mohinee made up her mind and said - "If you are ready to give me anything, and Rukmaangad will not eat food on Ekaadashee, then he should cut his son's head and make it fall in my laps." Sandhyaavalee got stunned for a moment, then spoke - "There are some stories, which are giver of Swarg and Moksh and describes the importance of Dwaadashee Vrat in Puraan - leave wealth, wife, life, friend, even the dearest person, but never leave both Dwaadashee (Ekaadashee); because all things are useful only in this world, but this Dwaadashee does good in this world as well as in other world. I will give you Dharmaangad's head, but before that I would like to tell you a story.

There was a Daitya named Virochan in ancient times. His wife Vishaalaakshee was always ready to worship Braahman. She daily invited a Rishi, worshipped him and took his Charanodak (water after washing the feet). After Hiranyakashyap was killed, all Devtaa were scared of Prahlaad's son Virochan. One day Indra consulted Brihaspati about the power of Daitya and what they should do next about it. Brihaspati suggested that they should go to Vishnu. They went to Vishnu and prayed Him. Vishnu got pleased by that prayer and appeared before them. Devtaa prayed Him to kill Virochan as soon as possible. Vishnu consoled them and sent them back.

Now Vishnu went to Virochan's house in disguise of a Braahman. Vishaalaakshee got very happy to see an unknown Braahman who had never come before to her house. She immediately welcomed Him and offered Him an Aasan to sit up on. Braahman said - "I will not sit on this Aasan. I accept the Aasan only from the same person who promises me to fulfill my wish." Vishaalaakshee was good in talking, she got very happy. Vishnu's Maayaa had deluded her. She could not think otherwise also because of her women-like nature. She said - "Whatever you will ask, I will surely give it to you. Please accept this Aasan and give me your Charanodak."

Braahman said - "I don't trust women, if your husband says this then I can believe it." So she called her husband and again offered Him Aasan but still Braahman did not accept that Aasan until He had heard her husband, so she told everything to her husband. Virochan also agreed His condition. Braahman happily said - "Give me your age." Both husband and wife got stunned but then after a little pause they said - "Take our lives but give us your Charanodak. We will prove your request true."

Then Braahman accepted His Aasan Vishaalaakshee washed His feet and kept His Charanodak on their head. Immediately they both left their physical body, took Divine body and went to Vaikunth Dhaam sitting on a Vimaan (airplane). Thus Bhagavaan got very happy to make Devtaa happy. In the same way, whatever I have promised to give you, I will surely give it to you."

Sandhyaavalee Requests King to Kill Dharmaangad

Vashishth Jee said - "Sandyaavalee then requested her husband to keep her promise. She said - "I also tried her to explain and convince but at this time she does not like anything else. She is firm on her statement that either king should take food or kill his son. So killing son is better than to abandon Dharm. Mother tolerates more than a father in giving birth to a child, thus as much a mother loves her child, a father cannot love it. But in spite of being his mother, today I ask you to kill our son. Devtaa have sent this Mohinee to take your test, so kill your son and keep your promise."

Hearing this king said - "Dear, Son's murder is a very big murder. It is greater than Brahm killing. Oh, Why did I go to Mandaraachal, and why did I meet this Mohinee. She is not a woman, she is Kaal of Dharmaangad in this form. He is still without child, what will happen to me by killing such a childless son? A father cannot kill even his evil son, while he is such a good son. She is behaving illogically, try again if she can behave properly." Then he said to Mohinee - "Shubhey, Neither I will eat food on Ekaadashee, nor I will kill my son. I can kill Sandhyaavalee and myself or can do any other terrible Karm at your order, but don't tell to kill my son. Just tell me what will you gain by killing my son? What will you gain by feeding me food on Ekaadashee? I am all yours, please ask for any other Var but give my son in alms. Both qualitative son and Ekaadashee Vrat are rare.

On this earth, Gangaa water is difficult; Vishnu's worship, remembrance and thinking is difficult, storage of memories is difficult; and remembering Vishnu at death time is also difficult. Considering this whatever I say, listen to it. It is a great sin to kill one's own son." Mohinee said - "I told you before, take food on Ekaadashee and rule Prithvi for long time, I will not ask you to kill your son. My purpose will fulfill if you will eat food on Ekaadashee, I have nothing to do with your son's killing."

At the same time Dharmaangad came there and said to her - "You accept my head." and he kept a shining sword in front of the king. Then he said to his father - "Father, Do not delay in killing me, just kill me and fulfill your promise made to her. Keep your promise, save yourself from telling lie, and do not take food on Ekaadashee."



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