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Taken from    Padm Puraan, 2/15

This story comes in Padm Puraan, Bhoomi Khand. Once King Nahush (Yayaati's father) killed a Hund named Daitya in a war. Hund had a son named Vihund. He was also very mighty and Tapaswee. When he heard that Nahush has killed his father, he got very angry and got ready to destroy Tri-Lok. He started troubling everybody, so Devtaa went to Vishnu and prayed Him to protect them. Vishnu assured them to kill him, and inspired His Maayaa. She assumed the form of a beautiful woman and started doing Tapasyaa in Nandan Van. At the same time Vihund came there to kill Devtaa. As he came to Swarg, he saw a very beautiful woman sitting in Nandan Van. He couldn't know that she was born to kill him only.

He asked her - "Bhadrey, Who are you. I desire for you. I can give you whatever you like." Maayaa said - "If you want to have me, then worship Shiv with 70 million (7 Crore) lotus flowers. They should be produced from Kaamod tree, should be Divine, fragrant and of rare kind. Put a garland of those flowers in my neck also, then only I will become your wife." Vihund said - "I will do so." Thus Vihund started wandering around all forests in search of Kaamod tree but he couldn't find any. Searching that tree he came to Shukraachaarya and asked him about that tree with great Bhakti.

Shukraachaarya said - "There is no tree like Kaamod tree. Kaamodaa is the name of a woman, when she laughs at anything then those beautiful flowers appear from her laugh. They are of yellow color and have Divine fragrance. Whoever worships Shiv with even one flower of them, Shiv fulfills his all desires. When Kaamodaa weeps, then also the same kind of flowers appear from her crying, but there is no fragrance in them, that is why one should not even touch them." Vihund asked - "Where does Kaamodaa live?" Shukraachaarya said - "There is Kaamod Pur near Haridwaar Teerth. It was built by Vishwakarmaa. There lives that Divine woman, you go there and worship her and try to make her laugh with some justified and clean reason." After saying this Shukraachaarya got silent and that Daitya went to do his job.

In fact in earlier times, when Devtaa and Daitya churned Ksheer Saagar to obtain Amrit, four maidens appeared from that sea - Lakshmee, Vaarunee, Kaamodaa and Jyeshthaa. Kaamodaa appeared from the waves of Amrit. She assumed the form of a tree to please Vishnu in future, and became famous with the name of Tulasee. Whoever offers Him even one leaf of Tulasee, He is very pleased with him thinking "What should I give to him?" These flowers which were produced by Kaamodaa's tears coming from her laugh, were very beautiful and never wilted. Whoever worshipped Brahmaa, Vishnu or Mahesh with those flowers, they all were pleased with him and give whatever he wished for. Whoever worshipped these Devtaa with other kind of flowers, he got only sorrows.

So when Vihund was going to Kaamodaa after visiting Shukraachaarya, Vishnu sent Naarad Jee to him. Naarad Jee asked him - "O Daitya Raaj, Where are you going so fast? You seem to be in hurry." Vihund first greeted Naarad Jee and then said - "I am going to bring Kaamod flowers." Naarad Jee said - "Never go to Kaamod Pur, because there lives Vishnu who favors all Devtaa, in that city. I tell you the way by which you can get Kaamod flowers. Those Kaamod flowers fall in Gangaa waters, they will come to you floating in that water, you may then collect them."

After saying this to Vihund, Naarad Jee went to Kaamod Pur and met Kaamodaa. He asked her - "Are you living happily here?" Kaamoda said - "By your grace, O Muni, I am just fine. Seeing you here, I wish to ask you something, please answer my question correctly. I have seen a terrible dream in which as if somebody has said to me, "Bhagavaan Hrisheekaesh will go to Prithvi and will appear there." Why did I see this dream?" Naarad Jee said - " Whatever you have seen in dream, it is going to be true."

Kaamodaa said - "Even all Devtaa do not know His ends, why is He taking birth in the world?" Naarad Jee said - "He is going to take Avataar because of Maharshi Bhrigu's Shaap." And Naarad Jee went to Brahm Lok. Hearing this Kaamodaa got sad. Because of Bhagavaan's sorrow she went to Gangaa's banks and started weeping. [The woman you saw was Kaamodaa and she was weeping because of Bhagavaan's incarnation.]

Vihund was blind in Maayaa's love, so he could not know that the flowers which were appearing from Kaamodaa's tears were of sorrow or happiness. So as he saw those flowers, he got very happy. Even after telling by Shukraachaarya, he could not know that those flowers were appearing there from Kaamodaa's sorrowful tears. He took all of those flowers and started worshipping Shiv with 70 million flowers.

Seeing this Paarvatee Jee got very angry and said to Shiv Jee - "Just see his bad Karm, that he is worshipping you with the flowers appearing from sorrow, that is why he is not a candidate to get pleasure but sorrows." Shiv said - "Bhadrey, You are right, You yourself kill him with your Tej." Paarvatee Jee assumed the form of a Braahman and started worshipping Shiv Jee with lotus flowers. Vihund came there and destroyed Paarvatee's worship, and started worshipping Shiv with those Kaamod flowers he brought. He was weeping so his tears were falling down on Shiv Ling. Devee asked - "Who are you who is worshipping with so much sorrow? Your unclean tears are falling on Shiv Ling, tell me the reason for this."

Vihund said - "Hey Braahman, I saw a beautiful woman a few days ago. When I requested her to be my wife, she told me that I should worship Shiv Jee with 70 million Kaamod flowers and put a garland of the same flowers in her neck also, then only she would be my wife. So I am worshipping Shiv to get that woman, because Shiv fulfills all desires." Devee said - "O sinner, Where is your Gyaan and where are your feelings? Tell me, what do you know about Kaamodaa? Tell me what does she look like? And where did you get these flowers produced from her laugh?" Vihund said - "I don't know anything about feelings and Dhyaan, I have never seen Kaamodaa. Whatever flowers were floating in Gangaa's water, I collected them all daily and now I worship Shiv Jee from the same flowers. Shukraachaarya Jee told me about these flowers, and I worship Shiv Jee according to his instructions."

Devee said - "O sinner, These flowers have appeared from her weeping. They are produced from her sorrow, and you are worshipping Shiv with the same flowers? This is a great crime towards Shiv Jee, that is why I will punish you today." Hearing this Vihund ran towards that Braahman taking his sword but Devee killed him with her one "Hum" sound. All became healthy and happy in the world as he died."



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