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From   Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/4  and Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/5

Trishiraa is a compound word. Tri means three and Shiraa means Shir or heads; so Trishiraa means with three heads. There are three Trishiraa and all three had three heads that is why they were called Trishiraa.
(1) One Trishiraa was Shiv's weapon, Maaheshwar Jwar, who had three heads. He fought with Krishn's Vaishnav Jwar but got defeated. Then he had to take Krishn's shelter and Krishn made him fearless. (Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u10)

(2) Another Trishiraa (Devtaa) was Twashtaa's son (known as Vishwaroop also) who was killed by Indra. (Bhaagvat Puraan, 6/5)

(3) Another Trishiraa was a Daitya. He was in the times of Raam and lived in Dandak Van with Khar, Dooshan and Shoorpanakhaa.

Trishiraa (Daitya)
From Maanas, and V-Raamaayan
See   Khar, Dooshan and Trishiraa

There was another Trishiraa who was a Daitya living in Panchvatee with Khar, Dooshan and Shoorpanakhaa. When Shoorpanakhaa went to Raam with a proposal of marriage and Raam asked Lakshman to cut her nose and ears, she went to her brothers Khar and Dooshan and reported the incident. Then they came to fight with Raam along with Trishiraa and all of them were killed by Raam.

In the Shesh Dharm of Mahaabhaarat, in the discourse between Bheeshm Pitaamaha and Yudhishthir, it is said that sage Yaagyavalkya Jee had three sons - Chandrakaant, Mahaamedhaa and Vijaya. These three Braahman later became Khar, Dooshan, and Trishiraa Raakshas by the Shaap of Shiv Jee. The first one Chandrakaant became Khar. And the disciples of these three Braahman scholars were 14 so they also became Brahm Raakshas. They were sent to fight with Raam in the beginning (special 14 Raakshas). On hearing from Shoorpanakhaa, Khar came to know that Vishnu has incarnated in the form of Raam and thus he wanted to get released from his Shaap by being killed by Raam, hence firstly he sent his 14 Raakshas, who were their 14 disciples, and later these three brothers also followed them and thus got released from their Shaap.



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