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Vishnu literally means one who pervades everywhere. He is predominantly Saatwik and is responsible for preservation. To protect Dharm and to punish A-Dharm, he takes incarnations. Till today His 9 incarnations are famous - (1) Varaah (Wild Boar), (2) Matsya (Fish), (3) Koorm or Kashchap (Tortoise), (4) Narasinh (Man-lion), (5) Vaaman (Dwarf), (6) Parashurama, (7) Shree Raam, (8) Shree Krishn and
finally (10) Kalki (yet to come). Some people add Balaraam also to this list. It may be observed that this tallies with the Darwinian theory of evolution.

His name comes among 12 Aaditya born from Kashyap and Aditi - Mitra, Savitr, Aaryaman, Daksh, Bhag, Ansha, Twashtra, Pooshan, Shaktra, Vyvaswatha and Vishnu. These are the 12 spokes of the wheel of time(Kaalachakra) .

Bhoo Devee and Lakshmee are the two consorts of Vishnu who is the termed as sustainer among the Tri-Moorti - Brahmaa, Vishnu and  Mahesh. Vishnu is supposed to be lying with his head in the laps of Lakshmee and legs in the laps of Bhoomi Devee. Incidentally, these two are represented by Mercury and Venus, who get exalted in Kanyaa and Meen Raashi - On which the Kaal Purush is supposed to lying with his head in Meen Raashi and Legs in Kanyaa Raashi.

Vishnu's Names
Vishnu has many names. His thousand names may be found in Padm Puraan, but Bheeshm has also described His 1,000 names - Vishnu Sahastra Naam, in Mahaabhaarat too - this version is more popular. Aasi Shankar says - "Vishnu Sahastra Naam is easy to practice, yields happiness and several benefits Sakal Purushaarth Saadhanam Sukh Sampadyam Alp Prayasham Analp Phalam. He also says that the Sahastra Naam should be sung along with Bhagvad Geetaa - Geyam Geet Naam Sahastram.

In order to spread that God is one, this Sahastra Naam contains names of Shiv, Skand, Ganesh, Soorya, Agni etc. Not only these, but even Rishabh,Vardhamaan etc are also mentioned - they are the names of Jain Teerthankar names.

But many names are very common for Him

Anantshayan - who sleeps on Anant serpent
Chakradhaaree - who bears the discuss
Lakshmeepati - who is the Lord of Lakshmee
Padmanaabh - from whose vavel a lotus has emerged
Shesh-Shaayee - who sleeps on Shesh Naag



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