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Takshak Naag

Takshak Naag and other Naag are the sons of Kashyap Jee and one of his 13 wives Kadroo. Shesh, Vaasuki etc are all his brothers. Takshak had taken Amrit and thus he was immortal. He had a son named Ashwasen.

Takshak Bites Pareekshit
Once Raajaa Pareekshit (son of Abhimanyu) went to forest for hunting. There he got separated from his companions and came to a Rishi's Aashram. Raajaa was hungry and thirsty. He saw a Rishi sitting there in the Aashram. He asked him some water to drink. But the Rishi, who was Shameek Rishi, was sitting in Samaadhi so he did not know that Raajaa was there. He did not reply Raajaa. Raajaa asked him some water couple of times, when he did not speak anything, he got angry and he put a dead snake lying nearby in his neck with the tip of his bow and came back.

Shameek Rishi had a son Shringee Rishi who was as powerful as his father. He was playing outside of Aashram. Some children told him that some Raajaa had a dead snake in his father's neck. Hearing this he got very angry and he gave Shaap to him - "Whoever has put insulted my father by putting dead snake in his neck, Takshak Naag will bite him on the 7th day from today." According to Mahaabharat Takshak did bite Pareekshit, but according to Bhaagvat Puraan, Pareekshit heard Bhaagvat Puraan for seven days and left his body on the 7th day through Yog before Takshak could bite him.

Because of this incident Pareekshit's son Janamejaya did a Sarp Yagya, in which he invoked all snakes to fall in his Yagya fire and burn, so that he could take revenge from Takshak of killing of his father. Takshak coiled around Indra's throne to save himself, but because of the effect of Mantra, even Indra's throne also started falling in that Yagya. According to Bhaagvat Puraan Brihspati Jee calmed down Janamejaya and stopped that Yagya; while according to Mahaabhaarat, Rishi Jaratkaaru and Takshak's sister Jaratkaaru's son Aasteek stopped that Yagya and saved the whole Naag race.

Takshak and Uttank
Uttank had to give earrings to his Guru's wife as Guru Dakshinaa, but Takshak took them and Uttank had to recover them from him. Read this story here -  Takshak and Uttank

Takshak Saves Naag Race
Shesh Naag and Takshak were intelligent Naag. When Kadroo cursed her sons, only Shesh and Takshak were worried about that Shaap. So Shesh Jee went to do Tap so that he can come out of this Shaap. He did get out of the Saap and Brahmaa Jee appointed him to balance the Earth. Takshak remembered the conversation of Brahmaa Jee and Devtaa, so he kept vigilance about his sister Jaratkaaru. As soon as he got the news of Jaratkaaru he did his best to bring him home, marry his sister to him and requested them to produce a son who could save them from burning in the Yagya. Although he could not save many of his relations but still he succeeded in saving many through his sister's son Aasteek. Bhaagvat says that Takshak was saved by Dev Guru Brihaspati Jee.



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