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Kadroo's Children:

Shesh Bears the Earth

[1-35] Rishi said - "Soot Jee, You have told other things, even the names of Vinataa's children, but you have not told us about Kadroo's children. Tell us at least the names of her principal ones." Soot Jee said - "Shesh was born first, then was born Vaasuki, then Airaavat, Takshak, Karkotak, Dhananjaya, Kaalakeya, Mani, Puraan, Pinjarak, Ailaapatra, Vaaman, Neel, Anil, Kalmaash, Sabal, Aaryak, Ugra, Kalashpotak, Suramukh, Dadhimukh, Vimalpindak, Apta, Karotak, Shankh, Balishikhaa, Nishthaanak, Hemguhaa, Nahush, Pingal, Baahyakarn, Hastipaad, Mudgarpindak, Kambal, Ashwatar, Kaliyak, Vritt, Samvart, Padm, Mahaapadm, Shankhmukh, Kooshmaandak, Kshemaark, Pindaarak, Karaveer, Pushpdanshtrak, Vilwak, Vilvapandar, Mushikadaa, Shankhshiraa, Poornbhadra, Haridrak, Aparaajit, Kauravya, Dhritraashtra, Shankhpind, Subaahu, Prabhaakar, Hastipind, Sumuksh, Kuthaar, Kunjar, Kumud, Kumudaaksh, Kardam, Bahumoolak, Kundodar, Mahodar etc. In fact with their sons and grandsons, they are millions of them."

[1-36] Shaunak Jee asked - "After their mother cursed them, what did they do?" Soot Jee said - "Shesh Naag left his mother and went for severe penance on Gandhmaadan Parvat, Badaree, Gokarn, Pushkar forests which were considered sacred either for their water or for their soil. Brahmaa Jee observed that his penance has made his hair matted, he was clad in rags, his flesh and skin were all dried up, so he said to him - "What do you want O Shesh? You are afflicting all creatures by your Tap. Tell me what do you want?" Shesh Jee said - "All my brothers are of wicked heart, I do not want to live with them. Please allow me to do that. They are always jealous of each other. I do not want even to see them. They are not kind to Vinataa and her son. He is our very mighty brother. He has become mightier after the boon bestowed by my father. I will cast off my this body so that I do not mix up with my brothers even in my next life."

Brahmaa Jee said - "I know your brothers and their danger after disobeying their mother. But I have a remedy for that. You need not to worry about your brothers. Ask for anything else you wish for. It is good that your heart is set on a virtuous path, let it be set for more virtue." Shesh said - "Let me be delighted in virtue and penance." Brahmaa Jee said - "I am very pleased with your self denial and love of peace, but this should be done for the good of my creatures. You bear this earth to keep it steady, it is unsteady because of its many mountains and forests." Shesh Jee said - "I will do the same as you have said - place her on my head." Brahmaa Jee said - "Go underneath the Earth, she herself will give you the way and you can hold her for me." Then Shesh Jee passed through the Earth, came out at the other side of the Earth and held her on his head." Soot Jee said - "Thus Shesh, the Lord Anant, lives underneath the Earth and Brahmaa Jee gave Garud to him as his helper."


[1-37] Soot Jee said - "When Vaasuki heard the curse, he thought about how to make it not to work. He consulted his brothers and said to them - "You know the curse, we will have to do something about it. Remedies are there for all types of curses but not for the curse of mother. Since this curse was uttered in the presence of Bhagavaan, that is why I am worried. Something bad will happen to us, otherwise why shouldn't Bhagavaan stop her cursing us? We sould not waste our time. Let us find some way for it, as Devtaa regained Agni who had hidden himself in a cave, we should also do something so that Janamejaya's Yagya does not take place and we may not be destroyed."

Soot Jee said - "So all snakes gathered together and presented their opinion. Some snakes said - "We should assume the guise of Braahman, and when Janamejaya will intend to do the Yagya, he will come to us and we will suggest Janamejaya that his Yagya should not be performed. We will tell him the evils of that Yagya in this world and in the other world and suggest him  not to perform this Yagya. Or we may bite the Braahman who will advise him to do this Yagya, so that he might not let the King do this Yagya. And if he will die the Yagya will not happen." Some said - "This is an evil advice. This advice should not be to kill Braahman." Some said - "We will steal Som juice in the night, that will disturb the rites. Or the snakes should bite hundreds of people around and create a terror there to stop the Yagya." Some said - "We will make rain assuming the form of clouds and thus extinguish the fire of the Yagya." Some said - "Let us be the Ritwik of the King and then ask the fee. Since he will be our control he will do whatever we will say." Some said - "We will bite the King and thus our object will be finished. By his death the root of all the evils will be destroyed." Then all said - "Do quickly whatever you want to do."

But Vaasuki didn't like any of their advices. He said to them - "Let me think and I will tell you which will be good for you. I think our father Kashyap will give us good advice. I will have to think as the credit or discredit of that action will go to me."

[1-38] Soot Jee said - "Hearing all the snakes and Vaasuki, Elaapatra said - "Brothers, Listen to me carefully, that sacrifice cannot be stopped, nor Janamejaya can be stopped doing it. Whoever is afflicted by fate, has to recourse his fate alone, he cannot be saved. Brothers, This is written in our fate so this will happen. Still listen to what I say. When our mother gave us Shaap, I was lying in her lap. I heard Devtaa telling Brahmaa Jee with grief - "Who else other than Kadroo could curse her children like this. And you also said "So be it." Why didn't you stop her doing so?" Brahmaa Jee said - "The snakes have multiplied a lot. They are cruel, poisonous and terrible. Only those snakes will die in that Yagya who will be like that, not the ones who are not poisonous, harmless and who are virtuous. And when the time will come they will escape from this calamity. A Rishi, known as Jaratkaaru, will be born in Yaayaavar's family. He will have a son named Aasteek, he will put a stop to that Yagya and the virtuous snakes will escape from that sacrifice." Devtaa asked - "How he will have a son?" Brahmaa Jee said - "He will marry a girl of his own name. Vaasuki has a sister named Jaratkaaru. She will have that son whom I am speaking about, and he will liberate them."

Elaapatra continued - "The gods said - "So be it." and the gods went to their abodes. So O Vaasuki, I see your sister known as Jaratkaaru. Give him in alms to relieve us from this fear. That Jaratkaaru (Rishi) will wander in search of bride. So this is the only means of saving our lives which I heard."

[1-39] Soot Jee said - "Hearing this all the snake got very happy. And since then Vaasuki started taking care of his sister carefully. Not after long Saagar Manthan took place and Vaasuki was used as a churning rope. As this event was over, Vaasuki went to Brahmaa Jee along with Devtaa and Devtaa said to Brahmaa Jee - "Father, Vaasuki is greatly suffering from the fear of his mother's curse. Please remove his fear so that his race can flourish." Brahmaa Jee said - "I have thought it in my mind. Let Vaasuki do whatever Elaapatra has said to him, as soon as the appropriate opportunity he gets. Time has come. Only those snakes will be destroyed who are wicked, not the virtuous ones. Jaratkaaru has been born and is engaged in ascetic practices. Let Vaasuki give his sis ter to him at the proper time. Elaapatra has said rightly."

Soot Jee said - "Then Vaasuki asked other snakes who were very obedient, to keep an eye on Jaratkaaru that whenever he is in search of his wife, they should inform about him to him because now their race depends on him only."

Pareekshit is Cursed and Dies

[1-40] Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Muni tell us what is the etymology of Jaratkaaru?" Soot Jee said - "Jar" means waste, and "Kaaru" means huge. This Rishi's body was huge before, then it was reduced to normal after doing Tap. The same meaning goes for Vaasuki's sister's name also." Shaunak Jee asked Ugrashravaa - "Now we want to listen to how Aasteek was born."

Soot Jee began to describe what was written in Shaastra, he said - "Long time passed, Jaratkaaru had no desire to marry. Then King Pareekshit was born. He was very fond of hunting like his great grandfather Paandu, so he used to wander hunting on wild animals. Once he shot a deer, no animal has ever escaped from Pareekshit before, but this deer fled away as the cause of king's attainment to Heaven. It disappeared in the forest and so was the king.

Fatigued and thirsty he came across a Muni who was seated where cows were kept. He was drinking the froth oozing out of the mouths of the calves sucking the milk of their mother to his fill. He asked that Muni - "O Muni, I am King Pareekshit, son of Abhimanyu. I shot a deer, have you seen it?" But the Muni was observing silence, so he didn't speak. At this king got angry, picked a dead snake lying nearby with the point of his bow and hung it on his shoulder. Muni tolerated this even though he did not like it but he did not curse him. Pareekshit got sorry seeing his tolerance and came back to his capital.

This Rishi had a son named Shringee. He was also a great ascetic of rigid vows, vry energetic, angry and difficult to be pleased. He was coming back home by the permission of his Guru, that his friend Krish told him about the snake hung on his father's shoulder."

[1-41] Soot Jee said - "Hearing that his father had a dead snake on his shoulder, Shringee got very angry at this but asked him politely - "Tell me why my father has a dead snake on his shoulder?" He replied - "King Pareekshit was here for hunting, he hung that snake on his shoulder." Shringee Rishi asked him - "What was my father's mistake? Then see the power of my asceticism." Krish said - "King Pareekshhit, the son of Abhimanyu came to hunt and wounded a stag. He chased it alone and lost its sight. Then he saw your father and came there and asked him about the deer several times. Since the sage was under the vow of silence, he did not reply At this he put a dead snake on his shoulder. He has now gone back to his capital Hastinaapur.

Soot Jee said - "Hearing this account Shringee took the water in his hand and cursed the King - "That sinful king who has insulted Braahman by placing the dead snake on my lean and old father's shoulder, he will go to Yam Lok by Takshak snake bite within seven nights."

Soot Jee continued - "After cursing him like this, he went to his father. Seeing his old father sitting with the dead snake and said to him - "O Father, Having known that the King Pareekshit has done this to you, I have cursed that king that within seven days he will be dead by Takshak bite." Father said - "I am not happy with you, child, an ascetic should not do this. We live in his kingdom, he should be forgiven by us. We are protected by him. If you will destroy Dharm, Dharm will destroy you. Pareekshit is a good king like his grandfather, he should be protected by us. King was fatigued and hungry, he did not know my vow that is why he did this. A kingless country suffers from various evils. Why did you do this childish act? In no way he deserves a curse from us."

[1-42] Soot Jee said - "Shringee said - "Father, Whether my action is out of anger or it is an improper act; and whether you like it or not, my words cannot go in vain. I have never told a lie even in jest." And Shameek Muni said - "I know that you have great powers, you always speak truth, you have never told lie even in jest, that is why this curse also cannot be reverted. Grown up children should be counseled by their father so that they may attain good qualities and may be renowned. You should live on fruits and roots of the forest. Kill your anger and save the fruits of your Tapasyaa. Be always kind, and of forgiven nature and conquer your anger. I must do something about it. I must say to him "Today you have been cursed by my young son of tender years and immature mind at seeing the disrespectful act towards myself."

Soot Jee said - "Saying this Shameek Muni sent his good disciple, Gaurmukh to the King, instructing him first enquiring his welfare and then give the message politely. Gaurmukh immediately went to the King and told him the message of Rishi - "There is a Rishi Shameek peaceful and virtuous, living in your kingdom. You had placed a dead snake on his shoulder at the time he was observing the vow of silence. He himself has forgiven you, but his son could not. He has cursed you today, without the knowledge of his father, that within seven nights from today Takshak bite will be the cause of your death. Shameek repeatedly asked his son to save you, but his curse cannot be falsified. And since he was unable to pacify his son, he has sent me to you for your good."

Pareekshit was very sorry to hear this and recollected his own cruel act. He was not as much sad because of his death, as much sad he was because of the insult of Muni under vow. He sent away Gaurmukh saying - "Let Rishi always be kind to me." Then without loss of time he called his ministers and after consulting them he erected a mansion which was secured from all sides day and night, on a single column. Three physicians and medicines were kept there to guard him. Braahman also made it secured by Mantra. He left his kingdom and went to live in that mansion where even air couldn't enter without his permission.

On the seventh day, the Braahman heard that Kashyap was coming to treat him from Takshak bite after hearing that the king was going to die by Takshak bite. He thought that he would cure the king and would become rich and virtue too. But as Takshak heard this, he assumed a guise of Braahman and asked him - "Where are you going with such a great speed?" Kashyap replied - "Takshak is going to bite the king today, so I am going to cure him." Takshak said - "I am that Takshak who will kill that Lord of earth. You stop because you are unable to cure him who is bitten by me." Kashyap said - "But I am sure that I will be able to cure him bitten by you."

[1-43] Soot Jee said - "If you are so sure that you can cure the king bitten by me, then revive this tree bitten by me first. I am  burning this banyan tree, you show me the power of your Mantra." Kashyap said - "You bite it and I will revive it." Soot Jee said - "At this Takshak bit that tree and it blazed up from all around. After burning it he asked Kashyap to revive it. As Takshak bit the tree, it was reduced to ashes. Kashyap took that ash in his hand and said to Takshak - "O king of snakes, Now you see my power." And he revived that tree in a few moments. First he created a sprout, then two leaves, then he made the stem, then branches and then it grew in full fledged tree. Takshak seeing his power said to him - "It is not good for you to destroy my poison like this. Whatever money you expect from the king, I will give you much more money than that. You have revived this tree but you will be unable to revive him who is cursed by a Braahman and your fame will disappear like sunlight at eclipse time." Kashyap said - "Then you give me that wealth, so that I can go back." Takshak said - "I will give you much more than that, so do not go to king now."

Soot Jee continued - "Hearing this Kashyap sat in Yog position and knowing that the King's time had really run out, took desired wealth from Takshak and came back home. Takshak headed towards Hastinaapur and came to know that the King was living guarded by Mantra etc. Soot Jee continued - "So he thought to deceive the King, but how he should be deceived? He sent some snakes in disguise of Braahman taking some fruits, Kush grass and water as if they had brought a gift to him. The King welcomed them, accepted their things and sent them back. After the Braahman went away, the king asked his ministers to eat those fruits brought by those Braahman. Impelled by Fate, the King and his ministers had the desire to eat those fruits, especially a particular fruit in which Takshak had entered, was chosen by the King. As he was eating it, an ugly insect appeared from it. The King took that insect and said - "The Sun is setting. I have no more fear from poison, therefore let this insect be Takshak and bite me." And those ministers, by ill-fate of the King approved his words. Knowing that his hour had come he quickly placed that insect on his neck. Takshak coiled his neck, bit him in his neck and he died."

[1-44] Soot Jee said - "Seeing this Minister got very sad and became pale with fear. They saw Takshak flying through the air as a red color streak. The King's mansion blazed up with fire, and the ministers fled away. Then the ministers crowned his minor son Janamejaya as the king. But he could not keep his enemies in control, so the ministers went to Suvarnvarmaa and asked his daughter Vapushtamaa and the king of Kaashee married his daughter to Janamejaya. Janamejaya got very happy to get her and he loved her very much.


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