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Index of 0-Prolog - 1-Aadi Parv

Pages from 1-15 are not shown in Mahaabhaarat Serial on TV. They are taken from KMG Mahaabhaarat translation available on Web.

1-Aadi Parv (1-67 of 236 Chapters)

Parv Sangraha (1-2)

1. Mahaabhaarat (1) - Ganesh Jee writes Mahaabhaarat; Mahaabhaarat in brief.

2-3. Content Page (2) - Samantpanchak Kshetra; List of contents; Brief outline of Mahaabhaarat.

Paushya Parv (3)

4. Janamejaya (3) - Janamejaya is cursed by a bitch just for beating her child appearing at his Yagya; Jaratkaaru meets his ancestors and they request him to have a child; Stories of Ayod-Dhaumya's three disciples - Upamanyu, Aaruni and Ved; Story of Ved's disciple Uttank; Takshak  runs away with earrings brought by Uttank for his Guru's wife (one cause of Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya).

Paulom Parv (4-12)

5. Chayavan Rishi (4-12) - Birth of Chyavan Rishi; Destruction of Pulom Raakshas; Bhrigu's Shaap to Agni Dev; Story of Chyavan's grandson Ruru; Ruru's vow to kill snakes because one of them bit his wife (second cause of Sarp Yagya).

Aasteek Parv (13-58)

6. Saagar Manthan (13-19) - Story of Aasteek who stopped Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya; Story of Saagar Manthan.

7-8. Garud (29-34) - Arun and Garud are born; Garud eats elephant and tortoise; Brings Amrit; Frees his mother; Goes in the service of Vishnu.

9. Kadroo's Children (35-45) - Kadroo's Shaap to her children; Kadroo's children are worried; Shesh goes for Tap and Brahmaa Jee asks him to bear the Earth; Vaasuki finds the way to escape from mother's Shaap; Pareekshit is cursed and dies of Takshak bite.

10-11. Janamejaya's Sarp Yagya (46-58) - Story of Jaratkaaru's marriage to Vaasuki's sister Jaratkaaru; Birth of Aasteek; Janamejaya's listens to the account of his father's death; He starts Sarp Yagya to take revenge form Takshak; All snakes start falling in fire; Jaratkaaru send her son Aasteek to stop the Yagya and he does that.

Aadi-Vanshaavataran Parv (59-64)

12. Janamejaya's Request (59-62) - Janamejaya requests Vyaas Jee to recite Mahaabhaarat; Vyaas Jee asks his disciple Vaishampaayan to tell it to Janamejaya.

13. Birth of Mahaabhaarat Characters (63-64) - Birth of Satyavatee, Ved Vyaas, Kshatriya and others in short.

Sambhaav Parv (65-67)

14. Creation (65-66) - Birth of Kashyap's children; Other creatures on Earth.

15. Incarnation (67) - Who was who in Mahaabhaarat times?

1-Aadi Parv Continues on G-1-Beginning


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