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Samant Panchak

[1-2] Rishi said - "Hey Rishi, we wish to hear the full account of the place Samant Panchak." Soot Jee said - "Listen. There was a Kshatriya named Raam (Parashuraam) between the Tretaa and Dwaapar Yug periods. When he had killed all Kshatriya, he filled five ponds with their blood. It is said the he did Tarpan of his Pitar from that blood standing in the midst of those lakes. First Richeek Muni [his grandfather] appeared and said to him - "We are gratified with your Tarpan. Ask for any Var you wish to ask." Parashuraam Jee said - "I should be free from the sin of this killing of Kshatriya, and these ponds should be regarded as holy shrines." Pitar said - "So be it, but now you be pacified." Parashuraam Jee then pacified himself. Thus that area which lies near those holy lakes is known as Samant Panchak. This area was the central place of the war between Kaurav and Paandav in the interval period (see Yug Sandhyaa and Sandhyaansh) of Dwaapar and Kali Yug. Their 18 Akshauhinee army gathered here to fight and they all were killed here."

What is Akshauhinee

Rishi asked - "Now we wish to know what is the meaning of Akshauhinee? How many horses and foot soldiers, elephants and chariots are in one Akshauhinee army?" Soot Jee said -
One chariot, one elephant, five foot soldiers and three horses form one Pattee.
Three Pattee make one Senaa-mukh.
Three Senaa-mukh are called one Gulm;
Three Gulm make up one Gan;
three Gan make one Vaahinee;
Three Vaahinee are called one Pritaan;
Three Pritaan make up one Chamu,
Three Chamu make one Anikinee, and
10 Ankinee forms one Akshauhinee. By calculation this number comes to -

21,870 - Chariots,
21,870 - Elephants,
109,350 - Foot soldiers,
65,610 - Horses.      [Total 218,700 heads]

So according to this measurement Kaurav and Paandav had 18 Akshauhinee army. Time, whose acts are wonderful, brought them all together there and killed there, making Kaurav the cause of their killing. Bheeshm fought for 10 days, Drone fought for 5 days, Karn fought for 2 days, and Shalya fought for half a day. After that, the rest of the half day was passed in Gadaa fight between Bheem and Duryodhan. At the end of the day, in the night, Ashwatthaamaa and Kripaa destroyed Yudhishthir's remaining army.

O Shaunak Jee, This Bhaarat which we have started now at your sacrifice; before it was repeated at Janamejaya's sacrifice by a dear disciple of Vyaas Jee. It is divided into several sections. In the beginning are Paushya, Paulom and Aasteek Parv describing the valor of kings. It describes various manners and rites. Wise call this the state of Vairaagya. As wise are served by all, in the same way this Bhaarat is also cherished by all. This excellent history displays only the highest wisdom. Now you listen to the outline of its various Parv.

Contents of Mahaabhaarat

1. Anukramanikaa Parv
2. Sangraha Parv
3. Paushya Parv
4. Pulom Parv
5. Aasteek Parv
6. Aadi-Vanshaavataran Parv - of wonderful and thrilling incidents
7. Sambhaav Parv
8. Jaatugrih-daha Parv (Burning of Laakshaa Grih)
9. Hidimb-Vadh Parv (Killing of Hidimb)
10. Bak-Vadh Parv (killing of Bakaasur)
11. Chitrarath Parv
12. Swayamvar Parv (Choosing of Husband by Paanchaalee)
13. Vaivaahik Parv (Marriage)
14. Vidur-Gaman Parv (Going of Vidur)
15. Raajya-Laabh Parv (Acquiring the Kingdom)
16. Arjun Vanvaas Parv (Exile of Arjun)
17. Subhadraa Haran Parv (Carrying Away of Subhadraa)
18. Haran Harikaa Parv
19. Khaandav Daha Parv (Burning of Khaandav Van)
20. Maya Darshan Parv (Meeting with Maya Daanav)
21. Sabhaa Parv
22. Mantra Parv
23. Jaraasandh Parv
24. Digvijaya Parv (General Campaign)
25. Raajsooya Parv
26. Arghya-Viharan (Robbing of Arghya)
27. Shishupaal Vadh (Killing of Shishupaal)
28. Dyoot Parv (Gambling)
29. Anudyoot Parv
30. Aranyak Parv (Living in Forest)
31. Krimeeraa Vadh Parv (Killing of Kirmeeraa Raakshas)
32. Arjun Vigaman Parv (Arjun's Travels)
33. Kairaatee Parv (Fight Between Arjun and Shiv)
34. Indra Lok Vigaman Parv (Arjun Going to Swarg)

35. Nalo-paakhyaan Parv (Pathetic Story of Nal)
36. Teerth Yaatraa Parv (Pilgrimage of Kuru Princes)
37. Jataasur Parv (Jataasur Vadh Parv)
38. Yaksh Parv (Battle of the Yaksh)
39. Nivaat Kavach Parv (Killing of Nivaat Kavach)
40. Ajagar Parv (Meeting With Nahush)
41. Maarkandeya Samasyaa Parv (Meeting with Maarkandeya Rishi)
42. Draupadee Parv
43. Satyabhaamaa Parv
44. Ghosh Yaatraa Parv (Duryodhan is in Forest)
45. Mrig Swapn (Dream of the Deer)
46. Brihadaaranyak Parv
47. Aindradrumn Parv
48. Draupadee Haran Parv (Abduction of Draupadee)
49. Jayadrath Vimokshan Parv (Release of Jayadrath)
50. Story of Saavitree
51. Story of Raam
52. Kundal Haran (Theft of Earrings) 

53. Aranya Parv
54. Viraat Parv, Keechak Vadh
55. Abhimanyu Vivaah Parv
56. Udyog Parv
57. Sanjaya Yaan (Coming of Sanjaya to Paandav)
58. Prajaagar (Sleeplessness of Dhritraashtra - Philosophy)
59. Sanatsujaat Parv (Philosophy)
60. Yaansandhi Parv
61. Arrival of Krishn
62. Story of Maatali
63. Story of Gaalav
64. Story of Saavitree
65. Story of Vaamdev
66. Story of Vainya
67. Story of Jamadagni
68. Shodash-Rajikaa
69. Arrival of Krishn at the Court
70. Vidul Putra Shaasan
71. Story of Shwet
72. Quarrel of Karn

73. Numbering of Warriors on Both Sides
74. Ulook Parv (Arrival of Kaurav's Messenger Ulook)
75. Story of Ambaa
76. Bheeshm Parv (Installation of Bheeshm)
77. Bhagavad Geetaa
78. Death of Bheeshm
79. Drone Parv (Installation of Drone)
80. Sansaptak Vadh Parv
81. Abhimanyu
82. Vow of Arjun (to slay Jayadrath)
83. Jayadrath Vadh
84. Ghatotkach Vadh
85. Drone Vadh

86. Naaraayan Astra
87. Karn Parv
88. Shalya Parv
89. Immersion in the Lake
90. Duryodhan and Bheem
91. Saaraswat Parv - holy shrines and genealogies
92. Sauptikaa Parv
93. Aishikaa Parv (of Harrowing Incidents)
94. Jala-Pradaan Parv

95. Shraddhaa Parv (Rites for Kaurav)
96. Raakshas Charavaak Parv (Who deceived Yudhishthir in disguise of a Braahman)
97. Grih Pravibhaag
98. Shaanti Parv
99. Raaj-Dharmaanushaasan 
100. Aapad-Dharm 
101. Moksh Dharm
102. Shuk Prashn Abhigaman
103. Brahm Prashnaanushaasan
104. Durvaasaa (Origin of)

105. Anushaasanikaa Parv

106. Ascension of Bheeshm
107. Ashwamedh Parv
108. Anugeetaa Parv (Philosophy)
109. Aashram Vaas Parv
110. Putra Darshan Parv (Seeing deceased sons)
111. Mausal Parv
112. Mahaaprasthaanik Parv
113. Khilvansh (Puraan - Vishnu Parv containing Vishnu's activities as a child)
114. Bhavishya Parv (Prophecies about the future)

Vyaas Jee created these 100 Parv [some have been expanded and assigned separate number, that is why the total number of Parv has increased] of which above is only the abridgement, are divided under 18 Parv. Soot Jee described them all in the forest of Naimish as follows --"



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