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1-Aadi Parv   Continues... (68-132 of 236 Chapters)

Sambhaav Parv Continues (68-132)

1-2. Beginning of Kuru Vansh (68-95) - Dushyant and Shakuntalaa's story, Yayaati's story, Genealogy of Kaurav and Paandav.

3. Gangaa (96-99) - Story of Gangaa; Mahaabhish and Gangaa; Brahmaa's Shaap to both Mahaabhish and Gangaa; Eight Vasu get Shaap; Vasu request Gangaa to free them from their Shaap soon. Prateep's Var to Gangaa; Prateep has a son Shaantanu; Shaantanu marries Gangaa; Gangaa kills his seven children, but takes his 8th child and leaves Shaantanu; After 16 years she comes back and hands over his son to him.

4. Shaantanu and Satyavatee (100-102) - Shaantanu meets Satyavatee at Yamunaa River; Proposes to Satyavatee, but her father puts a condition which Shaantanu doesn't want to fulfill; Devavrat noticing his father sad fulfills Satyavatee's father's conditions and marries his father to Satyavatee; Devtaa name him as Bheeshm because of his Bheeshm (difficult) vow and his father gives him Var of Ichchhaa Mrityu for his sacrifice; Shaantanu has two sons from Satyavatee; Shaantanu dies; His elder son also dies; Bheeshm marries Vichitraveerya to Kaashee's princesses.

5. Children-1 (103-108) - Shaantanu's both sons die childless; Satyavatee invites Vyaas Jee to produce children from their widows; He obeys his mother; He produces three children - one blind Dhritraashtra from Ambikaa, second Paandu from Ambaalikaa; and the third Vidur from a maid; Story of Maandavya Rishi.

6. Children-2 (109-117) - Bheeshm brings up the three children and marries them; Dhritraashtra to Gaandhaaree, Paandu to Kuntee and Maadree, and Vidur to a maid's daughter; Story of Karn's birth; Dhritraashtra has 100 sons; Their names; How does he get one daughter?

7. Children-3 (118-122) - Paandu bags Shaap from Kindam Rishi; Because of that Shaap he retires to forest and lives with Brahmcharya; Feels the need of a son; Requests Kuntee to get a son from outside source. 

8. Children-(123-126) - Kuntee gets three sons for herself from Dharn Raaj, Pavan Dev and Indra and two sons for Maadree from Ashwinee Kumaar; Paandu dies because of Shaap; Maadree becomes Satee with Paandu; Rishi hand over Kuntee and Paandu's five children to Bheeshm and Dhritraashtra.

9. Poison (127-129) - Paandu and Maadree's last rites are performed. Duryodhan does not like Paandav and gives poison to Bheem, drowns him in a river, Bheem reaches Naag Lok to Kuntee's Naanaa and comes back with more strength.

10. Kripaachaarya and Dronaachaarya (130-132) - Story of Kripaachaarya, Dronaachaarya and Ashwatthaamaa's births; Drone's enmity with Drupad.

1-Aadi Parv Continues on G-2-Childhood


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