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Bringing Up of the Three Children

[1-109] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After the birth of these three children, Kurujaangal, Kurukshetra and Kuru Kshetra, all areas grew in prosperity. Kuru capital became a second Amaraavatee. "Give" and "Eat" words were constantly heard in Kuru houses. Many Yagya were performed in the kingdom. The three children were brought up by Bheeshm as if they were his own children. Over the time they all became skilled in the science of arms and morality. Dhritraashtra grew in personal strength, Paandu in archery, and Vidur grew up in virtue and knowledge of morality. There was no one equal to Vidur in Dharm and in morality. Paandu became the king because Dhritraashtra was blind and Vidur was of Shoodra order. One day Bheeshm said to Vidur.

[1-110] Bheeshm said to him - "We have raised you (three) so that Kuru family may not extinct, now it is yours and my duty to see that this family grows like a sea. I have heard that there are three girls worthy for our family - one is the daughter of Shoorsen of Yaadav race; the other one is the daughter of Subal; and the third one is the princess of Madra Desh. And of course all these maidens are of blue blood. I think we may chose them for the growth of our family. What is your idea?" Vidur said - "You are our father, you are our mother, you are our spiritual Guru, so do what you consider best for us."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Soon after Bheeshm heard that the daughter of Subal has obtained the boon from Shiv to have 100 sons, he sent his messenger to Subal for Dhritraashtra. First Subal hesitated because of the blindness of Dhritraashtra, but because of good family he agreed to give his daughter to him. Gaandhaaree also, as soon as she heard that her would-be husband is blind, tied a cloth strip over her eyes in love and devotion. Shakuni went to Hastinaapur to marry his sister to Dhritraashtra and came back after marrying her. Gaandhaaree gratified all Kuru members, including her husband, with her good behavior and services."

Vaishampaayan Jee continued - "There was a king named Shoorsen who had a son named Vasudev. He had a daughter also named Prithaa. He had a cousin (the son of his paternal aunt) and friend Kuntibhoj who was childless, so he promised him to give his first-born child. His first-born was a girl - Prithaa, so he gave her to him. There she used to take care of coming Braahman and other guests. Once she gratified a Braahman named Durvaasaa who knew the hidden truths of morality very well. Because of his Tap's powers, he had foreseen the Shaap given to Paandu, so he gave her a Mantra by which she could invite any Devtaa and have children from him. He said to her - "This Mantra will certainly bring that Devtaa and give you a child."

But Kuntee got curious and in her maidenhood even summoned Soorya Dev. As she pronounced the Mantra, a bright light appeared before her and god Vivaswat approached her and asked - "O Black-eyed Girl, What can I do for you?" Kuntee said - "Some Braahman gave me this Mantra, I was just testing it. I ask your pardon for this offence. A woman always deserves pardon." Soorya said - "I know that Durvaasaa has given you this Mantra, but be fearless and grant me your embrace. I cannot go back without giving you something." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Thus Soorya Dev spoke her many things to remove her fears, but Kuntee could not and did not agree for his request. Saying that it would not be sin by accepting his request, he gratified his wish. Immediately a son Karn was born to Kuntee. He was wearing natural armor and earrings. He became the foremost warrior and knew many weapons. After returning her maidenhood, he went back to his Lok.

Seeing that child she thought what to do with that child? Considering her situation, she flowed him in the river with great sorrow. Thus she hid all that from her reltions. The husband of Raadhaa, of the Soot caste, brought him to his home and hey brought him up as their own child. Because he was wearing natural armor and earrings, they named him Vasusen. As he grew up he became skilled in all weapons.  He used to worship Soorya Dev till his back started burnt by his light (from morning to noon). And during these hours there was nothing in the world he could not give to Braahman. Indra, to do good to his own son Arjun, asked his armor and earrings assuming the form of a Braahman. Karn gave them to him and this greatly gratified Indra. Then he gave Vasusen a Power which he could use for anyone and it would kill him certainly, but he could use it only once. He was known as Karn (the cutter) when he ripped off his armor and earring from his body and gave them to Indra.

[1-112] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Prithaa was very qualitative and beautiful but it so happened hat nobody asked for her hand so Kuntibhoj organized her Swayamvar, invited people and asked her to choose one from among the guests. As she entered the hall, she saw Paandu. He looked like another Indra. She placed her garland around Paandu's neck. Both were married ceremoniously. Kuntibhoj gave him lots of wealth and came back home. After coming home, Paandu established his wife as queen."

[1-113] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "After some time Bheeshm thought to marry Paandy to a second wife. He went to Madra Desh with his Chaturanginee army and Braahman etc. The King of Madra Desh, king of Baalheek, received him with honor and asked the reason of his coming. Bheeshm said - "I have heard that you have a sister named Maadree, so I have come here for your sister Maadree for Paandu. Think about it and accept us duly." Madra's King said - "I think there is no better alliance than this one for my sister; but we have a custom, good or bad, that I cannot give my sister to you. You also know it, so it is not proper to say to me "bestow your sister." Bheeshm said - "Custom is a custom, we are nobody to find any fault in it. It is also well-known, O Shalya, that this custom is approved by wise." Then Bheeshm gave him lots of gold, in the form of coins and other things, many animals, precious stones and brought Maadree home - Hastinaapur. Then settling a good day for their marriage, he performed their marriage also, and she was given a fine palace also to live. The King Paandu enjoyed with his two wives as he liked.

After 30 days passed to this event and Paandu having enjoyed with his two wives, proceeded for the conquest of the world. He defeated many kings - robbers tribe Asarn; killed Deergh, the ruler and the King of Magadh and took his treasury and vehicles; then he came to Mithilaa and defeated Videh; then he came to Kaashee, Shumbh, and Paundra and defeated them. Many kings gave him gems, wealth, asses, camels, buffaloes. Accepting all offerings Paandu came back to his kingdom and Bheeshm welcomed him home. When Bheeshm ans citizens went to receive him they saw no end of his caravan."

[1-114] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Paandu, at the command of Dhritraashtra gave that wealth to Bheeshm, Satyavatee and their mothers; and some portion to Vidur also. Satyavatee, Bheeshm and mothers were very happy to receive those presents. Dhritraashtra performed five great sacrifices, which were equal to 100 Ashwamedh Yagya, with that money. After this Paandu went to forest permanently with his two wives and enjoyed hunting there. He roamed about in the woods with his two wives. He used to get everything from Hastinaapur at the command of Dhritraashtra.

Meanwhile Bheeshm heard that King Devak had a daughter from his Shoodra wife, he brought her to Hastinaapur and married her to Vidur. And Vidur had many children from her."

Dhritraashtra's 100 Children

[1-115] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "In the meantime Dhritraashtra had 100 sons and one son more from his Vaishya wife; and Paandu had five sons from his two wives - all from celestials." Janamejaya asked - "O Maharshi, How Gaandhaaree gave birth to 100 sons and in how many years? How much life was allotted to them? How Dhritraashtra behaved with Gaandhaaree? How Paandu got those sons when he was cursed by that Rishi? I want to hear this in detail."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Once Vyaas Jee came to Hastinaapur  tired and hungry; and Gaandhaaree honored him respectfully. Pleased with her hospitality, he bestowed her a boon she asked for, that she should be a mother of 100 sons all equal to Dhritraashtra's strength. (See above, and Gaandhaaree). After some time Gaandhaaree conceived and she bore them for two long years. She was very afflicted with this. In the meantime she heard that Kuntee had given birth to a son. Grieved with her situation, she struck her womb without the knowledge of her husband. A mass of flesh,  as hard as an iron ball, of two years of growth, came out of the womb of Gaandhaaree. As she was about to throw it away, Vyaas Jee came there seeing all this by his spiritual powers. He said to her - "What did you do this?" Gaandhaaree couldn't hide her feelings and spoke to Vyaas Jee - "Hearing that Kuntee has got a son like Soorya, I struck my womb in grief. You told me that I will have 100 sons but this is an iron ball only." Vyaas Jee said - "You are right, but my words also cannot go wrong. I have never spoken lie even in jest. Get 100 pots of Ghee immediately and put them in a hidden place. In the meantime sprinkle the cool water over this iron ball."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Sprinkled by cool water, after a little while, the ball broke up into 101 pieces, each of the size of a thumb; and all the pieces were kept in those pots and the pots were kept in a hidden place. They were watched with care. Vyaas Jee asked Gaandhaaree to remove the cover of the pots after full two years. Then the children of Gaandhaaree were born from those pots. According to the order of their birth, Duryodhan was the eldest. The news of birth of Duryodhan was given to Bheeshm and Vidur. The day Duryodhan was born, Bheem was also born on the same day.

As soon as Duryodhan was born he cried and brayed like an ass. Hearing that cry, jackals, vultures, asses and crows also stated making their respective sounds. Hearing all this Dhritraashtra got frightened. He called Bheeshm, Vidur, Braahman and other ministers etc and said - "The oldest of the princes Yudhishthir will carry our line. By virtue of his birth he has acquired the kingdom. But will my this son, born after, become the king? Tell me what is true and what is rightful." As soon as these words were spoken jackals etc started making terrible sound again. Vidur said - "These terrible sounds are indicating that he will be the terminator of your Vansh. All of your sons' prosperity depends on abandoning him. If you abandon him, still you will have your 99 sons. If you want to do good to your family, abandon him. It has been said that an individual should cast off for the sake of family, a family should be cast off for the sake of village, a village should be abandoned for the sake of the country, and the whole earth should be abandoned for the sake of the soul."

But Dhritraashtra didn't have the heart to hear Vidur's advice because of the love of his son, and in a month time all other 100 children, including a daughter, were born out of those pots. When Gaandhaaree was in her advance stage of pregnancy, a Vaishya woman was attending Dhritraashtra. He had one son from her also that year. He was called Yuyutsu and since he was the son of Kshatriya born from a Vaishya woman, he was called Karn. Thus Dhritraashtra's all children were born.

Birth of Dhritraashtra's Daughter

[1-116] Janamejaya asked - "You told me about the birth of the sons of Dhritraashtra, but you have not told me about his daughter. You told that Vyaas Jee bestowed her with 100 sons and divided the iron ball into 100 pieces, then how this daughter was born, if that iron ball was divided in only 100 pieces and Gaandhaaree didn't conceive some another time?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Your question is very just, let me tell you how did it happen? As Rishi himself sprinkled the cool water over the ball, it started dividing into parts. The nurse began to put them one by one, in the pots of Ghee. At the same time Gaandhaaree felt an affection to have a daughter and thought how good it would be if she had a daughter youngest to all. My husband can attain to those worlds which a daughter's son can confer to him. If I have ever given anything to charity, if I have ever done some Tap, if I have ever done any Yagya, then let a daughter be born to me." In the meantime Vyaas was dividing that ball, he said - "Here are your 100 sons, I did not tell lie to you. However here is an extra part which is for your daughter's son. This part will develop into a beautiful daughter as you have desired." Then Vyaas Jee gotan extra pot of Ghee and put that extra piece in it. Thus all children of Dhritraashtra were born. Now what do you want to listen?"

[1-117] Janamejaya said - Tell me the names of his children according to the order of their birth." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "'Their names according to the order of birth, are (1) Duryodhana, (2) Yuyutsu, (3) Dushaasan, (4) Duhsaha, (5) Duhshal, (6) Jalaasandh, (7) Saam, (8) Saha, (9) Vind and (10) Anuvind, (11) Durdharsh, (12) Subaahu, (13) Dushpradarshan, (14) Durmarshan and (15) Durmukh, (16) Dushkarn, and (17) Karn; (18) Vivinshati and (19) Vikarn, (20) Sal, (21) Satwa, (22) Sulochan, (23) Chitra and (24) Upachitra, (25) Chitraaksha, (26) Chaaruchitra, (27) Sarshan, (28) Durmad and (29) Durvighn, (30) Vivitsu, (31) Vikataanan; (32) Urnanaabh and (33) Sunabh, then (34) Nandak and (35) Upanandak; (36) Chitravan, (37) Chitravarmaa, (38) Suvarmaa, (39) Durvimochan; (40) Ayobaahu, (41) Mahabaahu, (42) Chitraang, (43) Chitrakundal, (44) Bhieemaveg, (45) Bhimabal, (46) Balaakee, (47) Balavardhan, (48) Ugraayudh; (49) Bheem, (50) Karn, (51) Kanakaaya, (52) Dridhaayudh, (53) Dridhvarmaa, (54) Dridhkshatra, (55) Somkeerti, (56) Anudaar; (57) Dridhasandh, (58) Jaraasandh, (59) Satyasandh, (60) Sad, (61) Suvaak, (62) Ugrashravaa, (63) Ashwasen, (64) Senaanee, (65) Dushparaaj, (66) Aparaajit, (67) Kundasayin, (68) Vishaalaaksh, (69) Duradhar; (70) Dridhahast, (71) Suhast, (72) Vaataveg, and (73) Suvarchas; (74) Aadityaketu, (75) Aahvashin, )76) Naagdatt, (77) Agrayayin; (78) Kavachin, (79) Kratan, (80) Kund, (81) Kundadhar, (82) Dhanurdhar; the heroes, (83) Ugra and (84) Bheemarath, (85) Veerabaahu, (86) Alolup; (87) Abhaya, and (88) Raudrakarmaa, and (89) Dridhrath; (90) Anadrishya, (91) Kundabhedee, (92) Veeraavee, (93) Dheerghlochan, (94) Pramath, and (95) Pramati and the powerful (96) Dheergharomaa; (97) Deerghbaahu, (98) Mahaabaahu, (99) Vyudhoru, (101) Kanakdhwaj; (102) Kundashee and (103) Viraaj. Besides these hundred sons, there was a daughter named Dushalaa. All were heroes and Atirath, and were well-skilled in warfare. All were learned in the Ved, and all kinds of weapons. Worthy wives were in time selected for all of them by Dhritarashtra after proper examination. And king Dhritarashtra bestowed Dushalaa upon Jayadrath (the king of Sindhu)."


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