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Genealogy - Dushyant to Puru-1

[1-68] Janamejaya said - "Hey Brahman, I heard all this about the incarnations, now I wish to hear the history of Kuru Vansh from the beginning." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "This story begins with Raajaa Dushyant. Raajaa Dushyant was a Chakravartee Raajaa and he ruled even over Mlechchh countries. In his times there were no tillers (because land gave crops without tilling), no mine workers, no sinners, no thieves. He himself was skilled in four kinds of mace (see Gadaa). he was also skilled in all kinds of weapons."

1-69] Janamejaya said - "I want to hear about Dushyant and Shakuntalaa in detail, that how did he get Shakuntalaa." Vaishampaayan Jee told him the Story of Dushyant and Shakuntalaa [69-74]. They had a son named Bharat. Later Bharat was known as "Chakravartee" and "Saarvbhaum". He performed many sacrifices in which Maharshi Kanv (his maternal grandfather) was chief priest. Many great kings were born in his race (family line).

[1-75] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "I will tell you some of those names. Listen to this genealogy -

Daksh, the Prajaapati was the Lord of Creation. Manu, the son of Soorya > Ruru > Puru > Ajameedh. I will also tell you the genealogy of the Yaadav and the Kuru's and of the king of the Bharat line.

Prachetaa had 10 sons who burnt innumerable large poisonous trees which were creating discomfort to the people. These sons had a son named Daksh (not the previous one) and all the creatures are born from this Daksh, that is why he is called the Grandfather of all. He married Veerinee and had 1,000 sons from her - all like himself. Naarad Jee taught them the Saankhya philosophy for their salvation. Then Daksh produced 50 daughters to extend his line and declared them as his Putrikaa (means their first sons will be his own sons). He bestowed his 10 daughters on Dharm, 13 daughters on Kashyap, the son of Mareechi, and 27 daughters to Chandramaa (they are all engaged in indicating time as Nakshatra).

Kashyap produced Aaditya from his eldest wife Aditi, having Indra and Vivaswat (Soorya) at their head. Vivaswat borne Yam and one more son Manu gifted with great intelligence. In Manu's line were born all human beings, that is why they are called Maanav. All Braahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shoodra were born from Manu. Subsequently Braahman got united with Kshatriya; and Braahman studied Ved. Manu had 10 sons - (1) Vane, (2) Dhrishnu, (3) Narishyant, (4) Naabhaag, (5) Ikshwaaku, (6) Karoosh, (7) Sharyaati, (8) a daughter named Ilaa, (9) Prishadhra, and (10) Naabhaagaarisht. Besides them, he had 50 other sons on earth, but we heard they all got killed while quarreling with each other.

Ilaa had the son named Pururavaa. We have heard that Ilaa was his both father and mother. Pururavaa ruled over 13 islands of the sea. He was always surrounded by super humans, so was very proud of his power. He robbed Braahman of their wealth without caring for their anger. Seeing this Sanat Kumaar counseled him, but he rejected his counsel. He had lost his reason so he was destroyed by Braahman's curse. It was Pururavaa who brought the three types of Agni from the regions of Gandharv for sacrifice. He brought Urvashee Apsaraa too from Swarg. He got six sons from her - Aayu, Dheemat, Amaavasu, Dridhaayu, Vanaayu and Satyaayu. Aayu had four sons - Nahush, Vriddh Sharmaa, Raajingaya, and Anenaa, from the daughter of Swarbhaanu. Among them Nahush was very virtuous and ruled his kingdom very well. He gratified all - Braahman, Pitar, Naag, Gandharv, Raakshas etc. But he made Rishi to carry him on their back. He even conquered Devtaa and ruled over them by the beauty of his person and his powers. Nahush had 6 sons - Yati, Yayaati, Sanyaati, Aayaati and Dhruv [lists the names of only five sons, not six]. Yati became ascetic, so Yayaati became the king.

Yayaatiruled over the whole Prithvi. He had two wives - Devayaanee and Sharmishthaa. Devayaanee had two sons - Yadu and Turvasu; and Sharmishthaa had three sons - Drahyu, Anu and Puru. After ruling for a long time, he lost his beauty. He asked his all sons to give their youth to him so that I can enjoy with women. So he asked his eldest son Yadu to give his youth, Yadu asked him why did he want his youth? Yayaati said - "You take my old age and with your old age I will enjoy myself. During a great sacrifice, Shukra had cursed me. I will take your youth and whoever will give me his youth, he will enjoy my kingdom with my body." But nobody got ready to give his youth to him. Then his youngest son Puru gave his youth to his father and took his old age and said to him - "I will rule your kingdom at your command." Thus by his ascetic power Yayaati transferred his old age to his son and took his youth himself.

1,000 years passed. King Yayaati enjoyed his life with his two wives and Vishwaachee Apsaraa in the gardens of Chitrarath, the king of Gandharv. Still his thirst for enjoyment did not satiate, then he remembered Puraan's saying that the desires never end, rather they increase day by day. So he sat his mind at rest by meditation, took back his old age from his son. Vaishampaayan Jee said - "He then installed him as king and said - "You are my true heir, you are my true son by whom my race will continue and all of my race will be known by your name. Then he went to the mount of Bhrigu to do Tap, and left his body in due time.

Marriage of Yayaati

[1-76] Janamejaya said - "Tell me, how Yayaati, 10th from Prajaapati, took the daughter of Shukra Devayaanee as his wife and about other kings." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Yayaati was like Indra himself. I tell you about how Shukra and Vrishparvaa bestowed their daughters on him. [Read Yayaati's story (76-93)] Yayaati had five sons - Yadu, Turvasu, Druhyu, Anu, and Puru. Yadu's children were called Yaadav, Turvasu's children were called Yavan, Druhyu's children were called Bhojaa, and Anu's sons were called Mlechchh. Puru's children were called Paurav. You are born in his family line to rule for 1,000 years with your passion under complete control."

Puru's Vansh (Lineage)

[1-94] Janamejaya said - "Now I wish to hear about Puru's children, I have heard that there has been no king among his descendents whose character was bad or who was a childless." Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Puru had three sons from his wife Paushti - Praveer, Eeshwar, and Rudraashwa. All sons were like Indra, but only Praveer carried the family name.

Praveer had one son Manasyu from his wife Surasenee
Manasyu had 3 sons - Shakt, Sahan, and Vagmi from his wife Sauviri
Rudraashwa had 10 sons from an Apsaraa Mishrakeshee - Richeyu, Kaksreyu, Vrikeyu, Sthandelyu, Vaneyu, Jaleyu, Tejeyu, Satyeyu,
    Dharmeyu and Sannateyu. They all had sons. Among them Richeyu became the monarch of the whole earth, and became known as Anadrishti.
Anadrishti had a son Matinaar - performed Raajsooya Yagya and Ashwamedh Yagya
Matinaar had 4 sons - Tanshu, Mahaan, Atirath, and Druhyu. Tanshu carried the family line.
Tanshu had a son Ileenaa
Ileenaa had 5 sons from his wife Rathaantaraa - Dushyaant, Shoor, Bheem, Pravasu and Vasu.
Dushyant had a son Bharat from his wife Shakuntalaa.

It is from him that this dynasty spread so wide. Bharat had 9 sons from his thee wives, but none of them was like his father so Bharat was not happy with them. Their mothers being angry with them slew them all. Then Bharat did a great sacrifice with the help of Bharadwaaj Muni, and got a son named Bhumanyu.

Bhumanyu had 6 sons from his wife Pushkarinee - Suhotra, Suhotree, Suhaavih, Sujeya, Divirath and Kichikaa.
Suhotra performed many Raajsooya and Ashwamedh Yagya, and became a Chakravartee king.
Suhotra had 3 sons from his wife Aikshakee - Ajameedh, Sumeedh, and Purumidh
Ajameedh had 6 sons - Riksh from Dhoominee; Dushyant and Parameshthee from Nilee; Jahnu, Jal and Rupeenaa from Keshinee.
       Riksh became the king.
Riksh had the son Sanvaran. Under his rule many lives were lost of because of famine, drought and disease. Bharat princes were beaten by
       Paanchaal with their 10 Akshauhine army and they took away the whole earth. Sanvaran took shelter in the forest on the banks of
      Sindhu near the foothills with his family and relations. There they lived for 1,000 years. One day Rishi Vashishth Jee came there and
      Bharat family worshipped him. Then they requested him to be their priest and to help them regain their kingdom. It is said that he did
      regain his kingdom by the effect of his Mantra.
Sanvaran had the son Kuru from his wife Tapatee (the daughter of Soorya).
He was very virtuous and his kingdom became known as Kuru-Jaangal. He did Tapasyaa there and made it pious as Kurukshetra.

Kuru had 5 sons from his wife Vaahinee - Avikshit, Bhavishyant, Chaitrarath, Muni, and Janamejaya.
Avikshit had 8 sons - (1) Pareekshit, (2) Sabalaashwa, (3) Adhiraaj, (4) Viraj, (5) Shaalmali, (6) Uchchaishravaa, (7) Bhangaakar, and (8) Jitaree
Pareekshit had 6 sons - Kakshsen, Ugrasen, Chitrasen. Indrasen, Sushen and Bheemsen
Janamejaya had 8 sons - (1) Dhritraashtra, (2) Paandu, (3) Baahleek, (4) Nishadh, (5) Jamboonad, (6) Kundodar, (7) Padaati and (8) Vasaati
Dhritraashtra had 8 sons - Kundik, Hastee, Vitarak, Krit, Havishravaa, Indrabh, Bhumanyu [8th name is not given]
Dhritraashtra had many grandsons, only three of them were famous - Prateep, Dharmnetra and Sunetra
Prateep had three sons - Devaapi, Shaantanu and Baahleek. Devaapi went for Tap, and Shaantanu and Baahleek became kings.

Besides them there were numberless people in Bharat Vansh. Manu's children were also increased in Ailaa dynasty."


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