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Story of Kripaachaarya

[1-130] Janamejaya said - "O Braahman, Please tell me how Kripaa was born, how was he born from grass and where did he get his weapons?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "O King, The great sage Gautam had a son named Sharadwaan. Sharadwaan was born with arrows in his hand. He was born archer. He acquired all kinds of weapons by doing severe Tapasyaa. His study of science and acquisition of weapons made Indra afraid of him, so he sent an Apsaraa named Janapadee to disturb his Tapasyaa. Janapadee came there and started tempting him. Seeing that beautiful woman, Sharadwaan's bow and arrow slipped from his hands but as he possessed great ascetic powers, he could control himself, still his vital fluid fell down unconsciously on a heap of reed grass. Leaving his bow and arrow and deer skin behind, he flew away from that Apsaraa. There it divided into two parts and caused to spring two babies - one boy Kripaa and one girl Kripee.

It so happened that one of the soldiers of the King Shaantanu, when he was on hunting trip, saw the children lying beside the arrow and bow and deer skin, he thought that these children must be of some Braahman who is proficient in archery. He took the children along with bow and arrow and showed them to the King. Seeing them the King pitied them and said to him - "Let them be my children." and brought them to his palace. He performed their rites, called them Kripaa and Kripee because he was bringing them up with the motive of Kripaa (pity), and started bringing them up. By his spiritual powers, Sharadwaan knew that he had two children and were being brought up in the King Shaantanu's palace, so he went there, told about his lineage and taught Kripaa the four branches of the science of arms. Soon Kripaa learned everything and became an eminent Guru to teach the knowledge of arms. Kaurav, Paandav, Yaadav, Vrishni and many other princes were taught by him."

Story of Drone, Ashwatthaamaa and Drupad

[1-131] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Bheeshm was looking for somebody who could impart superior education to his grandsons - Kaurav and Paandav. He placed them under the training of Bharadwaaj's son Drone skilled in all Ved. Both became proficient in the use of all kinds of arms."

Janamejaya asked - "O Braahman, How Drone was born? How did he acquire arms? How he came to Kuru family? Whose son he was and how his son Ashwatthaamaa was born? Please tell me all this in detail."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "There lived a great sage named Bharadwaaj at the source of Gangaa River. He was observing very rigid vows. One day he intended to do Agnihotra, so he went to Gangaa River along with other Rishi. As he went there he saw Ghritaachee Apsaraa there. The Apsaraa rose from the water as her bathing was over. As she was gently walking over the bank, her clothes got loose and disordered. Seeing her in this condition Bharadwaaj Muni's vital fluid came out. He immediately held it in a vessel called Drone. Thus Drone was born from that semen which was preserved by Bharadwaaj in that Drone. The child studied Ved and other branches of knowledge. Bharadwaaj had already communicated with Agnivesh, a knowledge of the weapon Aagneya. The Rishi (Agnivesh) came out of Agni and taught Aagneya Astra to Drone - the son of his Guru.

There was a king named Prishat who was a great friend of Bharadwaaj. At this time a son was born to him, named Drupad. He used to come to Bharadwaaj's Aashram to play with Drone and study in his company. When Prishat died, Drupad became the King of Paanchaal Desh. Rishi Bharadwaaj also died about the same time. After studying Ved Drone married Kripee, and they had a son whom they named Ashwatthaamaa. As soon as he was born he neighed like the celestial horse Uchchshraivaa. Hearing that cry, an Aakashvaanee said - "The voice of the child is like neighing of a horse, so the child will be named as Ashwatthaamaa (horse-voiced)." Drone got very happy to get a son and he started taking care of the child and still continued to study of the science of arms.

At that time Drone heard that Parashuraam Jee was giving out his wealth and weapons. Parashuraam Jee possessed a great wealth of knowledge, so Drone went to Mahendra Parvat along with his disciples with the intention to obtain some knowledge from him. There he introduced himself giving his birth line from Angiraa, and touched the ground near Parashuraam's feet. He said to him - "Know me the son of Bharadwaaj, but not from any woman's womb. I am a Braahman of high birth, Drone is my name, and I have come to obtain your wealth." Parashuraam Jee welcomed him and said - "You are welcome, tell me what do you want?" At this Drone expressed his desire to take his all eternal wealth. Parashuraam Jee said - "I have already given my wealth - gold, money etc everything, even this Earth, to Maharshi Kashyap. Only my body and my valuable weapons are left now with me. I am prepared to give my body or my weapons. Say quickly what do you want?"

Drone said - "O Son of Bhrigu, Give me all your weapons including the mysteries of hurling and recalling them." "So be it." And he gave all his weapons to Drone. And thinking that he was amply rewarded by Parashuraam he set out to the city of his friend Drupad."

[1-132] Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Now Drone came to Drupad and said - "Know me as your friend." But Drupad didn't like these words from Drone's mouth, because of he was proud of his wealth. He said to Drone angrily - "Your intelligence is not of high order, so you cannot call me your friend. Great kings can never be friends of such low people. It is true that we both were friends at one time, but at that time our circumstances were the same. Now we are in different circumstances. This impairs the friendship also, so do not stick to the old friendship. That friendship can never exist between a poor and a rich man. A Kshatriya cannot have friendship with a non-Kshatriya, in the same way who is not a king can never have a king as his friend. Then why do you want to continue this friendship?"

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Hearing this Drone filled with wrath, made up his mind for a certain course of action, and he set out towards Hastinaapur."


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