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Janamejaya Requests Vyaas Jee to Recite Bhaarat

[1-59] Shaunak Jee said - "O Son, You have told us  the story of Bhrigu Vansh from the beginning. O Soot, We are very happy to hear it, now we wish to hear the history written by Vyaas. Those narrations which were recited at the intervals of the Sadasya's duties at the sacrifice, we desire to hear that." Soot Jee said - "Many Braahman told many things during those intervals based on Ved but Vyaas Jee's Mahaabhaaart as Vyaas Jee has written Bhaarat wonderfully well." Shaunak Jee said - "The Mahaabhaarat, which spreads the fame of Paandav, which was asked by Janamejaya after the sacrifice was recited to Janamejaya by Vyaas Jee. Tell us that story of Bhaarat in full, because we enjoy your recitation." Soot Jee said - "I shall recite it from the beginning, listen to it in full as I recite it. I myself feel great pleasure in reciting it."

[1-60] Soot Jee said - "Hearing that Janamejaya installed Rishi Krishn Dwaipaayan Jee, grandfather of Paandav, born on an island of Yamunaa, born from virgin Kaalee by Shakti's son Paraashar, in the sacrifice. Vyaas Jee developed his body at his will as soon as he was born and mastered Ved and histories etc which nobody could obtain by even asceticism, by study of Ved, by vows, by fasts, by progeny or by sacrifice. He divided Ved in four parts. He knew Brahm and had the knowledge of past. He produced Dhritraashtra, Paandu and Vidur to continue Shaantanu's family line.

He entered the compound of the Yagya of Janamejaya. He saw Janamejaya sitting like Indra near the Yagya Vedee along with other Ritwik and Sadasya, kings of other countries. Seeing Vyaas Jee coming to his Yagya, Janamejaya rose quickly, welcomed him and offered a golden seat to sit upon. When Vyaas Jee, capable of giving boons, was seated comfortably, he worshipped him, offered Arghya, water to wash his feet and cows. Accepting those offerings from Janamejaya, and ordering the cows not to be slain, Vyaas Jee became much gratified. Janamejaya asked him - "You yourself have seen the acts of Kaurav and Paandav, I wish to hear their story from you. What was the reason of their fight that it was turned into such a great battle that it caused for such a big destruction?" Vyaas Jee asked his disciple Vaishampaayan Jee to recite Bhaarat to him as he had heard from him. Then Vaishampaayan Jee told the whole story to Janamejaya.

[1-61] Vaishampaayan Jee started saying - "After doing Saashtaang Pranaam first to my Guru, then worshipping all Braahman present here, I recite it as I have heard from Vyaas. Listen to it now why the quarrel started between Kuru and Paandav. And why did they proceed to forest immediately after the game, I will recite everything in detail to you. After the death of their father (Paandu), Paandav came home and soon became skilled in archery. Seeing Paandav gifted in physical strength, energy, mind, and also popular in public, Kaurav became very jealous with them. So Duryodhan, Karn and Subal's son Shakuni started troubling them to acquire the undisputed kingdom. He gave poison to Bheem but he digested the poison with food. Once he tied him with rope and threw him in Gangaa River. He broke all rope when he woke up. He was bitten  by black snakes there but he did not die there. Vidur was always there to neutralize their enmity. He was working for Paandav like Indra does for men by maintaining happiness there.

When Duryodhan failed to kill Paandav who were protected by fate, by any means, he called Karn and Dushaasan etc and with the knowledge of Dhritraashtra he constructed a house of Laakh (Lac) in Baaranaavat and Dhritraashtra with the desire of doing good for his children and desirous of kingdom tactfully sent Paandav there. Paandav with their mother went there, but when they were leaving, Vidur gave some advice about the danger there and how to come out of there and they all came out safely from there. They went there, they lived in that palace for one year according to the instructions of Dhritraashtra and protecting themselves from Purochan. In the meantime they made a tunnel, and according to the advice of Vidur they set fire in that house, burnt Purochan and fled in fear along with their mother. At this time Bheem married Hidimbaa [after killing her brother Hidimb] and Ghatotkach was born to her. Paandav then went to Ekchakraa Nagaree and Bheem killed Bakaasur there and made the citizens of that village fearless. Then they went to Paanchaal country and married Draupadee. They lived there for one year. This made them known (that they were alive, otherwise everybody thought that they were killed in Baaranaavat fire) so they came back to Hastinaapur.

Then Bheeshm and Dhritraashtra said to them - "In order to eliminate the quarrel between you we are dividing the kingdom. We have decided that you should live in Khaandavprasth, therefore you go there and be free from jealousy. Khaandavprasth has many big towns and broad roads." They went there with their followers and many jewels and gems and lived there for many years. They won many countries and thus following virtues, good behavior, adhering to truth and calmness in turbulence, they rose in power. Bheem won the Eastern direction, Arjun won the North, Nakul won the west and Sahadev the South. With five Paandav and the Sun in the sky, Prithvi looked like having six suns.

Once Yudhishthir had to send Arjun to forest. He lived there for 11 years and some months. During this period he happened to be in Dwaaraavatee (Dwaarakaa) to see Krishn. There he married to Vaasudev's younger sister Subhadraa. After that Arjun and Krishn gratified Agni Dev (by burning medicinal plants in Khaandav Van to cure Agni's indigestion). This task was not at all heavy for Arjun as nothing is heavy for Vishnu. Agni Dev gave him Gaandeev bow, an inexhaustible quiver, and a war chariot bearing the figure of Garud on its standard. At that time Arjun saved Maya Daanav from fire, so to show his gratitude to him, Maya Daanav built a wonderful assembly hall for Yudhishthir decked with all kinds of jewels.

Wicked Duryodhan was filled with jealousy seeing that hall. He was tempted to acquire that hall and wealth so he invited Paandav to Hastinaapur to play dice game. He defeated them by cheating them through Shakuni, and sent them for 12 years in forest and one year in Agyaatvaas (concealment in the city). When they came back from their exile after passing their 13 years, they claimed their property but Duryodhan did not agree for it and the war was declared and the Paandav killed the whole race of Kshatriya and regained their kingdom. This is the history of Paandav who never acted under the passion. Thus this resulted in the defeat of Kuru and the victory of Paandav.

[1-62] Janamejaya said - "You have told me this story in brief, please tell me this in full. I am very curious to hear it. I am not satisfied to hear such a great history in nutshell. There could not be any trivial reason for which such virtuous people slain the people whom they should not have slain? Why should they suffer calmly the atrocities of the Kuru? Why Bheem like man could control his anger when he had to suffer with so many wrong doings of Kaurav? Why didn't Draupadee burn Dhritraashtra's sons just by a look of her eyes? Why the four younger brothers followed Yudhishthir who was greatly addicted to dice game? Why did Yudhishthir, the son of Dharm, knower of all kinds of duties, a man of virtue suffered? Why Arjun killed so many warriors of his enemy side? Please tell me all this in detail."

Vaishampaayan Jee said - "This will take some time to hear, so you have to find time for it. It is very extensive. This was only the beginning. I will tell you in detail as Vyaas Jee has written it. This Bhaarat consists of 100,000 Shlok. Who reads it and who tells it, both become like Brahm. It is like Ved and is very holy. It describes Arth and Kaam (wealth and pleasure). All sins committed by mind, body and word leave as one hears or tells this. This history is being recited now, and will be recited in future also. Who has read Mahaabhaarat, take him as he has read Ved. It is collection of all Shruti.

It has all information about Arth and Kaam (profit and pleasure). Its reading and hearing makes one to desire for salvation. Sins are destroyed by it. This history is called Jaya. A king can win his enemies by reading this. If a young king hears it with his queen, he can get a good son for his kingdom. Vyaas Jee himself has said that this is a give of Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh.  They who read or hear it, will always get obedient servants. Vyaas Jee has written this to spread the fame of Paandav. It presents the account of Devtaa, royal sages, Rishi, Keshav, Mahaadev, Paarvatee. The history of Bharat princes is called Mahaabhaarat.

Vyaas Jee completed this work in three years. Rising daily, he first performed his ascetic devotions, then he composed this. That is why this should be heard by Braahman with a vow. It is sacred and equivalent to all histories and Ved, worthy of being heard, pleasing to the ears, sin cleansing and virtue increasing. Now I am about to recite this in full so listen to it carefully."


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