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Garud-2: Garud Takes Away the Amrit

[1-31] Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Soot Jee, What was Indra's fault? What was his carelessness? How Garud was born by Tap of Baalkhilya Rishi? Why Kashyap had a bird as a son? Why was he unslayable for all? If these are described in Puraan, we would like to hear them."

Soot Jee said - "Yes, It all is written in Puraan, I tell you now. Once upon a time when Kashyap Jee was ready to do a sacrifice with the desire of children, all Rishi Gandharv etc were helping him. Indra and Rishi were appointed to bring Samidhaa. Indra brought a mountain like load without any fatigue. On the way he met some Rishi whose size was equal to a thumb. They all were bringing a single leaf of Palaash in their hands. Those Rishi were very lean and thin also because of want of food. They sunk in the water collected in the mark of a cow hoof on the road. Indra laughed at them, insulted them and left them behind by passing over their heads.

Baalkhilya Rishi got very sad and they prepared for a great sacrifice at which Indra got terrified. They poured the Aahuti of Ghee saying Mantra and said - "There will be another Indra, capable of going anywhere at will, of immeasurable energy, who will bring tears in present Indra's eyes. Let him be born." Indra got terrified with this and he took refuge in Kashyap's feet. Kashyap Jee went to Baalkhilya Rishi and asked them if their sacrifice was successful. They said, "Let it be as you say." At this Kashyap tried to pacify them saying - "Braahman have appointed Indra as the Lord of the Tri-Lok, and you are creating another Indra? It is not appropriate for you to falsify the words of Braahman, let it not be true, let there be an Indra of winged creatures. Please be kind on this Indra." Baalkhilya Rishi said - "Our sacrifice was to create another Indra, and it was also meant for a son to be born to you. So do whatever you think is proper."

Soot Jee said - "In the meantime Vinataa had the desire of children and she approached Kashyap Jee and Kashyap Jee said - "My sacrifice is successful and whatever is your desire will be fulfilled. You will be the mother of two heroic sons who will be the lords of the three worlds. Because of the Baalkhilya's penance and your desire, your sons will be worshipped in the three worlds. Bear these two seeds with great care, they will be the lords of the winged creatures. They will be respected in all the three worlds and will be able to take any form they like." Then he said to Indra - "Now you shall have two brothers who will always help you. Don't be sorrowful and continue to rule Tri-Lok as before. From now on, never insult those Rishi whose words are like thunderbolt." Vinataa also got very happy. In the course of time she had two sons, Arun and Garud. Arun, born immature, became the charioteer of Soorya and Garud was the king of birds. Now you listen to the heroic deeds of Garud."

[1-32] Soot Jee said - "Thus Devtaa had prepared for the battle as Garud was on his way to get Amrit. As he reached the spot, all Devtaa began to tremble with fear and started using their weapons on one another. Now there was a Braahman among those guards. Garud defeated him within a moment, and flew the dust. The guards could not even see him blinded by the dust. They could not see Garud. Seeing his guards being blinded by the duct, Indra asked Vaayu Dev to dispel the dust. Vaayu Dev obeyed Indra and the guards could see Garud. The fight now started between Devtaa and Garud. Soon Garud pushed Devtaa back with his wings and beak. Devtaa started bleeding and they fled away in all four sides. The Saadhya with the Gandharv fled Eastwards, the Vasu with the Rudra towards the South, the Aaditya towards the West, and the twin Ashwins towards the North. Gifted with great energy, they retreated fighting, looking back every moment on their enemy. Then Garud fought with Yaksh Ashwakrand, Renuk, Krathanak, Tapan, Ulook, Swasanak, Nimesh, Praruj, and Pulin and killed them like Shiv.

Then Garud went to take Amrit but he found it surrounded by fire. The flames of the fire had covered the whole sky. Garud assumed 90 x 90 (= 8,100) mouths, drank the water from all rivers, and returned at the place where the Amrit was kept. He extinguished the fire, assumed a very small form and entered the place where the Amrit was kept."

[1-33] Soot Jee said - "As he entered that place, he saw that there was an iron wheel of sharp edge revolving constantly. It was kept there to cut all the robbers who came there to take it. Garud could see only a tiny passage through it, so he diminished his body to the minutest and passed through the spokes of that wheel. There he saw two snakes guarding the Amrit. They were emitting fire, had blazing eyes and contained poison. Garud covered their eyes with dust and attacked them with all sides and killed them. He then picked up the Amrit, and breaking up the machine flew away, of course without drinking it himself. On his way he met Vishnu. Vishnu was very happy with him that he did not drink Amrit himself. So He came to him and said - "I wish to grant you a boon." Garud said - "I should stay above you. I should be immortal, free from disease without drinking Amrit." Vishnu said - "So be it." Garud said - "Now I wish to grant a boon, ask for it." Vishnu said - "You become my carrier." Garud said - "So be it." Vishnu made him sit on the flag of His chariot and said to him - "Thus you will be above me." And Garud flew over again.

As he was flying, Indra hit him with his Vajra. Garud said laughing - "I respect the Rishi by whose bones this Vajra was made. I respect you and your Vajra too. In respect of these I cast off my one feather whose end you will not be able to see." Saying this he cast off his one feather. All creatures became very happy to see that beautiful feather and they called him "Suparn". And as Indra saw this wonderful incident, he regarded him a very great being, so he addressed him - "I desired to know how powerful you are, and I wish to extend friendship with you."

Garud Frees His Mother

[1-34] Soot Jee said - "Garud accepted his friendship and said - "It is difficult to guess my power. Although it is improper to praise oneself still, since you have made me your friend, that is why I tell you that I can lift this Earth along with its all oceans and mountains and you on my single feather. I can bear all the worlds together without fatigue." Indra got very impressed at this and said to him - "As you say, everything is possible by you. And if you have no concern with Amrit, then please return it to me. To whoever you will give it, they will always oppose us." Garud said - "I am taking this Amrit with some specific purpose. I am not going this to anyone to drink. But as soon as I put it down, you can instantly take it up." Indra got very pleased hearing this and spoke to Garud - "You may ask any boon from me." Soot Jee continued - "Garud recollected the sons of Kadroo, slavery of his mother because of Arun's curse, and said - "Although I am all powerful, but still I ask you a favor that let snakes be my food." Indra said "So be it." He then went to Vishnu and Vishnu said - "Whatever Garud said is true." Indra again came to Garud and said - "I will bring the Amrit as soon as you will put it down." and went away. Garud came to his mother.

When Garud reached to snakes, he called them and said - "I have brought the Amrit, let me put it on some Kush grass. Drink it after you have performed your daily worship. And as told by you, today my mother becomes free from your mother's slavery." Snakes said, "So be it." and went away to do their daily worship. In the meantime Indra took away Amrit to Heaven. When snakes returned from their worship they found the Kush grass bed empty. They began to lick Kush grass with their tongues. This made their tongue split in two, and the Kush grass became sacred by the touch of Amrit. Garud enjoyed with his mother in the woods for long time. And he gratified his mother by eating snakes."

Who reads or hears or recites this story must go to Heaven by getting merits of this story of Garud."


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