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Pareekshit, Raajaa

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Pareekshit, Raajaa

Birth of Pareekshit
Pareekshit was the son of Abhimanyu and Uttaraa; and the grandson of Arjun and Subhadraa. When he was in the womb of Uttaraa, after the Mahaabhaarat war finished, Ashwatthaamaa was very angry and dissatisfied with Arjun because of the killing of his father Drone. He was also angry with Bheem as he killed his friend Duryodhan illegally. He wanted revenge. His feeling of taking revenge grew more when Duryodhan asked Ashwatthaamaa to bring Paandav's head at the time of dying. Ashwatthaamaa killed Draupadee's Draupadee's five innocent sons, who looked like Paandav themselves, by mistake, but as soon as he realized his mistake, he got scared and ran away. Arjun knew who had killed her sons, but he was hesitant to go, so Bheem followed Ashwatthaamaa to kill him. Krishn told Arjun to follow Bheem to protect him as He knew that Ashwatthaamaa knew Brahm Astra while Bheem did not. Arjun followed Bheem, and as Krishn thought, Ashwatthaamaa used his Brahm Astra although he did not know how to bring it back. Seeing this, on Krishn's advice Arjun also released his Brahm Astra.

This was a very dangerous situation so Brahmaa Jee intervened and asked Ashwatthaamaa to call back his Bahm Astra; but as expected he could not call it back. However Arjun called it back, while Ashwatthaamaa directed it towards Uttaraa's womb to destroy Paandav's lineage. At that time Uttaraa was carrying Abhimanyu's child. The Astra could not fail, so it started burning the child. Uttaraa prayed Krishn and Krishn saved him with His power. That is how Pareekshit was born.

Bhaagvat Puraan, 1/4/12 says that since Krishn saved him in womb he was named Vishnuraat.

Bhaagvat Puraan, 1/5/16 says - He was married to Iraavatee, the daughter of his Maamaa Uttar. They had four sons - Janamejaya, Shrutsen, Bheemsen, and Ugrasen etc. [MBH, G-1-beginning/2 (Ch 95) says that he was married to Madravatee.] He was educated by Kripaachaarya Jee. He did three Ashwamedh Yagya in which he gave Pushkal Dakshinaa to Braahman, under the guidance of Kripaachaarya Jee

Life of Pareekshit
This version is according to Bhaagvat Puraan, 1/5/16

Pareekshit was the first king of Kali Yug. Once he heard that Kali has come in his kingdom so he went out with the intention to fight with Kali. He met Kali and as he wanted to kill him, Kali requested to give him some place in his kingdom saying that when Brahmaa Jee has created him, he had to live somewhere. But Pareekshit did not agree for this, and told him that he could not live in his kingdom in any case.

Kali Yug again requested saying that he wouldn't live in his whole kingdom, but he could live at a few places, so at least he should give him some specific places where he could live. Then he let him live in his kingdom. Kai Yug asked him the places where he could live, so he assigned him four places to live - where people gamble, where people drink liquor (bars), sexual love, and greed. At this Kali Yug said - "Since your kingdom will be free from these things, I will not be able to find such places, please tell me some more places where I can live." King thought for a while and said - "You may live in gold." As Kali Yug heard this, he climbed up and sat on king's head - in king's crown, as his crown was made of gold. Now whenever Pareekshit wore his crown, he felt a little strange. Till Pareekshit ruled, Kali Yug did not have much effect on people. Pareekshit did not have any kind of jealousy with him, because this is one quality of Kali Yug that in this Yug you get the results of your Punya as soon as you intend to do anything good, while you get the result of your Paap Karm only after doing it, not just by intentions."

Curse to Pareekshit - Bhaagvat Puraan Version
Once Raajaa went for hunting, there he got tired, he felt hungry and thirsty, so he came to an Aashram in which Shameek Rishi was meditating. He called him several times but since he was meditating, he did not know that he was there. In tiredness, hunger and thirst, he got angry at his behavior and under the influence of Kali, he picked up a dead snake and put it in the neck of the Rishi and went away. Now the Rishi had a son named Shringee who was playing nearby with his playmates. He was also very powerful. When he heard this that the king had put a dead snake in his father's neck, he gave him Shaap, "Whosoever has misbehaved with my father, Takshak Naag will bite him on the seventh day from today."

After coming home, Pareekshit took off his crown, and as he did that, he came into his senses and repented for his action. He thought what he should do. He was thinking like this that he came to know about Shringee Rishi's Shaap. He became happy that now he did not need to think on that matter himself. He consulted his ministers and great Rishi, immediately handed over his kingdom to his son, Janamejaya, and went to the banks of Gangaa River.

He sat on the banks of Gangaa River without food and drink (fasting) and asked Rishi, Muni to tell him what he should do to improve his Par-Lok (other world) within these seven days. Then Naarad Jee came and suggested him to listen to Bhaagvat Puraan (heard Krishn's Kathaa). Many Rishi and Muni came there to listen to Bhaagvat Puraan. As Soot Jee (Ugrashravaa) was to start the Kathaa, Shuk Dev Jee came there. Soot Jee handed over his Aasan to him. and requested him to tell Bhaagvat Puraan to Pareekshit Jee. Then Shuk Dev Jee told Bhaagvat Puraan to all present there.

On the seventh day, as per Shaap Takshak took the form of a Braahman and started towards the place where Pareekshit was listening to Bhaagvat Kathaa. But when he arrived at the place where Pareekshit was sitting, Pareekshit had already left his physical body through Yog.

Curse to Pareekshit - MBH Version
Mahaabhaarat version is quite different from this one. When Pareekshit heard this that Takshak would bite him on the 7th day from that day, he consulted his ministers and with their consultation he erected a mansion at a lonely place which was secured from all sides. He went there to live there.

Now there was a great traditional doctor named Kashyp in Pareekshit's kingdom. As he heard about this, he set off to cure his King after Takshak had bitten him. He could not stop Takshak biting him, but he could cure him from his bite. As he was on his way, Takshak came to know about it. Takshak thought to test him so that he could be sure of his biting would kill the King. He met Kashyap and asked about his abilities. He then tested him by burning a tree by his poison. Kashyap made it green again. Seeing this Takshak got sure that he would surely revive Pareekshit. So he offered him lots of money and asked him to go back. Kashyap found by his Yog that Pareekshit's time really ran out, so he took the money from Takshak and returned home.

Takshak came to Hastinaapur and sent some snakes in the form of Braahman carrying some fruits etc. The Kin welcomes them, accepted their fruits and sent them away. Impelled by Fate, Preekshit had the desire to eat that particular piece of fruit in which Takshak was hiding. As he was eating it, an ugly insect appeared from it. Pareekshit took that insect and said - "The Sun is setting. I have no more fear from poison, therefore let this insect be Takshak and bite me." And those ministers, by ill-fate of the King approved his words. Knowing that his hour had come, he quickly placed that insect on his neck. Takshak coiled his neck and bit him in his neck and he died."

Soot Jee said - "Seeing this minister got very sad and became pale with fear. They saw Takshak flying through the air as a red color streak. The King's mansion blazed up with fire, and the ministers fled away. Then the ministers crowned his minor son Janamejaya as the king.



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