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Nrig, Raajaa

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Nrig, Raajaa
From Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u11; [appeared in V-Raamaayan, Uttar Kaand also]

Raajaa Nrig was one of the 10 sons of Shraaddh Dev Manu. was a very kind king and was a great donor. Whatever number of dust particles are on Prithvi, whatever number of streams fall in rain, whatever number of stars are in the sky, he donated the same number of cows to Braahman. They were all very good cows. Their horns were gold plated, their feet were silver plated, they were all decorated with clothes and jewelry. Since the young age, he used to donate clothes, jewelry and cows to good Braahman sons who were of good character, or were in trouble. Thus he donated many cows, land, gold, houses, elephants, silver beds, chariots etc and dug wells and ponds and did many Yagya.

Curse to Nrig
One day a Braahman did not accept the donation of his cow. And that Braahman's cow got mixed up with the King's undonated cows. The King could not know this, so by mistake it was donated to another person among other cows. When that another Braahman was taking his cow, the owner of that cow (who refused to take that cow) told him that it was his cow. The Braahman to whom it was donated later, said - "It is mine. I have taken it from Raajaa Nrig." Both came to him and told their story. Now Raajaa got confused, so he said to them - "I will give you 100,000 cows, but you give this cow to me. This is my mistake committed unknowingly. Please be kind to me and save me from Narak." "I will not take anything in exchange of this." said its owner and went away. "Whether you give me 100,000 or 1,000 or 2 cows, but I will also not take any." The other Braahman (to whom it was donated before) said this and he also went away.

When Raajaa Nrig died, Yam's Paarshad came and took him to Yam Puree. There Yam Raaj asked him - "You want to enjoy your Punya first or Paap first? Because of your donations and Dharm you will get such a Lok which has no limits." Raajaa said - "I want to bear the fruits of my Paap first." Yam Raaj said immediately - "You fall down." And as he said thus, Raajaa started falling down and he saw that he had become a chameleon.

Nrig is Free From Shaap
This chameleon was found by Krishn when He and other princes were looking for some water. They came to a well. The well was dry and this chameleon was lying there. Krishn asked him to tell his story to tell it to others. After telling the above story he said to Krishn - "Prabhu, I was your devotee and used to serve Braahman, so I had one wish only that I should see you. Now please permit me to go, and be so kind that I should always remember your lotus feet." Then Raajaa circumambulated Him, touched His feet with his crown, climbed up his Vimaan and went away.

Then to educate His family members, Krishn said - "Who are like Agni, they also cannot digest even a smallest amount of Braahman's wealth. I do not consider the Halaahal Vish as poison, because it can be treated, but in fact Braahman's wealth is the greatest poison, because it cannot be digested and it cannot be treated by any medicine. And if somebody enjoys Braahman's wealth without his consent then it destroys three generations (till his grandson), and if it is enjoyed forcefully then 10 previous generations and 10 future generations are affected. Who snatches the living, given by self or by others, they are born as the worms of shit for 60,000 years. Therefore, even if Braahman commits any crime or does anything wrong or bad, still always bow to him. As I greet Braahman carefully three times a day, so you should also do that." and He went to His palace.


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