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Revatee-1 - Chandramaa's Wife

Prajaapati Daksh had 60 daughters. He married his 13 daughters to Prajaapati Kashyap Jee, 10 daughters to Dharm, youngest daughter Satee to Shiv and 27 daughters to Chandramaa. For the welfare of the humanity all these wives became Nakshatra (stars or constellations) - that is how Chandramaa has 27 Nakshatra. Revatee is one of them.

Fall of Revatee Nakshatra and Its Reestablishment
I have read this story in AIA Group, by Rahul Gupta, Jan 19, 2013; but it seems that it is from Devee Bhaagvat Puraan

It seems that stars under Revatee Nakshatra died and there was no Revatee Nakshatra in the sky for a very long period of time, until the place was re-occupied by new stars which form the present Revatee constellation. The event has been described in Shri Devi Bhaagvat Puraan. However, till now I am unable to get any clue how many years ago the incident took place or for how long the place of Revatee kept vacant. Can any astrologer help me in finding this out.

When Revatee fell from Heaven, long, long time ago there lived a sage named Ritavak. He was childless for a long time. Finally a son was born to him rather late in life. Ritavak was overjoyed at first. But his happiness was short-lived. Unfortunately, despite all his teachings, his son grew to be a total scoundrel – lazy, unprincipled and wicked. In fact, ill luck struck to his entire family from the moment his son was born. His wife caught an incurable disease which caused her tremendous pain. He himself suffered from a variety of ailments which he had never had before. And, to crown it all, his son became a good-for-nothing bounder. Sage Ritavak was very unhappy and puzzled at the same time. He had always led a pious and decent life. He had never hurt or harmed anyone knowingly. He had always tried to help others to the best of his knowledge and ability. Then why did such a series of misfortunes befall him? He decided to ask Garg Muni, another great sage, about it.

After telling him everything Ritavak asked him - “Have you any idea why all these things happened to me? I can’t think of any sin that I have committed to deserve such unhappiness.”
Sage Garg closed his eyes and meditated silently for a while. Then he said - “Your suffering has not been caused by any action on your part, Ritavak. It is because your son was born under the Revatee Nakshatra. Now, this star has some highly inauspicious moments and your son was born during one such moment.”
“But that was not my fault.” cried Ritavak.
“No, it wasn’t.” agreed Garg, “But it was your star’s doing.”
“A mere star has no right to ruin my life.” said Ritavak, “Especially when I have done nothing to deserve it.”

Ritavak was seething with rage as he thought about what his life had been in the past and cursed Revatee Nakshatra that it might fall down from the sky. Ritavak was a great sage so his curse carried tremendous power. As he pronounced this curse, Revatee star fell down from the sky and landed on top of the Kumud Mountain. Its light lit up the entire mountainside and all the forests, caves, rocks and waterfalls around it. Part of the light rolled along the mountainside to the valley below and turned into a crystal lake. And from the water of the crystal lake a beautiful girl arose and lay asleep on the bank. The Kumud Mountain came to be known as “Raivatak Mountain” ever since.

Now sage Pramuchaa had his hermitage in the Kumud valley. Surprised to see so much light all of a sudden he went to the mountainside to see what had happened there. He saw the newly created lake and the baby girl lying on its bank. He brought the baby home and brought her up like his own daughter. He called the baby “Revatee” after the fallen star.

Revatee grew up to be a radiantly beautiful girl. Pramuchaa loved her dearly and wondered where he would find a young man worthy of being her husband. He worried about it night and day for he could think of no one who seemed good enough for her. Finally he put the question to Agni Dev, the Fire god.
“Do not worry about Revatee, Pramuchaa” said Agni Dev. “The great king Durgam, who is excellent in every way, will come to your hermitage some day and marry her. Wait patiently for the day and all will be well.”
Pramuchaa was very happy to hear it and returned to his hermitage.

A few days later King Durgam, out on a hunting trip, passed that way and dropped in at sage Pramuchaa’s hermitage just as Agni had predicted. Revatee was picking flowers in the garden when he arrived.
“Is sage Pramuchaa in?” Durgam asked Revatee. “I would like to pay him my respects.”
“Please wait and I shall tell father that you are here.” said Ravatee.
“Are you sage Pramuchaa’s daughter?” asked Durgam, struck by her radiant beauty.
“Yes, I am.” replied Revatee and went inside the cottage.

Pramuchaa had heard them talking and came out at once. His joy knew no bounds when he discovered that it was none other than King Durgam himself. He called Gautam, his chief disciple. “Gautam, arrange for a special welcome ritual.” he said, “King Durgam is not just my guest today, he is also my future son-in-law. So I must welcome him properly.”

Gautam rushed around, getting everything ready. King Durgam was astonished at Pramuchaa’s words.
He touched the sage’s feet and said, “My lord, what did you mean by saying that I am your future son-in-law? I know nothing about it and have no marriage plans.”
“My dear, I should have explained this to you before.” said sage Pramuchaa smiling at him. “You have seen my daughter Revatee, haven’t you?”
“Yes I have, but…”
“It is destined that you should wed her. Agni Dev, the Fire god has said so, and I know that she is worthy of being your queen. She is as good as she is beautiful. You should have no objections, do you?”
“No, my lord. I would be honored if Revatee married me. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen” replied King Durgam.
The inmates of the hermitage rejoiced at the news, for Revatee was very dear to them all. Everyone got busy preparing for the wedding.

Sage Pramuchaa called Revatee and said - “I hope you are happy with my choice, Revatee? Actually it was god Agni who had told me that King Durgam would marry you. I think you are a very lucky girl. What do you say?”
“I have nothing to say about your choice, father, but there is a special request that I should like to make. I hope you will keep it.”
“Of course.” said Pramuchaa unhesitatingly, “What is it, my daughter?”
“I would like to be married under the Revatee star” said Revatee.
“Good Heavens, what a strange thing to ask for?” exclaimed sage Pramuchaa. “But it is not possible, my dear. Revatee Star is no longer a star and is no longer in the sky.”
“Why not?” asked Revatee amazed.
“It fell down from Heaven long time ago because of sage Ritavak’s curse. It came crashing down on Kumud Mountain which has been called Raivatak Mountain ever since.”
“But, father, I had taken a solemn vow to wed under Revatee star and no other” said Revatee obstinately, “I cannot marry otherwise.”

Sage Pramuchaa looked worried, he said - “My child, you have placed me in a strange predicament. I have already promised King Durgam to wed you to him. How can I face him or anyone else if I do not keep my word?”
“But Father, You promised to keep my request too” said Revatee.
“Why are you so adamant about the Revatee Star? There are plenty of other stars too, far better in every way. I shall choose a really good star for your wedding.”
“I don’t want any other star. I want only the Revatee” said Revatee in a determined voice.
“I really don’t know what to do.” said sage Pramuchaa losing his patience. “I never imagined you could be so obstinate or so disobedient.”
“But why should it be such a problem, Father?” asked Revatee. “If sage Ritavak could knock it off the sky, could you not put it back once again? I don’t think your power is any less than that of sage Ritavak.”

A sudden smile lit up sage Pramuchaa’s face. “You are quite right, Revatee. I didn’t think of that. Of course I can put the star back where she belongs.”
Pramuchaa sat down to pray and the power of his Tapasyaa was strong enough to put back Revatee Star among the other stars once more. In fact it looked as though she had never been displaced from there. Revatee and Durgam were married and left for their new abode.
And Revatee, the star, has been a part of the original constellation ever since.



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Created by Sushma Gupta On 5/27/04
Modified on 03/27/13