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Shani (Saturn)

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Shani Dev (Saturn)
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Shani Dev (Saturn)  is not a bad planet as such. This planet provides wealth and properties by hard work. Of course there could be problems in the period of Shani in the Antar-Dashaa (Sub-Period) of other planets badly placed. Hence in the Gochar the Dhaiyaa Shani Shani's 2 and 1/2 years period),  Ashtam Shani (When Shani is passing through the 8th house from Moon's location in he birth chart) etc are to be seen considering the ownership and placement of Shani in the birth horoscope.

Birth of Shani
Saturn, is also known as Shaneeshwar, Shanaischara, Mandaa, Konasth, Pingalaa and Sauri. Different stories are narrated to trace his origin. To begin with, he is said to be the offspring of Soorya (Sun) and Sangyaa, the daughter of Vishwakarmaa. Shani, Tapatee and Saavarni are the three children born to Soorya and Sangyaa. Yam, the God of death and the river Yamunaa are believed to be his half brother and sister born to his step mother Chaayaa. The blue colored Saturn is robed in blue clothes with a gold crown shining in all brilliance. His vehicle is eagle.

He is very devout devotee of Vishnu. He is married to Satee, Chitraraadhaa's daughter. Satee, a devoted wife, once approached her husband with a desire of a child. But Shani, meditating upon Vishnu paid no attention to his wife. In fury by Shani's attitude, Satee cursed him that those who will look at him they will be doomed in future. Shani appealed to absolve him of this curse go in vain. Henceforth, it is prescribed that those who look at him with bent heads would not carry the curse.

Raamaayan Reference
Another story about Shani is found in the Raamaayan. According to astrology, if Shani destroys the vehicle of Rohinee, the pieces that fall on Earth cause stark famine. Knowing this, King Dasharath approached Shani, prayed him with a Stotra requesting him not to cross the Rohinee Nakshatra. Shani got pleased with the King's Stotra and assured him that he would not cause famine in his kingdom. He bestowed him a boon that whoever will recite Dasharath Stotra, he will not trouble him. That is why t is always auspicious to recite Dasharath's Stotra  in Shani's periods.

The presiding deity of Shani is Brahmaa. The Pratyadhi deity is Yam. The iron chariot driven by eagle is Saturn's vehicle.

Some Popular Stories About Shani
(1) Once upon a time there lived a Braahman by name Gun Ratnaakar in Satyavrat region. Once the Braahman's deceased grandfather appeared in his dream and prophesied the region of Saturn for seven and half years for him. The Braahman woke up from the dream and chanted the Shani Stotra penned by King Dasharath. Saturn appeared before him and said that he would at-least afflict him for three and a half hours. The Braahman escaped to a forest with food tied in a piece of cloth and sat for penance. Just then thieves broke into the palace of the King Vasupaal of Lakshmeepur kingdom and decamped with jewelry tied into a casket. They ran into the forest and saw a Braahman meditating. They left the casket near him and disappeared.

Meanwhile the security guards of the palace chased the thieves and come across that meditating Braahman. They saw the casket of jewelry lying by his side. The thieves thought that that Braahman had stolen that jewelry, so they took the Braahman to the King and when they opened the casket, they only found food in it. The King got sorry and returned the Brahman with respect. The whole incident took 3 and 1/2 hours, so Shani's time was completed. The Braahman also understood that it was the effect of Shani and explained the same to the King.

(2) Shani and Indra - It was the time to commence Saturn's period for Indra. Shani dutifully informed him about it, but Indra said he could not be under the spell for 19 years. Shani said he could make it for 19 days. Shani went down one more step, it could be 19 hours. Indra still not heeded. Shani gave the ultimatum it could be one hour. Indra said he could not even impose that and took the form of a mouse and entered in drainage. Shani waited the mouse not escaping for one hour. After one hour Indra took the form coming out of drainage. Shani did not do anything. Indra said - "See how I got out from your clutches." Shani submissively said - "The one hour in the foul smelling trench in the form of mouse was your Shani Dashaa (Shani's Period).

(3) Shani and Shiv - Another story runs on the lines of how the cosmic Lord Shiv fell a prey to Shani's affliction. Saturn was challenged by Shiv and in order to escape the clutches of Shani, Lord Shiva had to take refuge in the form of a seed in a fruit. Saturn told the Lord that it is his affliction which made Shiv to leave his abode in kailaash and took shelter in an ordinary fruit.

(4) Saturn's Trap For Lord Venkateshwar - Saturn's impact is said to have failed to work when he planned to trap Lord Venkateshwar. Thus it is believed that those who worship the Lord of seven hills especially on Saturdays will be absolved from the evil effects of Shani. (from

(5) Shani and Ashwinee Kumaar

(6) Shani and Dasharath

(7) Shani and Hanumaan

(8) Shani and Ganesh

(9) Shani and Raavan

Saturn in Astrology
Shani is the 2nd biggest planet after Brihaspati (Jupiter) in solar system. Saturn has moons and they appear as Saturn rings. Facing west-ward, he presides over Makar (Capricorn) and Kumbh (Aquarius) Raashi (Sign). In the planetary system, he is positioned behind the Sun in a bow like formation towards west. Tulaa Lagna (Tulaa / Libra as Ascendant) is the best place for Shani. In that Sign He is exalted. His tenure (Dashaa or Period) is of 19 years in the life span of 120 years in the human life. In each sign, he resides for 2 1/2 years (30 months), thus he goes round the Earth in 30 years. In simple words while Brihaspati crosses a Sign once a year, while Shani crosses a Sign in 2 and a 1/2 years.

Shani placed in 9th House or as 9th Lord, the person will be rich with landed properties and hard work and well being.  The Saturn influences and shapes human attitudes, longevity, frugality, patience, endurance, philosophical disposition, temperament, education, loves for blue robes, foreign residence are all the gifts of Saturn. On the negative side, he rouses love for gambling, ill reputation, lack of systematic approach, procrastination and foolish behavior, cowardice and premature aging and a host of negative attitudes spring from Saturn.

To appease Shani
--To appease Shani, one has to give away blue colored flowers, black gingili seeds Black slippers and umbrella. A blue colored precious stone (Neel Mani or Neelam or Sapphire) should be worn to pacify Saturn.
--Worship Hanumaan.
--Worshipping Lord Venkateshwar at Tirupati will also appease Shani.
--Tail Abhishekam (bathing with oil) to Shani preferably on Saturdays or more so on Shani Trayodashee day is very efficacious.

Shani Stotram and Gayatri

"Neelaanjan Samaabhaasam Ravi Putram Yamaagrajam
Chhayaa Maaratand Sambhootam Tam Namaami Shaneeshwaram"

"Om Kaak Dhwajaaya Vidmahe Khadg Hastaaya Dheemahi Tanno Mandah Prachodayaat"



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