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74-Shani and Others

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Shani and Others - Shani and Raavan
Taken from  "Shani Graha Peedaa Nivaaran Vidhi" by Pt Shyam Sundar Lal Vats, p 95-96

When Raavan had his son Meghnaad, he asked all the Nine Graha to sit in the 11th House of his birth chart, so that his son can get all kinds of benefits and he should never die. Raavan was very mighty and extremely intelligent. Everybody, Yaksh, Kinnar, Devtaa etc, all were fearful of Raavan. That is why all the Graha - the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus etc sat in Meghnaad's 11th House, but Shani still sat in his 12th House. When Raavan saw that Shani had sat in his 12th House and he disobeyed him, he imprisoned him. He knew that if Shani will sit in 12th House, he will be the cause of my son's death.

Shani said to Raavan - "O King of Lankaa, You may keep me as a prisoner, but only I will destroy your whole family, and I will do in a such a way that nobody will remain in your family to remember you. O Raavan, You have got the Varadaan of immortality from Brahmaa Jee, but you are misusing it by using your might. But listen to me, nobody can stay in front of me whether Devtaa, human being or Asur. I can burn them even just by looking at them. But, no, I won't burn you, because by burning you I do not want to insult Prabhu. That is why I accept your imprisonment, because presently you are enjoying the fruits of your Tap.

But listen, In the end of Tretaa Yug, one Raam Bhakt (devotee) will enter your Lankaa in spite of your strict vigilance, and Hey Raavan, just in moments he will burn your Lankaa. Normally after burning the gold should be pure but by looking at it I will make it black. By doing this I will show you my power to you for the first time." But Raavan was very proud, so he did not pay much attention to his words and tied him and imprisoned him.

Now Shani got tied, but he sat on Raavan's head in a subtle form and destroyed his wisdom. As a result he brought his death Seetaa to his city Lankaa. When Hanumaan came to Lankaa searching for Seetaa Jee and he burnt it, he saw Shani Dev. He asked him - "Who are you and why are tied up here? What is your power?"

Shani replied - "Hey Pavan Putra, I am Shani. Because of his Tap, Raavan has tied me here. Please cut my bondage." Hanumaan cut his bondage and said to Shani - "I burnt this Lankaa, but this Lankaa has shone more than before, therefore you destroy it by your one gaze." Shani said - "Take me to a high place." So Hanumaan took him on a peak of a mountain and as soon as Shani cast a look on Lankaa, Lankaa got burnt to ashes. Raavan continued to look at his Lankaa, but in spite of being immortal he could not do anything. Such is the effect of Shani's gaze. All Graha of Meghnaad were in auspicious House, but Shani alone sitting in 12th House, not only killed Meghnaad but destroyed the whole Lankaa also.

Hanumaan said to Shani - "It is not appropriate for you to stay here now, I am throwing you into Bhaarat with my power. Wherever you will fall, you will be worshipped there, you will free people from affliction and and bestow them material comforts." Hearing this Shani got very happy. He said to him - "Hey Hanumaan, My day is Saturday. I am giving this day to you. Who will worship you with devotion this day, offer you Naivedya, feed banana, jaggery, Chanaa, sweet Kheel (puffed Dhaan), I will not afflict those people." Hearing this Hanumaan also got very happy.

There is a mountain near Gwaalior, at a distance of 30 Kms, its name is Shanishcharaa. Shani fell on that mountain. There is Shani's idol where special fair is celebrated on Shani Amaavasyaa day (any Amaavasyaa fallen on Saturday).

[Taken from]

In the ancient times King Raavan had committed sinful practices and consequently people had lost their good sense. He had tortured Lord Shani who told Vibheeshan, that his brother Raavan with the help of invisible forces was causing havoc on Earth and as a result people would lost their thinking power and a number of deadly epidemics would spread worldwide. He then requested Vibheeshan to put a stop to Raavan's sins since being his brother he must be aware of the secret activity of Raavan and also of the place where he was performing the demoniac rites. He (Shani Dev) then told Vibheeshan that if he failed to get such activities stopped by making public the secrets of his mystical rites and the place where it was performed, it would cost him so much so that his own family would be subjected to untold suffering. On hearing such fearful forebodings Vibheeshan thought that since Shani Dev had come to know about his brother Raavan's devilish nature, he must not try to hide anything, or else he too, along with Raavan, would be tormented and harmed by Shani Dev.

So Vibheeshan, who was religious minded and God fearing, confided in him the details of his brother Raavan's sinful act which Raavan had thus far been keeping a closely guarded secret. Raavan's kingdom Lankaa, which was till then hidden under the deep sea, surfaced over the sea after Vibheeshan made that disclosure. When Shani Dev confronted Raavan with his questions, Raavan had to tell him, though not fully but only partly, what he did day and night. He wanted to keep some of his secrets only to himself so that he could still retain the demonic powers to cause devastation and then establish his rule over the whole world.

Realizing this, Shani Dev pondered deeply and decided to tell the world about Raavan's designs and secret activities. He let the people know that armed with his demonic powers, Raavan had controlled the deities of rains (Indra) and death (Yam Raaj) and having done so he had been causing disasters at his will.

It was a horrifying revelation to the people of the world, who then knew it for certain that it was under the influence of Raavan's magical rites that they had lost their sense of judgment. They expressed their gratitude to Shani Dev who had opened their eyes by telling them about the demonic deeds of Raavan. Had Raavan not tortured Shani Dev, people would not have become aware of Raavan's sins and Raavan would have achieved his secret ambition of capturing the whole world and making people' suffer misery and misfortune. Having suffered at the hands of Raavan, Shani Dev warned the people of the world to be on their guards against the evil designs of Raavan.

Shani Dev's warning was taken very seriously by the people who then got united to foil the designs of Raavan who had secretly planned to wipe out the population of the world except his own clan and to take all the continents of the world under his own command. When people succeeded in demolishing Raavan's devilish designs, happiness returned to them and their progeny. References to this effect are found in ancient scriptures.

The Puraan and other ancient treatises contain references which describe that the demon King Raavan had set up the city of Lankaa in the midst of the Ratnaakar Saagar (the Indian Ocean), an unending expanse of water. Simultaneously, he created Heaven and Hell and also 840,000 (84 Laakh) Kund or pits brimming with blood and pus. These Kund bore the names of the sages to ward off the outsiders. Thus the city of Lankaa was made impregnable and anyone who dared venture into the sea in order to approach Lankaa, was instantly drowned. The strong spell of the Indrajaal let loose by Raavan made it impossible for any one to enter the territory of Lankaa. People didn't know that it was Raavan's magic power which prevented them from entering Lanka. It was during the time of Raavan that the contrivance of dreams and planetary positions to create an unwholesome influence on the minds of the people was first practiced.

He also produced and circulated some mystical literature of his demonic science with a view to destroy the wisdom and the sense of judgment of the people. Ancient writings contain references to this effect. The people of the world decided to dismantle the spell of Raavan's magic rites and got ready for that but they did not know how to reach Lankaa. After some time a strategy was planned and accordingly the Kings and rulers as also the subjects of the whole world raised a huge army and captivated Raavan's brothers and sons who were living in India along with their forces. They were harassed. Raavan's brother Vibheeshan was persuaded by Shani Dev to disclose the sins of Raavan to all the Kings and rulers of the world and only then the people of the world could be saved. But if Shani Dev's concern for humanity were not there, Raavan would have succeeded in wiping out the entire human race.



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