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73-Shani and Others

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Shani and Others - Shani and Krishn
Taken from  "Shani Graha Peedaa Nivaaran Vidhi" by Pt Shyam Sundar Lal Vats, p 91-92

When Krishn too Avataar on this Prithvi in Gokul, then all Devtaa, rivers, mountains, Teerth came to Brij to have His Darshan. Shani Bhagavaan also came. His birth celebration was going on with lot of enthusiasm. Some Devtaa informed Yashodaa that Shani had come to see her son in her palace. He is of dark complexion, large eyes, but keeps his eyes low. So when Yashodaa saw Shani, she recognized him that certainly this is Shani. So she requested him with folded hands - "Hey Shani Dev, People are frightened even from your name and you have come here in my palace in person? Brij people will be very frightened seeing you so you see Krishn from outside the palace."

Hearing this, Shani Dev went out of the palace and started crying. He started saying addressing Bhagavaan Krishn - "Hey Prabhu, All Rishi, Devtaa have appeared in the form of trees, creepers and flowers just to see you. Many other Yogee Muni etc who did not ask you anything and just said "If we will play, we will play only with you; if we will see any games then we will see only your games; they all have appeared as Gopee. They all will enjoy with you and in the end will join you. But Hey Prabhu, I, by your order only, punish everybody in the Three Lok according to their Karm. At this people do not accept their own mistake, but they abuse me only. What will happen to me. Only I will be away from your life. Hey Prabhu, Please be kind to me. I am your obedient son." And he started crying loudly.

Hearing his cries, Krishn appeared before him and said - "Hey Shani Dev, I am very pleased with you. You will be able to see my all activities. By my order you go to Kokilaa Van and see my activities sitting there only. I myself will come there to please you with my activities. Gopee will be proud and I will assume the form of Cuckoo (Kokilaa) to destroy their pride. Then I will impart you Gyaan (knowledge). There you will see my Shakti Raadhaa also. When Kali Yug will come, people will feel happy to circumambulate this and will be free from Shani's affliction through my grace. People will praise you very much. By circumambulating Kokilaa Van people will get free from all Dosh and diseases."

By the order of Krishn, Shani started living in Kokilaa Van. This Van is located in Brij Dhaam at 5 Kms far from Kosee, and one Km before Nand Gaanv. One should circumambulate it 24 times reciting Shani's Beej Mantra (Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shaniashcharaaya Namah) or Dasharath's Shani Stotra. One should give bath to Shani's idol with oil, and offer flowers, Naivedya etc. Do Chhaayaa Daan and Daan of 1 and 1/4 Kilo Urad or black sesame seed tied in black cloth to Dakaut.

Soak 5 and 1/4 Kilo or 1 and 1/4 Kilo Chanaa on Friday, prepare them in oil by mixing some salt and pepper etc on Saturday morning and take them to Kokilaa Van. Offer them to Shani Dev and distribute them as Prasaad.



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