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72-Shani and Ashwinee Kumaar

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Shani and Ashwinee Kumaar
Taken from  Bhavishya Puraan, Pratisarg, Ch 18  From   "Sadhan and Raayadaas"

Soot Jee said - "Thus Brihaspati Jee told all Devtaa about 12 Aaditya, 11 Rudra and 8 Vasu. Then he looked at Ashwinee Kumaar and said about them. Vivaswaan had three children from Sangyaa - Vaivaswat Manu, Yam and Yamunaa. Sangyaa could not tolerated her husband's Tej so she created her shadow and went to forest for Tap. Then from that shadow, Chhaayaa, Vivaswaan had three more children - Saavarni Manu, Shani and Tapatee. Soorya noticed Chhaayaa's some discriminative behavior, so considering her a Maayaa woman he burned her. Considering Vivaswaan angry, Saavarni Manu and Shani started quarreling with Soorya. From the same time both got started burned by Soorya. So they came to Himaalaya and started doing Tapasyaa. After three years of Tapasyaa, Mahaakaalee gave them Var. After getting the Var they again came to Soorya to quarrel with him. Now Soorya got scared of them and he went away from there.

Now Sangyaa, assuming the form of a Vadavaa (mare), was busy in Tapasyaa to get Soorya again. Soorya came there searching for her. Seeing her in the form of a mare he also assumed the form of a horse and stayed with her for five years. Soorya produced two sons from Sangyaa - Ashwinee Kumaar. They defeated Saavarni Manu and Shani and brought them to their father. Soorya hit them with iron bar and they became lame. Soorya got very pleased with his sons (Ashwinee Kumaar) and said to them - "As Jeev and Eesh, and Nar and Naaraayan are one, in spite of being two, you will also be famous with one name. Som's Power Idaa Devee will be your senior wife and Soorya's Power Pingalaa will be your junior wife. One of you will be Idaa'a husband and the other will be Pingalaa's husband.

In human beings' birth chart, if Shani will be aspecting the 12th House as a malefic planet, then the worship of Idaa's husband will be good to pacify him; and if Saavarni Manu will be deluding at Raashi's 2nd place, then the worship of Pingalaa's husband will pacify him. If Devee Tapatee will be sitting in birth Raashi (Lagna Sign), she will create troubles, both Idaa and Pingalaa will be helpful to pacify her."

Hearing this Ashwinee Kumaar became the Vaidya (traditional doctors) of Devtaa; and Saavarni Manu and Shani became Raahu and Ketu from their other parts. Because Soorya ran away from them in fear, they still afflict Soorya Dev. That is why Ashwinee Kumaar were born to pacify them. They are pacified by worshipping Ashwinee Kumaar."

Soot Jee said - "Hearing this, Ashwinee Kumaar got very happy and took birth in Shoodra Yoni on earth. Idaa's husband was born in the house of an Aj (she goat) killer and got known as Sadhan (Sadan Kasaaee) and was very obedient to his parents. He used to sell meat weighed by Shaalgraam stone. Then he became the disciple of Kabeer. In his previous life, Sadhan was Satyanidhi Braahman but he showed a fearful cow to a Chaandaal, so his hands were severed in King's court. Pingalaa's husband was born in a shoemaker's house. He was born as Raidaas in Maandaas' house. He went to Kaashee, won Kabeer in arguments, and came to Shankaraachaarya Jee. He got defeated here and became the disciple of Raamaanand."



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