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71-Shani and Others

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Shani and Others - Shani and Dasharath
Adapted from  "Shani Graha Peedaa Nivaaran Vidhi" by Pt Shyam Sundar Lal Vats
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Once Devarshi Naarad greeted Bhagavaan Shiv Shankar and asked him - "Hey Prabhu, Please tell me that how Raajaa Dasharath protected his kingdom from the terrible famine because of the anger of Shani?" Bhagavaan Shankar Jee said - "O Naarad, Once Raajaa Dasharat came to know from his Kul Guru Vashishth Jee and others that Shani was entering Rohinee Nakshatra (Lunar Mansion), so there will be a terrible time in the country. There will be  terrible famine for 12 years and no living being might live.

So Dasharath Jee, with the permission of his Guru, went to Lunar Mansions which is even 125,000 Yojan (one Yojan = approx 9 miles) higher than Soorya (the Sun). He situated himself on the back of Rohinee and settled his Sanhaar Astra on his bow. Seeing that Astra Shani Dev said smilingly -"Hey Raajan, I have seen many Devtaa, human beings, Siddh, Vidyaadhar etc burnt like ash but I am very pleased with you because your Tap is great and your efforts are seamless." Then Shani Dev asked him to ask for a Var. Raajaa Dasharath prayed him not to enter Rohinee Nakshatra.

Shani said "So be it." and asked him to ask for more Var. This time Raajaa Dasharath asked him not to bring famine ever. Shani Dev agreed for this also. Thus after getting two Var, Dasharath prayed him remembering Saraswatee Jee and Ganesh Jee with a Stotra.

[This Stotra, recited by Dasharath, is given in Padm Puraan, Uttar Khand p 636. One should recite this Stotra 108 times daily, or at least once on Saturday.]

Shani Dev got very pleased with Dasharath's Stotra and asked him to ask for another Var. Dasharath Jee requested him not to afflict anybody, whether he is a Devtaa, or Asur, or human being, or animal, or bird or even snake. At this Shani Dev said - "Graha means "whatever is taken", and you have asked for what is "not to be given"; still whatever is appropriate only that I say to you, "Whoever will read your recited Stotra, once or twice in a day" he will be free from the pain at the same time. Besides, who will make my iron idol and worship it with devotion with Shamee leaves on a Saturday and donate Urad, yogurt, Til mixed with iron and read your recited Stotra, I myself will never afflict him in any way, rather I will protect him from other Graha's afflictions."



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