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3-How Ganesh Jee Got Elephant's Head?-1
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Shani's Gaze
This story comes in Brahm Vaivart Puraan. Once on the insistence of Shiv Jee, Paarvatee Jee did a fast for a year (Punyak Vrat) for Vishnu to get a son. At the conclusion of he fast, Vishnu promised Paarvatee Jee the He will be born to her as her son in every Kalp (eon). So Vishnu was born to her as a charming child. Since now a son was born, Shiv Jee was very happy. Shiv Jee and Paarvatee Jee thought to celebrate this occasion. They invited all Devtaa to celebrate his birth. After his Jaatkarm and Naam Karn Sanskaar all Devtaa came to see him and give him their blessings and gifts. Paarvatee Jee had her child in her lap and Shiv Jee was sitting close to her. Vishnu, Brahmaa, Indra, Agni, Varun etc all Devtaa were coming one by one to give their blessings and gifts. They took the child in their lap, had a look at him, gave blessing and gift, and were going away.

In the last came Shani Dev. He gave his blessings and a gift to the child like others but did not look at the child. His face was turned to the other side. Shiv Jee said - "Shani Dev, Your blessings and gift are all right, but at least have a look at the child while giving your blessings." Shani Dev said - "Shiv, You know that my sight is not good. I don't want to bring any calamity on the child on this happy occasion. So, better you leave me alone. I will see him at some other time." But Shiv Jee didn't agree with this that Shani's sight was bad, so he insisted Shani Dev to have a look of the child. Shani Dev also insisted not to look at the child but Shiv Jee also kept insisting to look at the child.

At last Shani Dev said - "Shiv, You are very stubborn. I am doing this on your request, so I will not be responsible for its consequences." And he turned his face to look at the child. Hesitantly he looked at the child only with a partial slanted eye, but even by his  the partial sight the child's head got separated from his trunk. Shiv Jee said - "Shani, What did you do this to my child? I asked you only to look at the child not to do this." Shani lowered his head and said - "Shiv, I told you before that my sight is not good but you did not agree with it. What can I do now?" and he went away.

Now Paarvatee Jee started crying on the death of her dear child. Shiv Jee was also sad on this whole episode. After a short thought, he called his Gan and sent them to find a newborn child whose mother was sleeping with her back to him; and bring his cut head of such a child, so that he can revive his child.

The Gan went here and there, but could not find such a child whose mother was sleeping turning her back to her child. All mothers were sleeping clinging their child to their breasts. Then they found a she-elephant sleeping turning her back to her child. The Gan immediately cut the child's head from his neck and brought it to Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee also immediately fixed it on his child's trunk. The child got alive and Paarvatee Jee got very happy to see her child alive.

That is how Ganesh Jee got an elephant's head.



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