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2-Ganesh Jee's Birth

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2-How Ganesh Jee Got Elephant's Head-2
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A less well-known story from the Brahm Vaivart Puraan narrates a different version of Ganesh Jee's getting an elephant's head.

On the insistence of Shiv Jee, Paarvatee Jee kept fast for a year (Punyak Vrat) to propitiate Vishnu so that he would grant her a son. Lord Krishn, after the completion of the sacrifice, announced that He himself would incarnate as her son in every Kalp (eon). Accordingly, Krishn was born to Paarvatee as a charming infant.

This event was celebrated with great enthusiasm and all the gods were invited to take a look at the baby. However Shani (Saturn), the son of Soorya, hesitated to look at the baby since Shani's gaze is said to be harmful. However Paarvatee Jee insisted that he should also have a look at the baby. So after a long hesitation Shani did, and as he looked at the baby, his head fell off immediately and flew to Golok. Seeing this both Shiv and Paarvatee got grief stricken.

Seeing Shiv and Paarvatee grief stricken, Vishnu hurriedly mounted on His Garud, His Divine eagle, and rushed to the banks of the Pushpbhadraa River, from where He brought back the head of a young elephant. The head of the elephant was joined with the headless body of Paarvatee's son, and thus He revived him. The infant was named Ganesh and all the Gods blessed Ganesh and wished him power and prosperity.

Some Other Versions
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Another tale of Ganesh's birth relates to an incident in which Shiv Jee slew Aaditya, the son of sage Kashyap who himself was one of the seven great Rishi. Shiv Jee restored the life of the dead boy, but this could not pacify the outraged sage Kashyap. Kashyap cursed Shiv Jee that Shiv's son would also lose his head. And when this had happened, the head of Indra's elephant would be used to replace it. For the same reason Shiv had to lose his son's head and an elephant's head was used to bring him alive.

Still another tale states that on one occasion, the used bath-water of Paarvatee Jee was thrown into the Gangaa River and this water was drunk by the elephant-headed Goddess Maalinee, who gave birth to a baby with four arms and five elephant heads. The river goddess Gangaa claimed him as her son, but Shiv Jee declared him to be Paarvatee's son as he was born from Paarvatee's bathed water, reduced his five heads to one head and enthroned him as the Controller of Obstacles (Vighneshwar).



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