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1-Ganesh Jee's Birth

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1-How Ganesh Jee was Born?-1
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Version-5 - this version is altogether different from what we have been hearing. It is from Varaah Puraan.

We all know that Ganesh Jee is the son of Shiv Jee and his consort Paarvatee Jee. Shiv Jee has many attendants like Nandee, Bhringee etc. One day Shiv Jee went out and Paarvatee Jee went to take bath. Nandee Jee kept watch at the door as usual. Paarvatee Jee said to him - "Don't let anybody come in, I am taking bath." After some time Shiv Jee came and in spite of stopped by Nandee Jee he entered the house. Paarvatee Jee got very angry at this. Now she needed somebody whom she could trust. So, next day she took the dirt of her body and created a boy out of it. He was very beautiful. She caressed him, kissed him and named him Ganesh. She was very satisfied seeing him. She gave him a thick stick and asked him to be at the door so that nobody comes inside during her bath - not even Shiv Jee

The boy sat down at the door. In the meantime Shiv Jee came and saw an unknown boy sitting at his door. He was surprised to see him. Both were strangers to each other. As he was going in, the boy stopped him to go inside the house. Shiv Jee said - "Who are you to stop me to go inside my own house?" The boy said - "My mother is taking bath, you cannot go inside." Shiv Jee thought "I have no son, who is this boy?" So thinking thus a fight broke between them, but then Shiv Jee thought that it was too much on his part to punish a boy, so he sent his Gan to explain him that he was Paarvatee's husband and he wanted to enter in his house only, but Ganesh wouldn't listen to anybody. He was not ready to disobey his mother. He defeated those Gan too. Shiv Jee sent all Devtaa also to fight with him but they were also defeated. At last Shiv Jee himself came and had to cut his head with his Trishool (trident).

When Paarvatee Jee heard about the death of her beloved son, she became very sad. She heard that her little son fought with all the Devtaa alone, and now Devtaa were rejoicing over his death, so in anger with her Divine powers she created thousands of Devee and sent them to kill Devtaa. They obeyed her and killed many Devtaa.

Then Vishnu, Brahmaa, Naarad etc Devtaa came to her and requested her to calm down and revive the killed Devtaa. Paarvatee Jee said, "If you will revive my son then only I will revive Devtaa." Then Vishnu sent some Devtaa to find somebody who was sleeping with his head towards North, to cut his head and bring it soon. Devtaa went and brought an elephant's head which Vishnu fixed on Paarvatee's son's body and brought him alive.



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