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4-Ganesh's Elephant Head

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4-How Ganesh Jee Got Elephant's Head?-2
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[This story is the preamble of the Version-1 of the story of birth of Ganesh Jee.]

There was a Raakshas named Gajaasur (he was in the form of an elephant, that is why his name was Gajaasur). He did severe Tap for Shiv Jee. Pleased with his Tap, Shiv Jee asked him to ask for a Var. He cunningly asked - "You live in my stomach." Shiv had to give this Var to him, and according to it he entered his stomach.

Now Paarvatee Jee could not see Shiv for many days. She got worried. She searched for him in the whole Universe but could not find him. She approached Vishnu and prayed Him to find her husband. Vishnu disguised Himself in a street player and set out in search of Shiv along with Nandee Jee.

They came to Gajaasur's city and Nandee Jee performed a dance to please the Raakshas. Gajaasur got very pleased to see the bull dancing for him. He wished to reward him. The Bull asked for Shiv as his reward. Hearing this Gajaasur understood that this entertainer was none other than Vishnu. He also knew that Shiv could not be alive until he came out, so he lets Shiv out of his stomach. He prays Shiv and asks him to make him immortal in the memories of people.

Shiv immediately cut Gajaasur's head and freed him from the birth and death cycle. After his victory over Gajaasur he returned to Kailaash Parvat with the head of Gajaasur. As Paarvatee Jee got the news of Shiv's coming, she went to take bath to welcome him. As Nandee had already gone with Vishnu in search of Shiv and she needed somebody to guard the door, so she created a boy from her dirt of her body and asked him to guard her door. She named him Vinaayak (who puts off all obstacles)

Shiv came home. Both, the boy and Shiv, did not see each other so the boy refused Shiv to let him enter. Shiv asked his Gan to explain to him that "who was he?" but the boy did not listen to them. They fought with him but the boy was so mighty that Shiv's Gan ran away. In fury Shiv himself came to fight with him, beheaded him and came inside. Paarvatee welcomed him warmly, but then asked him that how did he come inside, because there was a guard at the door. Shiv told the incident happened at the door. Paarvatee got very sad and requested him to bring the boy alive. Shiv immediately put Gajaasur's head on the trunk of the boy and the boy came to life. That was the 4th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad. Thus Ganesh was born on that day.

At this happy occasion Shiv's all Gan came there and prayed Shiv Jee to make Ganesh their leader. Shiv and Paarvatee had a son before Ganesh, named Kumaar. Now who was the better one to be their leader? To decide this Shiv conducted a test between them. He said - "Whoever will make three rounds of the Earth earlier than the other, will be appointed as the Gan Adhipati (or Ganaadhipati or leader of Gan of Shiv)."

Kumaar rode on his ride his peacock and started his journey, and Vinaayak was given only a mouse, although it used to move swiftly, but still, a mouse was only a mouse. The test was not easy but Ganesh could not disobey. So he went, took bath, and circumambulated his parents three times. He touched then their feet and stood before them saying - "Nothing else is greater than one's parents, so I circumambulate you and ask for your blessings." Shiv and Paarvatee got very surprised and happy to see his intelligence and logic. They blessed him.

After some time Kumaar also arrived there and was surprised to see Vinaayak already arrived there before him. How come that Vinaayak came so early even riding on his mouse? So Shiv declared Vinaayak as the winner. After this Vinaayak was called "Ganaadheesh", "Ganapati", "Ganesh", and Shiv's all Gan worshipped him.



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