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22-How Ganesh Jee Got Elephant's Head?
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Story of Gajaasur

There is another story about Ganesh's elephant head. There was on Asur who was in the form of an elephant. His name was Gajaasur. Once he went through severe Tap to please Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee got pleased and appeared before him to grant him the boon. He wished that a fire should emanate from his body always, so that nobody could ever approach him. Shiv Jee granted him this boon and went away. He still continued to do penance for Shiv Jee and Shiv Jee also continually appeared before him asking if he wanted anything more. Once he asked him that he would be happy if he himself can live in his stomach. Although Shiv Jee was not happy with this boon, but since he had already promised his Bhakt about the boon of his desire, so he granted this boon to him and started residing in his stomach.

Now Paarvatee Jee did not see Shiv Jee for some time, so she started worrying about him. She tried to search him but did not him, so she went to her brother Vishnu for help in finding him. Vishnu assured her that since he is Bholaa Shankar and grants any kind of boon to anybody without thinking that is why has invited some trouble.  I will soon find out what has happened to him. And set out in search of Shiv Jee.

Vishnu then transformed Himself as a flutist and Shiv's ride Nandee in a dancing bull and arrived in Gajaasur's place. There He Himself started playing flute and Nandee started dancing on His tune. The enchanting performance of Nandee and the flutist took Gajaasur at a very ecstasy, so he asked the flutist to ask anything from him. Vishnu asked - "Can you give me what I ask for?" Gajaasur got surprised to hear this, he asked - "Why do you ask this? I can give you whatever you ask me." Vishnu said - "Then release Shiv from your stomach."

Gajaasur understood that the flutist was nobody else than Vishnu, so he threw himself on His feet. He freed Shiv from his stomach and asked Shiv a last boon - "You have granted me many boons, now grant me a last boon that everyone should remember me adoring my head when I am dead." Shiv granted this boon and went away.

For this reason when he cut the head his son, he used Gajaasur's head to replace his head and thus his Bhakt's head became immortal and is worshipped first among all Devtaa.



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