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16-Ganesh's Head

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16-Why Ganesh's Head Was Chopped Off?

Rebirth of her son was an unexpected event for Paarvatee Jee. Lord Krishn had taken birth from Paarvatee Jee, then why His head was chopped off? Shiv Jee contemplated it as the curse of Kashyap Jee.

Then Shiv Jee remembered as how he killed Soorya once by his trident when Soorya was killing Raakshas Sumaalee. Soorya Dev could not tolerate the attack of Amogh Shool of Shiv Jee and had fallen unconscious from his chariot. When Kashyap Jee saw his son lying like this, he got very sad. He lifted him in his lap and started lamenting for him. He knew through his Yog power that Shiv Jee was the cause of all this. So he took some water from his Kamandal in his hand and immediately cursed Shiv Jee - "O Shiv, As you have pierced the chest of my son, your son's head will also be cut off."

These words of Kashyap Jee continued to ring in Shiv's ears for long time. Was it this reason that his son's head was chopped off? How could he forget this curse? He recollected how Ganesh stopped him going inside the chamber and he cut his head. How could he not recognize his own son?

Now even the elephant whose head was transplanted on Ganesh's body was already cursed. Once Indra was roaming around on the bank of Pushpbhadraa River. He was madly in love with Mahaa Lakshmee. He saw an Apsaraa (nymph) called Rambhaa who was also walking there on her way to Kaam Dev. Indra developed a desire for her also. He tried to stop her saying, "I was looking for you only, O Rambhaa, stop." Rambhaa told him that she was going to Kaam Dev, but Indra insisted that he had a great desire for her, and since he had seen her first she should satisfy him first. Seeing no escape, Rambhaa said - "I am your obedient servant. You may avail my services in whatever manner they may satisfy you." So along the River Pushpbhadraa, Indra consummated his love on a bed of flowers and the time passed on.

One day Sage Durvaasaa was passing from there with his students. Indra recognized him, so he settled himself, went forward and paid respects to him. Seeing him in this condition, Durvaasaa understood everything and did not think proper to stay there any longer, so he gave a flower to Indra and said to him - "Whoever will have this flower on his head will be raised by whole world." After the sage went away, Indra returned to Rambhaa, he threw that flower on the head of an elephant. Since the elephant is an elephant only, he did not give the respect to that flower what it deserved. He threw that flower on the ground and it got crushed under his feet. Indra, of course lost everything, and even the elephant also forgot this incident and Indra returned to his beloved.  Because the way the elephant treated Durvaasaa's flower, he lost his head and since he had  Durvaasaa's flower was on his head at least once, his head was later planted on Ganesh's body and that is how now his head is worshipped by the whole world.

[A similar story is given in "Durvaasaa and Indra" section here]

Shiv Jee was amazed that why could he not remember this incident before and remembered everything clearly after the incident?



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