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[His story appears in the 5th Skandh of Devee Bhaagvat]

Raktbeej was the incarnation of Rambh Daitya (read Rambh about the birth of Raktbeej) and was the Minister of Mahishaasur (his own son who was born when he was Rambh).

Blood is a drop in the void, blood is also a gushing torrent, blood is life, and blood is also death. Once upon a time, even Devtaa were afraid of death, because such was the prowess of the King of Raakshas Raktbeej. So he decided to do a severe penance for Shiv and secured a boon from him "if even one drop of his blood from his body fell on the ground in the battlefield, as many Raktbeej, like him in appearance, should arise of that blood drop and should fight the enemies with weapons and strength." [Devee Bhaagvat, 5th Skandh] Thus he became almost invincible. Once he said to his fellows - "Let us go to Amaraavatee to take revenge of the death of our kin, today we shall take bath in the blood of Devtaa. So as they arrived at the gates of Amaraavatee, their sound of coming there was heard in Heaven.

Devtaa said to Indra - "Lord, The Raakshas are coming to Heaven to attack us, they are at the gate." Indra said - "How can they dare to enter the Heaven. Call all our forces and we shall fight with them outside the Heaven. Till now we have not involved the Trinity (Brahmaa, Vishnu an Shiv) about this, but now is the time that we will have to." So Indra went to Vishnu and told about Raktbeej's coming. Vishnu said - "He is not an ordinary Raakshas and his army is also not an ordinary army. He is Raktbeej - the Blood Raakshas. Long ago he got a boon from Brahmaa that mocks even the God of Death, Yam Raaj, because he has power over Death also. He has got the boon that his power will increase by a thousand every time a drop of his blood will drop on the ground." In the meantime Raktbeej was progressing towards Heaven.

Vishnu further said - "If even a drop of his blood touches the ground, it will grow in a blood spawn which will be as mighty as Raktbeej himself. So, O Indra, how can one kill such a Raakshas without spilling his blood on the ground?" Indra got surprised to hear this and asked Vishnu - "Then what do you suggest Vishnu?" Vishnu said - "We have only one option, that she should face him." So they went to Kailaash.

Shiv asked - "Do you know what you are asking for?" Vishnu said - "Shiv, We have no other choice. She must be invoked. Only the Sleeper (Kaalee) in her can defeat this army of blood spawns." Paarvatee Jee said - "They are speaking the Truth, I have made the choice, I will face him." Shiv asked her hesitatingly - "Are you sure? Do you think there is no other choice? But... I just pray that the price is not too high for this." Paarvatee Jee said - "I am Umaa - the All-Mother. I am Shakti too - the Power-Divine. And there is another one also who sleeps inside me, she is needed today. I will wake her up. I was born in a crimson haze. I bathed in the blood of thousand wounds. I have destroyed millions of Creations and then I slept. Today after eons I am awakened. I am the sacred, I am the profane, the beginning and the end - I am Kaalee." And thus Kaalee inside her was invoked.

She fought with Raktbeej with the weapons given by Devtaa to her. As his blood fell on the ground, it created a huge army of like Raktbeej Raakshas. The whole Universe shook. To stop the creation of the army from Raktbeej, she started drinking his blood till she drained out all his blood. After drinking his blood she threw his body and Devtaa were saved.

This victory caused her to dance and shriek wildly. She was unable to be stopped. So something was to be done and done soon. Devtaa again begged Shiv to intervene to calm her down, but Shiv, himself as a good dancer, was enjoying her dance; but soon he understood the gravity of her behavior. She was dancing so crazily that she could not be stopped. Shiv called her many times but she did not listen to him. In desperation he threw himself at her feet, but she still continued dancing on the body of her husband.

After a few moments she realized that she was dancing on her husband's body, this brought her out of her trance and she became calm. That Sleeper Kaalee slumbered again and Umaa opened her eyes, as if she was tired of fighting. Shiv's quick and selfless step balanced the Devee's dance of Destruction and Devtaa returned to their respective places. That is how Raktbeej was killed.



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