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9-Crossing the Sea

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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9-Crossing the Sea

Now Raam asked Sugreev and Vibheeshan as how to cross this vast and difficult sea, full of various terrible sea creatures. Brother of the King of Lankaa (Vibheeshan) said - "Prabhu, your one arrow is capable of drying millions of seas, but ethics says that you should request Samudra Devtaa. He is elder in your family so he will tell you the way to cross it effortlessly." Raam said - "You have suggested me rightly, but it will happen only if  Bhagavaan will wish." But Lakshman didn't like this advice, he said - "Hey Naath, Don't depend on Bhagavaan because only lazy people depend on Bhagavaan. Just dry the sea with your anger." Raam said smilingly - "I will do so as you say but just be patient." Then He went to the Sea and sat down there to pray him.

After Vibheeshan had left Lankaa, Raavan sent Shuk and Saaran as spies to follow him. They took the form of monkey and observed everything as what happened between Vibheeshan and Raam. Realizing Raam's kindness they praised Raam for His actions. In this process they forgot their monkey form and came into their real form. Monkeys recognized them as enemy's spies and brought them to Sugreev.

Sugreev asked monkeys to cut their nose and ears and send them back to Raavan. When monkeys tried to comply with Sugreev's orders, they said  - "Whosoever will cut our nose and ears he will suffer from Koshalaadheesh's anger." Hearing this Lakshman called them and freed them smilingly. Then he gave a letter to them to hand over to Raavan and said - "Tell Raavan that if he does not give Seetaa back then his death is certain."

They went back to Raavan and told him everything. Raavan said - "O Shuk, tell me your story then you tell me about Vibheeshan whose death is near. That fool has left Lankaa. He could have ruled Lankaa. He is that unfortunate worm of barley which is ground along with the barley. Then tell me about Vaanar army which has come here under the spell of Kaal (Time)."

They said to him - "As your younger brother met Shree Raam, He coronated him as the future king of Lankaa. Hearing that we are your spies they troubled us too. Those Vaanar wanted to cut our nose and ears. They spared us only after swearing on Raam.

Raam's army cannot be described even by millions of mouths. There are many bears and monkeys of various colors who have very large mouths, huge body and frightening look. The Vaanar, who burned your city and killed your son, his power is much less among all of them whom we saw there. There are Dwivid, Mayand, Neel, Nal, Angad, Gad, Vikat, Dadhimukh, Kesaree, Nishath, Shath and Jaambvaan. All these monkeys are very powerful like Sugreev and there are millions others like him.

By the grace of Raam everybody is very mighty and considers Tri-Lok like a straw. We heard that they have 180 trillion (18 Padm) army chiefs only. There is no single Vaanar among them who cannot win you.

They all are very angry and are just waiting for Raghunaayak's orders. They make so much noise as if they will destroy the whole Lankaa. They all are naturally mighty and enjoy Raam's favor. They can win even millions of Kaal. Even Shesh Jee cannot describe Raam's power. [When Raam asked how to cross the sea] Your brother told Him that His one arrow could dry hundreds of seas, but still Shree Raam requested Sea to give Him the way to come to Lankaa, because He is very kind."

Hearing all this Raavan laughed loudly and said - "Who has such ideology that is why He has helpers like monkeys." Considering this moment appropriate, Shuk took out the letter and said - "The younger brother of Raam has sent you this message." Smilingly Raavan took the letter in his left hand and asked his minister to read it. Raavan got frightened hearing the letter but said - "As somebody on the ground attempts to catch something in the sky in the same way this younger Tapaswee is boasting himself."

Shuk again said - "Hey Naath now you listen to my words with calm mind. Raghuveer's nature is very soft, although He is the Swaamee of the Universe. If you will meet Him with pure heart He will be kind to you too. Give Jaanakee back to Him and He will not mind your even your single fault." As soon as he said to give back Vaidehee to Raam, Raavan hit him with his foot. So he also went to Raghunaath Jee. There he bowed to Him, told his story and got his Gati. Shankar Jee says - "Hey Bhavaanee, he was a very Gyaanee Muni, but because of Rishi Agastya's Shaap he became Raakshas. He prayed Raam repeatedly and went to his Aashram."

Three days passed Raam praying to Sea but he did not listen to His prayers. Then Raam said angrily - "There is no love without fear. Lakshman, Bring my bow and arrow and I will dry it with my arrow's fire." And Raghupati aimed His arrow at Sea. Lakshman liked that. As He did that, a flame appeared from the sea. It troubled all its creatures, and Samudra Devtaa appeared in Braahman form with a large gold plate full of gems as a gift for Him.

Kaagbhuhundi Jee says - "As banana tree blooms only after cutting it, no matter how much you water it; in the same way sordid people do not heed requests." Samudra said - "Please forgive my all faults. Air, Earth, Water, Fire and Sky, all act unconsciously. You have created them with your Maayaa to create the universe. Now whatever you tell me I will do the same. I will be dry by your grace and you can cross me but then I will have no pride in it."

Raam said - "In whatever way our monkeys can cross this sea, you do the same." Samudra Devtaa said - "Hey Naath, Nal and Neel have got the blessings of a Rishi in their childhood that whatever heavy rocks they will touch, they will float by your grace. I will meditate upon you and help you in crossing with all my strength. That is how you build the bridge and cross the sea. But there is one thing - on my North shore there are some people who trouble me a lot. Please, you kill them with this arrow and relieve me."

Immediately Raam relieved him from his sufferings and Samudra went away after bowing Him.

Iti Shree Raam Charit Maanas 
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