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1-Raam Builds the Bridge

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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1-Raam Builds the Bridge

Hearing Samudra's words, Raam said - "Now what are we waiting for? Build the bridge and cross the sea." Jaambvant said - "Hey Bhaanukul Ketu, All human beings cross this world sea by taking your name then what is this little sea?" Hanumaan Jee said - "First the Fire of grace of Prabhu dried this Samudra before, later the tears of enemy's wives filled it with their tears that is why its water is sour." All monkeys laughed at this looking at Raam.

Jaambvant called Nal and Neel and told them their childhood story. He said - "Keep remembering Raam, building the bridge will not be difficult for you." Then he called all Vaanar and asked them to meditate on Raam and bring trees and rocks. All monkeys and bears rushed, started bringing trees and rocks and gave them to Nal and Neel. Nal and Neel started to build the bridge out of those trees and rocks.

Seeing the bridge Raam said - "This is a beautiful place. Its importance cannot be described. I wish to establish Shambhoo here." Many monkeys went around and called some Muni from around the place there. Raam established Shambhoo's Ling and worshipped him methodically. He said - "Nobody else is as dear to me as Shiv. Who is enemy of Shiv and claims to be my Bhakt, I do not like him even in the dream. Who are dear to Shankar and are enemy of mine; or who are enemy of Shankar and claim to be my Bhakt; those people live in hell for the whole Kalp. Whosoever will do the Darshan of Raameshwar he will come to my Lok after death. Whosoever will offer Gangaa Jal (water of Gangaa Jee) here, he will get Mukti (salvation); and whosoever will worship him here without any desire, Shankar will give my Bhakti to him; whosoever will do the Darshan of this bridge he will cross this world sea without any effort."

In building this bridge neither Samudra did anything, nor stones did anything and nor monkeys did anything. It was only Raghuveer's glory through which even stones crossed the sea, those people are fools who do not chant Raam's name. [When inanimate stones can cross the sea why not people.]

Nal and Neel built very strong bridge which Shree Raam liked very much. Now Raam's army of monkeys started walking on it. All are making loud noises. Shree Raam was standing near the bridge and was looking at the hugeness of the sea. All creatures of the sea came out to have a Darshan of Shree Raam. There were crocodiles, snakes, fishes, and such huge  animals whose body was up to hundred Yojan large. Many used to eat each other, but now since they were looking at Raam, they are all standing together forgetting their enmity and are very happy to have Darshan of Shree Raam. They all are standing so close that one cannot see water behind them.

All monkeys and bears were crossing the bridge. There was so much crowd on the bridge that many monkeys flew the skyway, and others were crossing it through climbing on other monkeys. Both brothers, Raam and Lakshman were looking at this scene and were smiling. At last all arrived across the sea. There Shree Raam saw a mountain named Suvail, He pitched their camp there and asked Vaanar to eat fruits. At that time all kinds of fruits appeared on all kinds of trees irrespective of their season. With Raam's permission monkeys ate fruits and threw stones towards Lankaa.

Mandodaree and Raavan
Vaanar were enjoying fruits and throwing stones towards Lankaa. Wherever they find any Raakshas, they surround him, trouble him, break his teeth and cut his nose and ears. They allow him to go only after he has sung the praise of Shree Raam.

Now those who lost their nose and ears, told Raavan their story. Raavan got angry and said to himself - "So He has controlled forests and sea." Then considering his helplessness he went to his home.

When Mandodaree heard that Raam had crossed the sea and now had camped outside the city, she brought her husband to her palace and said politely - "Hey Naath, listen to me now calmly. One should make the enemy to that only who can be won either by might or by intelligence. The difference between you and Raghupati is like between glow worm and the Sun.

Who has killed Madhu and Kaitabh like mighty Raakshas (from Vishnu form), who has killed powerful sons of Diti (Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh from Nrasinh and Varaah form), who controlled Raajaa Bali (from His Vaaman form), and killed Sahastrabaahu (from Parashuraam form), He, the same, has incarnated on the earth in Shree Raam form. Do not fight with Him who controls soul, Kaal and Karm (actions). Give Jaanakee back to Shree Raam and bow to His lotus feet. Then hand over the kingdom to your son and go to forest to meditate Raghunaath.

He is very kind. One should do the same what all have done before. You have already got victory over Devtaa and Asur. Saints say that in the fourth phase of life one should go to forest, and there he should meditate Him who is the Swaamee and caretaker of everything. Shree Raam is the same. If you will do as I say, your glory will spread in Tri-Lok, and I will also remain Suhaagan (who is married and her husband is alive)."

Raavan lifted the daughter of Maya Daanav, Mandodaree, up and told her his greatness and said - "Hey Priya, You should have no reason to fear. There is no one else mighty like me. Varun, Kuber, Pavan, Yam, Kaal, I have won all the Swaamee of directions. Devtaa, Asur and human beings are nothing in front of me, then why are you so scared?" Thus he consoled her in various ways and went to his court outside.

Mandodaree understood that her husband is under the spell of Kaal that is why he is so proud.



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