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2-Other Advices

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2-Other Advices

Raavan came into court and asked his ministers as how to fight with the enemy. Minister said - "Hey Swaamee, Why do you ask this repeatedly. There is no fear at all from them because human beings, monkeys and bears are our food. We will eat them all" Then Raavan's son Prahast got up said - "Prabhu, Don't ignore the right  policies. Ministers don't have much intelligence. These people say only what will make you happy. Once one Vaanar came from across the sea, everybody still admires him. At that time where was their hunger? They did not eat him then? Ministers' advices are good to hear but later they will be the cause of sorrow. Who has controlled the sea and crossed it along with His army, can we eat that man? Everybody is boasting himself ignoring the truth.

You listen to me, and don't call me coward, but such people are very few who hear good and speak good. I tell you, you first return Seetaa and then extend your friendship with Him. If He returns after getting His wife, then there is no need to fight, otherwise we will fight with Him. If you follow my advice then you will be admired in both ways."

Hearing his son's advice Raavan got very angry and said - "Who gave you this kind of ideas? Till now I had only doubts but now I am sure that you do not belong our family." Prahast didn't like his father's words so he went to his palace saying - "You don't like any good advice, as under the spell of Kaal medicine doesn't work on a sick person." In the meantime evening fell so Raavan also went to his palace looking at his 20 arms.



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