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3-Raam's First Message to Raavan

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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3-Raam's First Message to Raavan

There was a palace on a peak in Lankaa Nagaree where Raavan used to entertain himself. In the evening Raavan went there to entertain himself. Kinner started singing his praise, musicians started playing Tablaa, Pakhaavaj and Veenaa (all Indian musical instruments) and Apsaraa started dancing. Raavan was not caring for the most mighty enemy but was enjoying himself.

Raam's army looked at the beautiful peak, Subail Parvat, where new leaves and flowers were blooming. Lakshman first spread some of those new leaves and flowers and then spread the deer skin over them for Raam to sit. Raam was sitting there keeping His head in Sugreev's lap. To His left were His arrows and bow. He was examining them. Vibheeshan was talking to Him. Angad and Hanumaan were massaging His feet and Lakshman Jee was standing at the back of Raam with His bow and arrows.

Raam saw Moon appearing in the East and said to all - "See the Moon, it seems so brave that it is wandering in the sky without any hitch. Scattered stars are like pearls which are like the jewelry of night. But tell me what is this black spot in the Moon?" Sugreev said - "This black spot is the shadow of the Earth." Somebody said - "Because Raahu hit the Moon, this is the same mark on his chest." Somebody else said - "When Brahmaa Jee created Kaam Dev's wife Rati's face, He took out Chandramaa's main part, so Rati's face became beautiful but Chandramaa had a hole in his heart. Black sky is seen through that hole."

Shree Ram said - "Poison is a very dear brother of Chandramaa, that is why he keeps him in his heart. And his rays which are now poisonous, grieve to separated men and women." Hanumaan Jee said - "Hey Prabhu, Chandramaa is your dear servant. He keeps your beautiful Shyaam form in his heart. This is the same Shyaam (black) spot." Raam laughed at Hanumaan's logic.

Raam looked in southern direction and said - "Vibheeshan, Look at this side. Black clouds are gathering, light is thundering, lest snow balls fall." Vibheeshan said smilingly - "Neither it is light, nor there are black clouds. On the peak of Lankaa there is one palace where Raavan is enjoying singing and dancing. Whatever you see as black clouds is his royal umbrella; and whatever you see as lightening that is Mandodaree's earrings shaking. And whatever sound you hear as thunder is the sound of musical instruments." Raam smiled at Raavan's pride, so He shot an arrow which cut Ravan's crown and Mandodaree's earrings together and came back to Raam after doing its job. Nobody could know the secret of this except that they fell down without any reason

Everybody got frightened, as there was neither any earthquake, nor any gusty wind, nor they could see any weapon. Then how did it happen? They considered it a very bad omen. Raavan said - "Why are you frightened so much? Falling of heads did not prove bad omen for me then how just only falling crown can be a bad omen for me? Go and take rest." All went home. But Mandodaree got very worried since her earring fell on the ground.



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