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4-Mandodaree and Raavan-2

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4-Mandodaree and Raavan-2

Mandodaree again tried to convince Raavan - "Please listen to my request. Don't make Raam your enemy. Don't consider Him human being. He is the highest in Raghu family. Ved imagine the whole Universe in His body - Paataal is His feet, Brahm Lok is His head and other Lok are in between them. Kaal dances on the movements of His eyebrows, Soorya is His eyes and all the clouds are His hair. Ashwinee Kumaar are His nostrils, days and nights are His blinking time, all the ten directions are His ears, wind is His breath, and Ved is His words.

Greed is His lips; Yam Raaj is His teeth; Maayaa is His laughter; fire is His mouth; Varun is His tongue; creation, maintenance and destruction are His actions. Thus Prabhu is like the world. Shiv is His pride, Brahmaa is His wisdom, Chandramaa is His heart and Vishnu is His consciousness. The same Prabhu has incarnated in the form of human being. Imagine Him in this way and drop the idea of enmity with Him and meditate Him so that I remain Suhaagan (who is married and her husband is alive)."

Hearing all this Raavan laughed heartily and said - "Ignorance is very powerful. All say true about women that she always has eight characteristics - courage, lie, instability, cowardice, fear, foolishness, uncleanliness and cruelty. You described the great form of my enemy and frightened me. All are in my control naturally, but have I known them only today through you? Anyway, I know you are very intelligent that you are praising me in this way."

Mandodaree thought that her husband is still under the spell of Kaal. In this way the whole night passed. In the morning  Raavan again went to his court. Even if the clouds rain nectar on cane plants still they cannot bloom, in the same way in spite of getting teacher like Brahmaa, fools do not learn.



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