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5-Raam Sends Angad to Raavan

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5-Raam Sends Angad to Raavan

When Raam woke up in the morning after the last night incident, He asked His people as what He should do now. Jaambvaan bowed to Raam's feet and said - "According to my opinion Baali Kumaar Angad should be sent to Raavan as your messenger." All agreed with this idea, so Raam said to Angad - "Hey Baali Putra Angad, you go to Lankaa to do my work. You yourself are very intelligent, I don't need to explain anything to you. Do whatever can serve our purpose. Talk to Raavan in the way which should benefit us both."

Angad said - "Prabhu, Only with your kindness one becomes intelligent. Your all works are done automatically, but you made me the means of that work, this is your favor to me." He bowed to Raam's feet and went towards Lankaapati. As he entered Lankaa, he met Raavan's son who was playing there. Quarrel broke in as both were young and mighty. Raavan's son hit him with his foot, then Angad also hit him and threw him on the ground. Seeing this Raakshas ran away from there. Nobody told the truth. Assuming Raavan's son dead they kept quiet.  

Rumor went on that the Vaanar who burned Lankaa before, has come again. All got frightened as what would happen now. They point to Raavan's court before Angad asks them anything. Thus Angad arrived at Raavan's court and looked around like a lion. He sent a Raakshas to inform Raavan about his coming. Raavan laughed and asked him to bring him in.



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