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6-Angad Raavan Dialog-1

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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6-Angad Raavan Dialog-1

Many Raakshas went and brought Angad in. Angad went in remembering Raam's name. He found Raavan like a living black mountain. His mouth, nose, eyes and ears looked like caves to him. Angad sat there dauntlessly. Seeing this the courtiers got surprised and Raavan got angry. Raavan asked - "O Monkey, Who are you?"

Angad said - "I am the messenger of Shree Raam. My father had a little friendship with you that is why I have come to you for your good. Your family line is of high standard. You are the grandson of Pulastya Rishi. You have worshipped Shiv Jee and Brahmaa Jee in many ways and have got Var too from them. You have won the Swaamee of directions and all kings. But you have abducted Jaanakee Jee, the mother of the Universe. Now you listen to my advice which will be good for you and Shree Raam will pardon your all faults. You go to Shree Raam saying - "please protect me, protect me" and surely He will make you fearless."

Raavan said - "Mind your speech, O Monkey. It seems that you have known me. You didn't tell me your father's name and your name, then how do you establish the relationship of friendship between your father and me?" Angad said - "My name is Angad and I am the son of Baali. Did you see him some time?" Raavan said - "Oh yes, There was a monkey named Baali. If you are Baali's son then you are the black spot on your family by working as a messenger for a Tapaswee. Now tell me the welfare of Baali?"

Angad laughed and said - "After a few days you yourself will also be at the same place where Baali is. There you yourself can ask his welfare. He will tell you the type of welfare for an enemy of Raam. The truth is that I am the black spot on my family and you are the protector of your family. Even blind and deaf also do not talk like this as you are talking now to me. You have 20 eyes and 20 ears. Shiv, Brahmaa etc Devtaa and Rishi, Muni etc serve whose feet, I am His messenger, and you say that "I am the black spot on my family by being His messenger?" You are out of your mind."

Raavan said - "I am tolerating your words because I know diplomacy and Dharm." Angad said - "I have also heard about your knowledge of Dharm that you have abducted other's wife. You, the knower of such Dharm, should die of shame. You pardoned Him only after seeing your sister without ears and nose. I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to see you."

Raavan said - "O Vaanar, Don't you speak uselessly. Just look at my arms. They have won all Swaamee of directions. Tell me who is in your army who can fight with me? Your Swaamee is weak in the grief of His wife's separation. His younger brother is also grieved with His elder brother's grief. You and Sugreev are like trees on the bank of river (they can fall down anytime), I can uproot you just like that. My brother Vibheeshan is coward. Jaambvant is very old, he cannot fight in battlefield. Nal and Neel are only architects, they don't know fighting. You have only one Vaanar who came last time and burned Lankaa."

At this Angad said - "Tell me the truth, did he really burn your Lankaa? Mighty Raavan's city? And that Vaanar burned it? Who will say it truth? And that monkey was only a very low level servant of Sugreev. He does only errands, he is not brave at all, that is why we sent him to find about Seetaa Jee. Did he really burn your city without Prabhu's permission that is why he didn't go back and hid somewhere. Hey Raavan you are telling the truth, we don't have anybody in our army who can fight with you. Friendship and enmity seem good in equal status people. If lion kills a frog, nobody will say it good. Although Shree Raam is too great to kill you but I tell you that a Kshatriya's anger is very severe."

Raavan said - "Monkey has one quality that he is very faithful to his master. He is appreciable that he dances on the tune of his master here and there. You are really faithful to your master. Your nature is like that that is why I have pardoned you for that." Angad said - "I know that you respect the qualities. Hanumaan told me about that. He destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa, killed your son and burned your city still you thought that he didn't do much harm to you." Raavan said - "Your mind is like that, that is why you were the cause of your father's death."

Angad said - "If I were the cause of death of my father, then I could have killed you also. But now I am thinking something else. You were the cause of Baali's glory and praise. Tell me how many Raavan are there in the world? Whosoever I know of, I tell you. There was one Raavan who went to Paataal Lok to win Raajaa Bali, then children tied him in their stable. Children played and beat him. Then Bali freed him kindly. Then Sahstrabaahu saw one Raavan. He thought him a strange animal and caught him. He brought him for fun. Pulastya Muni came and got him released. There is one another Raavan, I am very hesitant to tell you about him, He remained in Baali's armpit for some time. So tell me the truth, which Raavan are you among these?"

Raavan said - "O Fool, I am the same Raavan whose arms' might is known to whole Kailash. Whose bravery is known to Mahaadev also to whom I have offered my heads as flowers. All the Swaamee of directions know about my bravery." 

Angad said - "Mind your speech. Whose Pharasaa was enough to cut one thousand arms of Sahastrabaahu, who killed innumerable kings several times, that Parashuraam Jee was defeated by whoever, how He can be a human being? O Fool, Is Raam a human being? Is Kaamdev only an archer? Is Gangaa Jee only a river? And is Kalp Vriksh only a tree? Is grain only alms? And Is Amrit only juice? Is Garud only a bird? Is Shesh Jee only a serpent? Is Chintaamani only a gem? Is Vaikunth only a Lok? And is Bhakti of Shree Raam Jee only a benefit? Is that Vaanar, who killed your son and people, destroyed your Ashok Vaatikaa, burned your city, only a Vaanar? O Raavan, drop the idea of enmity with Raghunaath and chant His name. Otherwise you will be destroyed with your family."

Raavan said - "Kumbhkarn is my brother; Meghnaad, who has won Indra, is my son, and I myself have controlled everything conscious and unconscious, on the Earth. Raam controlled the sea only with the help of Vaanar, is this His greatness? Even great birds can cross sea, but that doesn't prove them brave. Swaamee of directions (Digpaal) used to fill water for me and you are telling me only a king's glory. If He is a warrior in battlefield, then why does He send messengers repeatedly? Shame on Him who wants to extend friendship with enemy.

When I offered my heads to Shiv Jee in Havan then I read my destiny to be killed by a human being. I laughed at it thinking it a lie, but I am not scared remembering it, because I think that old Brahmaa was out of mind when He wrote it."



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