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7-Angad Raavan Dialog-2

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7-Angad Raavan Dialog-2

Angad spoke - "There is nobody who is shameful like you. You never tell your qualities with your own tongue. You remembered only Kailaash Parvat story that is why you have told it several times but not the might with which you won Sahastrabaahu, Bali, and Baali." Raavan spoke - "O Fool, listen, Nobody becomes mighty by cutting head of anybody. A magician is not mighty who cuts his own body."

Angad said - "Now without saying another word just listen to me. I have not come here to extend friendship with you. Raghuveer Jee says - "Lion doesn't get appreciation for killing jackal". That is why I tolerated your words, otherwise I would have taken Seetaa Jee myself. O enemy of Devtaa, I knew your power when you abducted other's wife from a lonely place. You are the king of Raakshas and I am the servant of Shree Raam. Had I not been afraid of His insult, I could have destroyed your city and taken Seetaa Jee along with your all women.

Even if I would do this, there won't be much admiration for me because who (1) doesn't follow his own path, (2) is lusty, (3) is miser, (4) is fool, (5) is very poor, (6) is defamed, (7) is very old, (8) is chronic patient, (9) is always angry, (10) doesn't believe in Vishnu, (11) opposes Ved and saints, (12) eats only himself, (13) says bad words about others, and (14) is a great sinner; these 14 types of living beings are like dead in spite of being live. That is why I don't want to kill you."

Raavan said - "Whom you are talking about, He doesn't have anything like power, wisdom or glory, that is why His father exiled Him. Raakshas eat such people daily." Now Angad got angry, because Shaastra say like this that whosoever hears bad words about Vishnu and Shiv, he is sinner like the killer of cow. He hit his both hands on the ground. Ground shook, courtiers fell down and ran away, Raavan himself escaped falling, but his beautiful crowns fell down. He kept some of them on his heads while Angad threw others to Shree Raam.

Seeing crowns coming, Vaanar ran away. They thought maybe that stars are falling in the daytime. Or Raavan has thrown four Vajra towards them. Raam said - "Don't be afraid, neither they are stars, nor they are Vajra. They are Raavan's crowns, which Angad have thrown to us." Hanumaan jumped and caught them in the air and brought them to Shree Raam. They were shining like Sun.

Raavan said - "Arrest this monkey and kill him. Then wherever you find any monkey or bear, eat them. Make Prithvi without monkeys and bears and arrest those two brothers, Raam and Lakshman, also, live." Angad said - "O Sinner, You have no shame. You should commit suicide. How can you say that Raam is a human being? Why your tongues do not fall down saying these words? Oh, they will fall along with your heads. Who killed Baali with only one arrow, how can He be human being? You are really blind in spite of 20 eyes. I could have killed you but Shre Raam has not permitted me for it. Your Lankaa is like a Goolar fruit and you are like a worm in that fruit. I could have eaten it easily, because I am a monkey. But Shree Raam has not permitted me for it."

Raavan said - "Baali has never boasted himself like this, where did you learn this boasting? It seems you have learned it from those Tapaswee." Now Angad was very very angry. He said - "If I have not taken your 10 tongues out, then I am really boasting." And stuck his one foot on the ground and said - "O Fool, If you could move my foot, Shree Raam will go back and I will lose Seeataa Jee." Raavan said - "O all brave people, Hold this monkey by feet and hit him on the ground."

Hearing this Meghnaad and other mighty Raakshas got up happily and tried to move his foot, but they couldn't even shake the foot. Kaagbhushundi Jee says - "Hey Garud Jee, They cannot shake the foot as a worldly person cannot uproot the tree of attachment to the world. Millions of brave Raakshas who were mighty like Meghnaad, got up to move Angad's foot but couldn't even shake it. Thus they went back and sat shamefully at their places. And as saints don't leave their nature of their Dharm, in the same way Angad's foot doesn't leave the ground.

Now Raavan got worried. Then Raavan himself got up at the challenge of Angad. As he wanted to hold Angad's foot, Angad pulled his foot back and said - "O Fool, Nothing will happen by holding my foot, go and touch Raam's feet." Hearing this Raavan got embarrassed, and went back to his throne.

Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Whose single movement of eyebrows is able to create and destroy the whole universe, how His messenger's vow can be broken." Angad tried to explain Dharm to Raavan in many ways but he did not succeed. He told him Raam's glory and said - "I don't boast myself before you, but I will kill you in the battlefield." Raavan got very sad remembering his son whom Angad had killed before coming here.

Angad came back to his camp and touched Raam's feet happily. It was evening so Raavan also went to his palace.



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