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8-Mandodaree and Raavan-3

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8-Mandodaree and Raavan-3

Mandodaree again tried to advise Raavan. She said politely - "Hey Priya, Think properly and leave the bad ideas. It doesn't look apt for you to fight with Raghunaath Jee. You know that His younger brother drew only a line, and you could not cross it. Is this your bravery? Think, whose messenger has done all this, how can you win Him in the battlefield? Just by playing that dauntless lion (Hanumaan) entered your Lankaa crossing the sea. He killed your guards and destroyed Ashok Vaatikaa. He killed your son too and burned the whole Lankaa. Where was the pride of your might at that time?

Please don't consider Raam as human being, He is the Swaamee of all the creatures. Even Maareech knew His arrow's power but you didn't follow his advice also. There were many mighty kings in Raajaa Janak's court, you were also there. Raam married Seetaa by breaking Shiv Jee's bow. Why didn't you win Him at that time? Indra's son Jayant knows His powers a little. Raam left him alive just by piercing his only one eye. You have already seen Shoorpankhaa's condition, you don't feel ashamed and still think to fight with Him.

Who killed Viraadh, Khar, Dooshan and Kabandh, who killed Baali with only one arrow, try to understand His glory. Who  controlled the sea just like that and landed on Subail Parvat, He kindly sent His messenger for your good. That messenger destroyed the  pride of your might, as lion scatters around the herd of elephants. Who has Angad and Hanumaan like brave Vaanar as His servants, how do you call Him human being? You are now under the spell of Kaal. Kaal doesn't kill anybody with any stick. It just destroys one's Gyaan (knowledge) - Dharm, physical power, wisdom and power of thinking.

Your two sons were killed, your city was burned, whatever happened so happened, forget about it, but at least now you spread your glory by meditating Raam's name." Mandodaree's words pierced his heart, so  he went to his court in the morning.



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