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Jayant: the Story of Power of Arrow

Jayant is the son of Indra and Indraanee. Once Raam made some jewelry of flowers and put them on to Seetaa Jee. Indra's son Jayant was seeing this. He got attracted to Seetaa Jee's beauty. He took the form of a crow, flew towards Seetaa Jee, hit Seetaa Jee's foot with his beak and flew away.

Seetaa Jee's foot started bleeding. Raam saw this. He picked a very thin broom stick, put it on His bow and aimed at the crow. As Jayant saw Raam's arrow he ran away from there in fear, but wherever he went he saw Raam's arrow following him. He went in three Lok but nobody gave him shelter. He went to his father too but he too refused to do so. He met Naarad Jee on his way. He asked Naarad Jee also the way to get rid of it, then Naarad Jee kindly advised him to go back to Shree Raam, because nobody else could give shelter to Shree Raam's enemy except He Himself.

So Jayant went back to Shree Raam and fell onto His feet and asked for His forgiveness. Raam forgave him but as a mark he pierced his one eye. Since then the row can see only from one eye.


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