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9-Battle Starts-1

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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9-Battle Starts-1

Shree Raam called Angad and said - "Angad, I am just asking you curiosity sake, tell me the truth. Raavan is so powerful that he is famous in Tri-Lok, and you threw his four crowns here. How did you get them?" Angad said politely - "Hey Prabhu, They are not the crowns. They are the four qualities of a King. Ved say that Saam, Daam, Dand, and Bhed, all the four qualities are the natural support of the king, and they are the four legs of Dharm also. Since Raavan has no Dharm and is under the control of Kaal that is why those qualities have also left him and have come to you." Raam laughed at Angad's intelligent analysis. Then Angad told Him all about Lankaa.

Then Raam called His ministers and said to them - "There are four gates of Lankaa. Make plan to attack them." Sugreev, Jaambvaan and Vibheeshan divided their army in four groups and appointed their generals. They organized themselves thus to attack Lankaa. All Vaanar and bears started towards Lankaa carrying large heavy rocks and trees and surrounded it.

When Raavan heard this, he also called his army and ordered them to face Vaanar and eat them wherever they get them. Shiv Jee says - "Hey Umaa, Raavan was as proud of himself as Titiharee bird (it sleeps its legs up as if it can hold the sky lest it falls down)." So Raakshas also started to face Vaanar with their various kinds of weapons. Vaanar catch them and hit them on the ground. By the grace of Raam, Vaanar were able to kill many Raakshas. Seeing this Raakshas started running away from there abusing Raavan.

Raavan said - "If I hear again you running away from the battlefield, I will kill everybody one by one. You enjoy on my resources and now you run away from the battle?" Raakshas returned to battlefield and started fighting again with great courage. This time they got more powerful, so Vaanar got weaker. Vaanar cried - "Where are Angad, Hanumaan, Nal, Neel, Dwivid...?

At that time Hanumaan was fighting with Meghnaad on the western gate of Lankaa. That gate was very strong and Hanumaan found it difficult to break in, so he jumped over the fort of Lankaa and killed Saarathee (chariot driver) of Meghnaad, broke his chariot, and hit his foot on Meghnaad's chest. Another Saarathee saw Meghnaad in difficult time so he took him in another chariot.

Angad heard that Hanumaan had gone to fort alone, so he also jumped over the fort. He broke Raavan's palace. Raavan got frightened, women started crying saying that "this time two Vaanar have come, not one." They made them frightened and played around. They crushed Raakshas by rubbing their bodies with their bodies, broke their heads, arrested their leaders and threw them towards Raam. Vibheeshan told their names to Raam and Raam gave them His own Lok. Thus these Raakshas who ate Braahaman's flesh, also get Param Gati for which even great Yogee desire for many lives.

Evening fell, so both, Hanumaan and Angad, jumped down the fort and came back to Raam. Raakshas got more power in the evening and night, so they came back to fight with them as the evening fell. Seeing Raakshas coming back, Vaanar also headed towards them to fight with them. Both were very mighty so nobody was ready to accept defeat.

Akampan and Atikaaya (Raavan's Army chiefs) played Maayaa on Vaanar. Darkness fell and blood, stones and ash started falling down from the sky. Vaanar got frightened seeing the darkness. They could not see anybody. Raam called Angad and Hanumaan and sent them to battlefield and shot the Agni Vaan which spread the light all around. Vaanar, Angad and Hanumaan then attacked on Raakshas and Raakshas started running away. Angad and Hanuman arrested the running Raakshas and killed them hitting on the ground.

Eventually night fell and all returned to their camps. Raam cast a glance on His army and they all became healthy and fresh. Raavan told the court about his dead soldiers and asked his ministers their advice for next step. Raam's army had killed almost half of his army. 

There was an aged Raakshas named Maalyavant. He was Raavan's maternal grandfather and was his good minister. He said - "Hey Raavan, Listen to me too. Since you have abducted Seetaa, there have been many bad omens. Even Ved Puraan sing whose praise, nobody can live happily opposing Him. The same Bhagvaan has incarnated now as Shree Raam; who killed Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap and Madhu and Kaitabh like Raakshas has now appeared on the Earth. Whom even Shiv and Brahmaa serve, how can you make Him your enemy, so leave enmity with Him, return Jaanakee to Him, and meditate Shree Raam."

Maalyavant's words pierced Raavan's ears. He said - "Black face, get out from here. If you have not been aged I would have killed you. Go now, and don't show me your face in future." Maalyavaan thought that Shree Raam now wants to kill him that is why he is talking like this so he went from there. Meghnaad said - "I will do something tomorrow, I don't want to boast myself, but you should see me tomorrow." Raavan got relieved hearing Meghnaad's words. Then they talked for long time.



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