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8-Vibheeshan Defects Raavan

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8-Vibheeshan Defects Raavan

As Vibheeshan left the court of Raavan, all have lost their age ie they were destined to die soon. Vibheeshan was very happy thinking that now he would see Raghunaath's same lotus feet which Bharat Jee has been meditating up on, which Janak Kumaaree keeps in Her heart, and which Shiv Jee also keeps in His heart. I will be blessed to see those feet whose Paadukaa (shoes) Bharat Jee worships daily.

Thinking thus Vibheeshan came across the sea. When monkeys saw Vibheeshan coming over them, they thought that he was a messenger of the enemy, so they rushed to their Swaamee, Sugreev, and told him everything. Sugreev told Raam that brother of Dashaanan, Vibheeshan had come to see Him. Raam asked "Why do you ask from me?" Sugreev said - "Hey Prabhu, Raakshas Maayaa cannot be known. We don't know, why he has come here. I feel that he has come to know our secrets, so I suggest that you keep him tied here."

Raam said - "My friend, you have thought rightly, but it is my vow that whosoever comes to me (as a refuge) I will protect him." Sugreev prayed Bhagavaan for this. Raam further said - "Although somebody has killed millions of Braahman, I still accept him if he comes to me as a refugee. As and when a person sees me, he is free from all of his Paap (sins) of his millions of lives. This is sinner's nature that he doesn't like my name. Anyone with bad heart cannot come to me. And if Raavan has sent him to know our secrets then also there is no need to be afraid of him, because whatever Raakshas are in the universe, Lakshman alone is enough to kill them in a moment; and if he has come to me for protection then I will protect him as I protect my life. Thus in both ways you may call him here." Hanumaan got very happy to hear this.

Bowing to Raam, Sugreev went to bring him with Angad and Hanumaan Jee. When Vibheeshan saw both brothers, Raam and Lakshman, sitting, he just stood looking at them without blinking his eyes. Then he gathered himself and introduced himself to Raam - "Hey Naath, I am the brother of Dashaanan and I am from Raakshas lineage. My Taamas body naturally loves Paap as owl naturally loves darkness. Please accept me in your refuge." And he did Saashtaang Pranaam (prostrated) to them. 

Raam immediately got up, embraced him dearly and offered him seat nearby Him. Then He asked his family's welfare. Vibheeshan said - "Now I have Darshan of your lotus feet, please be kind on me. Until you are in somebody's heart his sorrows are not gone. Now I feel good after seeing your lotus feet."

Raam said - "Listen my friend, It is my nature, although Kaagbhushundi, Shiv and Girijaa all know about it still I tell you, that even who is the enemy of the Universe but comes to me in fear, I treat him like a saint. Whosoever leaves the bondage of mother, father, brother, son, wife, body, wealth, house, friends and his family and he has only one desire to see me, I love such a human being as a greedy man loves his money."

Hearing this Vibheeshan touched His feet repeatedly and asked for His Bhakti. "Be it so" said Raghunaath and asked for the water of the sea. He said - "Although you have not expressed any wish but my Darshan is never in vain." Then he coronated him as the King of Lankaa, and gave him undivided kingdom. Whatever Shiv Jee gave Raavan after offering Him his ten heads, the same thing Raam gave to Vibheeshan hesitantly.

Here Tulasee Daas Jee says - "Whosoever worship another Devtaa leaving such a kind Prabhu they are animals without tails."



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