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7-Vibheeshan Advises Raavan

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7-Vibheeshan Advises Raavan

Now in Lankaa, Raakshas lived in fear since that monkey [Hanumaan] had burnt the city. They all thought that now their days were limited. Whose messenger's power could not be described, if that person Himself will come to the city then who could help them. Mandodaree also heard all this through her servants.

She touched her husband's feet and requested him  - "Listen to me now. Whose messenger did all this to your Lankaa, you send His wife back to Him if you want your good. Call your minister and send Her back to Him. Seetaa has come like a winter night for Lankaa. Even Shambhoo will not be able to do your good until you hand over Seetaa to Him."

Hearing this from Mandodaree, Raavan laughed and said - "All women are coward by nature. If there is anything good happens then also they get scared of it. You don't know, if those monkeys will come here our Raakshas will eat them thus they will live long. Whose power is able to tremble the whole Lok, his wife is getting afraid?" He hugged her dearly and went to his court. Mandodaree got worried thinking that today Brahmaa is unhappy with her husband.

Raavan got the news of Raam's coming across the sea in the court. He asked his ministers to advise him rightly. All courtiers laughed saying - "When we have won Devtaa and other Asur at that time we didn't get tired then who are these men and monkeys?" All told Raavan the same whatever he wanted to hear, so he became very happy. Here Tulasee Daas Jee writes - "Minister, doctor and teacher - if these three people speak only favorable words either because of displeasure (of the king), or fear (of the patient), or benefits (from the pupil) then the King's kingdom, the patients body and Dharm are destroyed."

In the meantime Vibheeshan came there, bowed to his brother's feet and said - "If you had asked my advice then I would say, that if you want your good then you should return other's wife. Noble people do not even look at others wives. Hey Raajan, Raam is not the king of human beings only, He is the Swaamee of three Lok and three Times [past, present and future]. He is Brahm, omnipotent, omnipresent and cannot be defeated. He always protects cows, Braahman, and Devtaa. Now He has appeared in human form. There is no use to fight with Him. Just return Vaidehee to Him and chant His name. Pulastya Muni has sent this message through one of his disciples, so I have conveyed it to you."

Maalyavant was Raavan's very intelligent minister. He also liked Vibheeshan's advice, so he said - "Hey Mahaaraaj, Your brother is very intelligent in policies. Do whatever he says." Raavan got very angry hearing both people's advice. He asked his people to remove them from his court. Then Maalyavant went to his home.

Vibheeshan again said to Raavan - "Both god and bad wisdom are present in everybody's mind, but wherever there is good wisdom there is always happiness and wealth, and wherever there is bad wisdom there is always sorrows and troubles. At this hour bad wisdom is working in your mind that is why you are considering your good as your bad, and that is why you love Seetaa very much. I hold your feet, if you give Seetaa back then no harm will come to you."

As Vibheeshan bowed to hold the feet of Raavan, he kicked him. Vibheeshan tried to touch his feet several times but Raavan said - "It seems that your Kaal is near, because you are speaking from my enemy's side. You eat my food and praise my enemy? Have you ever seen anyone to whom I have not won? You live in my city and favor Muni. Go to them and tell your advice to them only."

Vibheeshan said - "You are like my father, so you could hit me, but I say again that your good is only in chanting Raam's name." Then he took his ministers along with him and went through skyway and said loudly - "Raam is Bhagavaan, and your court is under the control of Kaal, so I go to Raam now. Don't blame me later."



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