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6-Hanumaan Comes Back to Raam

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Prem Mudit Man Se Kaho Raam Raam Raam, Shree Raam Raam Raam


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6-Hanumaan Comes Back to Raam

Hanumaan Jee came across the sea. Angad, Jaambvaan etc were waiting for him, they got very happy to see Hanumaan returning safely. Now all set off to see Raam telling and hearing new stories among themselves. There was a secured garden, Madhuban. They all went in there, ate lots of fruits and uprooted its trees. When its guards scolded them they beat them. The guards went to Sugreev and told him that Angad was destroying the Madhuban. Sugreev got very happy hearing this. He knew that "the monkeys have done Prabhu's work. If they had not found Seetaa, they could not have eaten Madhuban's fruits."

In the meantime all Vaanar arrived there. They all bowed to Sugreev's feet and asked each others welfare. Vaanar said - "Hanumaan Jee saved our lives by doing Raam's work." Sugreev took them to Raam. When Raam saw Vaanar coming to Him, He knew that they have done His work. All bowed to Raam's feet. Jaambvant said - "To whomsoever you are kind, all are happy with him. By your grace our life is blessed today. Whatever Hanumaan has done today, it cannot be  described even with thousand mouths." Then he told the whole story of Hanumaan.

Raam asked the welfare of Jaanakee Jee. Hanumaan Jee told Raam about Seetaa and gave Him Her Choodaamani which She gave as her mark for Raam, and said too Him - "Hey Prabhu, Janak Kumaaree has sent some message too along with this Choodaamani. She has said "touch Prabhu's feet along with His younger brother and say that I love Him very dearly, then why did He leave me like this? I have committed only one mistake that I am still alive without Him. But this is the mistake of my eyes [not mine as such] which always want to see Prabhu, that is why they don't allow me to die."

Raam got very sad hearing this. He embraced Hanumaan and said to him - "Hey Kapi Raaj, nobody else is dear like you for me at this moment. Tell me what good I should do for you? The truth is that I cannot repay you at all." Shree Raam repeatedly looked at Hanuman and His eyes got filled with tears of joy. Hanumaan Jee also got very happy to hear this and he held His feet with love.

Then Raam asked Hanuman about Raavan's Lankaa, so he told about it also. Then He asked him how he burned Lankaa. Hanumaan Jee said politely - "It was not me who burned Lankaa, it was only your power which helped me to do this. Please give me the Var of your Bhakti." Raam said - "So be it"

Raam told Sugreev - "Now we should not be late and we should get ready to move." So Sugreev called all Vaanar and all started to move happily knowing that they are going for Raam's work. Raam gave all Vaanar His strength, so they set off for seashore jumping, flying, making various kinds of noises and eating fruits on their way. Thus they all arrived at the seashore.



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