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5-Meeting With Raavan

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5-Meeting With Raavan

Looking at Hanumaan, Raavan said some bad words and laughed loudly, but immediately got sad remembering his son's death. He said - "O Monkey, On whose power you have destroyed my Ashok Vaatikaa? Have you not heard my name? Why did you kill my Raakshas without any fault? Are you not afraid for your life?"

Hanumaan Jee said - "Listen to me O Raavan, I did all this with His power, with whose power this Universe is created, with whose power Brahmaa, Vishnu and Mahesh manage this world. With whose power one thousand-headed Naag (Shesh Naag Jee) balances this world. Who takes various forms to protect Devtaa and to teach fools like you. Khar, Dooshan, Trishiraa and Baali all mighty people are killed by Him. I am the messenger of the same whose wife you have abducted.

I know your greatness very well. You fought with Sahastrabaahu (see also Raavan). You were praised for fighting with Baali too. I was hungry, so I ate some fruits, I am monkey, so by my nature I uprooted the trees. Everybody loves his body so whoever beat me I also beat them [to protect me], still your son tied me. I request you, O Raavan, leave your pride and listen to me "Don't try to fight with the Swaamee of the three Lok, and return Jaanakee Jee to Him. Raghuveer is very kind, He will forget your all mistakes and will pardon you. If you will remember Raam's lotus feet then you will be able to rule Lankaa for a long time. How come you being born in Rishi Pulastya's noble family behave like this? you are like a black spot on the Moon. Without Raam's name no speech is good as without clothes no beautiful woman looks good."

Although Hanumaan Jee said all this in favor of Raavan, but that proud Raavan said - "Ha, Ha, Ha, Now I have got a monkey to teach me. It seems that your death is near that is why you are teaching me." Hanumaan Jee said - "It is the otherwise." Hearing Hanumaan Jee's words Raavan got embarrassed and called his people - "Somebody come here and kill him." Many Raakshas rushed to kill him, but at the same time Vibheeshan came with other ministers and advised him not to kill the messenger, as it was not according to protocol. He suggested to cut some part of his body and send back to his Swaamee.

All agreed with this advice, so Raavan ordered them to cut his part of body and send him back. He said - "Monkeys love their tails so his tail should be burned. Some cloth should be wrapped around his tail, dipped into oil and set fire to it. When he will go to his Swaamee without tail then he will bring him here. I also want to see him whose praise he has been singing all the time."

Hearing this Hanumaan Jee got happy in his heart as if Shaaradaa (Saraswatee Jee) herself had come to help him. All people got busy in doing so. Hanumaan Jee expanded his tail so much that there remained no cloth, no oil, and no clarified butter in Lankaa. Raakshas and children were making fun of him. They were beating drums and clapping looking at him.

Hanumaan Burns Lankaa
By the order of Raavan, the Raakshas set the fire in Hanumaan Jee's tail. After they set the fire, Hanumaan Jee reduced himself to a very small size and jumped onto the top of golden palaces. Seeing this, Raakshas women got frightened. The then all 49 Marut started flowing by Bhagavaan's grace. Hanumaan Jee laughed heartily and started jumping from one palace to another. In a few moments the whole city of Lankaa got burnt except Vibheeshan's palace. Vibheeshan was the devotee of Raam that is why Fire didn't burn his house.

Raakshas started running around crying for help. They were saying - "We were saying before that he is not a monkey, he is some Devtaa who came here in Vaanar form. If some saint is insulted then the city will burn like this."

After jumping around on palaces Hanumaan Jee jumped into the sea to put off the fire, then he changed himself to his little size and came to Seetaa Jee. He asked Her to give him some kind of identification for Shree Raam as Shree Raam gave to him for Her. Seetaa Jee gave him Her gem-studded bangle and said - "Extend my greetings to Him and tell Him that He should soon come here and free me. Remind Him the story of the son of Sakra (Indra) ie Jayant. If He will not come within a month, He will not find me alive. Only you tell me how can I be alive here? When I saw you I got some relief, but after you have gone away then again I will have the same days and nights."

Hanumaan Jee took the bangle, consoled Seetaa Jee in various ways and started his journey back making a great noise.



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